Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Standing His Ground!

When Bill Marble was just six months old, he made his first trek to Corbett to visit his grandparents on their farm. This became an annual event, as he continued with his parents and sister to come each summer and sometimes during the Chrismas holidays from their home in California. Bill learned many, many lessons in life on the farm. The family would leave for Corbett the day school got out and return to CA the day before school began again. Once graduated from high school, Bill attended a junior college and then went on to Oregon State University, graduating in 1968. Getting a degree in Manufacturing Engineering, Bill gained some work experience after his schooling and then went on to become one of the first ever engineers to get a Manufacturing Engineer's license. This was a new area of licensing back in 1970. Along the way, Bill married and he and his wife had both a son and a daughter. He also helped raise a stepdaughter. After the marriage ended, Bill was remarried for six years to Sherrill, who passed away from breast cancer in 1999. Currently he has found love and companionship with Mary, whom he met in Portland several years ago. His adult children and four grandchildren all live locally and his sister lives in Corbett as well. He is surrounded in Corbett by cousins and other extended family. Bill actually designed and built the home he currently lives in and has his business there as well. He has never had a mortgage and loves the location, but has had to come up against some varied obstacles along the way with Multnomah County. Bill has used his past experiences and education to actually make some major progress with changing regulations for our area. He has challenged and won several issues with the county over the years. Today he finds peace and contentment with Mary and the lifestyle his business provides. At "Marble Manor" (his business) he designs, manufactures, installs and services the machinery that puts valves on coffee bags. He is the only independent operator in the Americas and does business with companies and clients internationally. Many, many folks from all over the world have been to his Corbett home and he and Mary travel across the U.S. in their large motor home to meet with clients as well. Despite having to endure some recent eye surgery, one could say, he is truly "living the dream!"

Friday, February 15, 2013

Reunited at the Red and Black in Corbett!

Although Vivian Kirkham was born in Crane, Oregon, her family left when she was only two years of age. Her mother was from the Davis family, and yearned to be back with her family in Corbett. Cousins with Woody Davis, Vivian grew up in Corbett attending the local schools until she was a sophomore in high school. Local farmers were hiring Hispanic men from Viking Park (now a residence across the street from The Riverview Restaurant) to work on the Corbett farms. Most of the local boys and men were simply "gone" as a result of WWII. The workers lived at Viking Park and often put on shows for the community for entertainment. One night when Vivian was just 15 years old, she saw and heard Jesus Everardo Castenada de Gomez, sing. A short time later she accepted the marriage proposal of Everardo and left high school to get married. Together they had seven children and now there are 13 grandchildren and six great grandchildren to enjoy! They raised their children to work on the farms cutting cabbage, picking berries, raising bulbs, and picking up potatoes just as Vivian had done as a child. Vivian took a job working for a local man who owned a manufacturing company. Vivian was always impressed with how kind Mr. Kirkham was with all his employees. When Everardo (who was seven years older than Vivian) was in his 40's, he went back to Mexico to research his heritage. He died in Mexico of a heart attack, leaving Vivian to raise their seven children with the help of her family. The boys were all very athletic and played sports, while the girls enjoyed cheerleading at the school. Later, Vivian went to work as both a nurse's aide and then a medical aide at The Edgefield Manor, a care facility that is now a hotel, restaurant and event venue on Halsey St. in Troutdale. A short time ago, son Mark was being honored at the Corbett annual Red and Black Dinner/Auction. He literally ran into Marion Kirkham, his mom's previous employeer and asked if he would go say hello to his mother sitting at another table. Vivian was so happy to see Marion after numerous years, she gave him a warm hug and a smile. Nine months later they married in front of all their children and family members at Vivian's daughter's home. Growing up on Chamberlain Road and then moving to Hurt Road, Vivian is happy to continue life in Corbett with Marion. The views they enjoy is one of Vivian's favorite things about the home. She also continues to love being in relationship with so many local folks that she has known her entire life. She loves to say fit with Marion by walking and hiking as well as traveling. A favorite trip was going to the Czech Republic and being in a parade with her new husband!

Monday, February 4, 2013

The House That Corbett Built!

After growing up in Peoria, Illinois with her three siblings, Marcia Hazlewood went to college in Illinois and then taught grade school for two years. It was then Marcia yearned to attend bible college, and chose one in Portland, Oregon. Marcia met her husband Dave at Trout Creek Bible Camp in Corbett when they were both cooks one summer. To celebrate their birthdays being two days apart, they went on their first date. The rest is history. Married in June 1973, they lived in Portland while Dave was in charge of maintenance at the same bible college that Marcia had attended. Marcia taught 3rd grade at Orient Grade School for seven years and life was good. Daughter Katherine was born in June 1977 and that summer they moved to property out in Corbett that had a barn, and yet no home. Being a true handyman and builder, Dave set out to build their home while they lived in the barn that they had modified to be their temporary home. They moved into their "real" home Thanksgiving 1978. Daughter Susan was born the day between her parent's birthdays in September 1982. Along came daughter Krystal in March 1987. When Krystal was just seven years old, the family was visiting the beach when a freak accident occurred and Krystal was killed by a log at the ocean's beach. Just six weeks later the family was in Houston,Texas for the holidays with Marcia's brother and family. A call came at midnight on New Year's Eve that their home in Corbett had burned to the ground. The Corbett community that had rallied around them at the time of Krystal's death was now back surrounding them. Because the home had never officially been "finished" they had been unable to get any insurance on the home. TV cameras met the Hazlewood family when they stepped off the airplane from Texas and many folks, including Dave and community members worked during the 30 degree temps and 60 mph winds to rebuild a home on the same foundation. Dave took time off work and the build took six months, finishing just in time for a celebration of both the home and Katherine's high school graduation.  During the rebuild they lived in the basement of a neighbor's log home. It would be silly to even ask what Marcia loves most about her beloved community of Corbett. "Where else do you find people like this??" Marcia has taught and helped out at the Aims Community Church for 35 years, helped out at Trout Creek Bible Camp, helped put up the Christmas tree in Springdale each holiday and has also volunteered with the Helping Hands Food Program at the Grange the last several years. Recently she has been named "Overseer" of the Grange. She says her life has been an example of how you can turn tragedy into triumph by using life experiences to help encourage and support others.