Friday, September 26, 2014

Taking Care of Business

The Corbett School District has a Business Manager that understands the importance of good communication. Kristy Andrew's favorite things about working for the district are the relationships with staff and teachers. The culture at the schools is like that of a family, and she appreciates everyone's desire to work hard to create a safe and strong learning environment for all of the students. Kristy grew up with a younger brother and their parents in a very rural area just outside of Battle Ground, WA. She learned how to hunt, fish, work with her hands to both create and fix, and also play sports. Her parents and both sets of grandparents are all still alive and married to their original spouses. After graduating high school, Kristy went for a year to community college with a focus on pre-med. The following year she headed to Canada to attend Bible College for 1.5 years. Coming home from Canada, she actually started a junior high ministry at her church. Kristy's mom then gave her a job lead to be a Pharmacy Tech. This was something that was of great interest to Kristy, and she ended up teaching classes! Kristy then went on to New Horizons to teach computer applications. Soon after, a temp agency led to a job at Multnomah ESD as a budget analyst. Married in 2004, Kristy also took on the role of starting a business with her then husband in 2009. Both the marriage and the job ended, but Kristy settled into Corbett's Business Manager position in February 2011 and could not be happier! Kristy is currently finishing up her bachelor's degree in Business Administration as well as becoming a new home owner! Having two dogs and a cat, Kristy loves animals, playing softball 7-8 months of the year on a coed team and one day wants to travel. The biggest love in her life at the moment? The New England Patriots!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Teaching Math from a Different Angle

Roger Binchus has lived a great deal of life in his 35 years, and he is more than excited to share things learned with his Corbett High School math students. Roger believes you must get the student's listening ear before they can be taught. Once engaged, students will learn more, so Roger interjects life experiences into his math lessons to help them problem solve. He is a strong believer that math is a skill that must be practiced, like other healthy habits. Born as the youngest of three sons, he also has a younger sister. For the first seven years of life, Roger lived in Alaska with his family. The family then moved to Salem, Oregon where they lived until Roger was in 6th grade. The next move was to Pendleton where he graduated from high school. Many in Roger's family chose the military for a career. Roger chose the Univ. of Oregon and architecture. Practicing architecture for five years after graduation, he was laid off from his firm during the economic downturn. Being an Eagle Scout and an avid outdoorsman, he turned to pursuing his dream of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail once he was without employment. After meeting both his hiking partners online, he started the journey at the Mexican border. Not quite finishing, he goal was to return. Working with Multnomah County's Outdoor School after his hike, he returned to the trail with his best friend from college, Lauren. They both started at the Mexican Border once again. At the highest point on the trail, Roger proposed. He and his now wife finished the trail! After many conversations on the hike from Mexico to Canada, Roger decided to return to school to get his Master's degree in teaching. In June 2014, Roger was given his final interview at Corbett. Both Roger and Lauren now live in Springdale and are enjoying the Corbett community and all that it offers. Any more planned big adventures for Roger? Oh yes!! Just ask him. :)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Corbett's NEW Spanish Teacher

Growing up in Troutdale, Darcy Soto never imagined one day living in Mexico or teaching students the Spanish language. Today Darcy is finding herself in a position she "never wants to leave" as Corbett's newest high school Spanish teacher. After graduating from Reynolds High in 1998, Darcy attended Marylhurst College on a Phil Knight Foundation (Nike) academic scholarship. For her junior year, she transferred to Portland State, declaring math as her major. A fender bender car accident provided funds to visit Mexico before her senior year of college. Darcy chose to visit Guanajuato in Central Mexico for two months. Meeting her future husband, Luis while in Mexico, Darcy returned for her senior year of college with a different mindset. Darcy switched majors to Spanish, and moved back to Mexico after graduating from Portland State in 2002. Married to Luis in 2006 after living in Mexico for several years, Darcy had to return to the U.S. when diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Receiving chemotherapy, Darcy also received a stem cell transplant in June 2008. Today, free from cancer and living in Gresham with her two daughters, Darcy is grateful. Her two daughters are "miracles of modern science" due to having been through chemotherapy, and now she has a career that she is passionate about. It is quickly obvious why her students appreciate having Ms. Soto as a teacher- Darcy is open, honest and cares deeply for those she "gets" the opportunity to teach!