Friday, November 19, 2010

Owners of Big Bear's Market

Balwant and Navkiran Bhullar are best known around Corbett as "Bullet" and "Karen." The newest owners got behind the counter of Big Bear's Market on October 31, 2009. Their best Halloween ever! Both came to the U.S. from India after being part of an arranged marriage when Bullet was 26 and Karen, 21. The couple said they were quite happy with how things have turned out and their two children would certainly agree! Driving through Corbett on their way to Multnomah Falls as well as hearing Corbett folks talk about their community when they purchased gas at their Fairview gas station is what made the couple "dream" of one day owning the Market. Dreams really DO come true! Bullet and Karen LOVE the "family" they have in Corbett and think both the July 4th celebration as well as the Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch Day are their favorite local events. Karen's favorite thing about their Market is the fact there is a deli. Taco Thursdays have proven to be quite a hit in the community and Karen loves NOT having to cook dinner each night! Welcome our newest owners as they try to cater to the community's needs and wants. Bullet said there is talk of a possible Slurpee machine next summer!
Market hours are: M-F 7am-10 pm and Sat. /Sun. 8am-10 pm. #503-695-2255. Deli hours are: M-W 7am-8pm, Th-F 7am-9pm, Sat. 8 am-8 pm and Sun. 8 am-3pm. #503-695-6255.

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  1. Great info! Thanks Michelle!!

    I will link this page from the page on the Corbett site with Big Bear's info!!! Also, here's a link to their Deli menu!

    Big Bear's Market and Deli