Sunday, November 12, 2017

Using her Education to Help Others

Jeanne Swift was hired this year by the Corbett School District to be the Student Services Director. She was born in Olympia, WA. She has a brother 20 years older and a sister 18 years older. Her younger sister is just one and a half years younger. Jeanne had a brother who was born between the older and younger siblings, but he died and there was never much conversation about his passing. Jeanne's mom stayed at home to raise the family. Her father was a Forester and an avid hunter and fisherman. There are many family memories of wet and cold camping trips! Jeanne was raised in a 100 year old farmhouse by parents that were impacted by the Depression. She began playing the violin in the 4th grade and also played the piano, and was active in Girl Scouts and ballet. Her father retired when Jeanne was in the 8th grade and they moved to Beaverton, Oregon. It was a culture shock for her parents to move to a city that seemed to be "progressive" compared to where they had lived previously. Jeanne and her sister loved it! Jeanne played the violin for the Portland Youth Philharmonic and was Principal Violinist for the youth version of the PYP. She graduated from Sunset High School in 1983 and then attended Oregon State Univ. to study Veterinary Medicine. She switched halfway through to minor in Elementary Education and major in Handicap Learner. She then received her Master's degree in 1987 in Special Education. Once she graduated, she moved to Boardman, OR. to teach Special Education. In the evenings, she taught ESOL (English as a Second Language). She also became involved with the community Latina events. On the weekends, Jeanne traveled to LaGrande to earn her Bi-Lingual ESOL endorsements. It was during her time in Boardman that she married and gave birth to two daughters. After eight years, she and her daughters moved to Hermiston and she began teaching Bi-Lingual Education for seven years. Jeanne then went on to the Univ. of Oregon where she earned her Administrative Licensure. She then moved to Portland with her daughters and began working for the Reynolds School District for eight years as the Student Services Director. She then was hired to be the MESD Special Education Coordinator for all the school districts for seven years. During these years, she also attended Lewis and Clark College's Doctoral Program where she earned her EDS in Education Leadership. She remarried in 2015 to a local fisherman who also works for the City of Gresham. She now has a stepdaughter and they all live in a newly purchased Corbett home. Jeanne says she looks forward to enjoying many years in the community and school and is focused on positive relationships and positive outcomes, giving students the best opportunities available.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Keeping Things Running Smoothly in the Corbett Office

Christie Dillard's parents met when they were students at Corbett High School. They married, and she and her younger brother lived with them in Portland until Christie was in the 7th grade. At this time, her parents decided to move the family to Corbett. Christie was shy as a child, but played volleyball, basketball and softball all through her school years. She enjoyed staying busy and being part of a team. As a freshman, she played Varsity in all three sports! After high school graduation, Christie  attended Mt. Hood Community College to study to become a dental hygienist. During high school, she worked at West Coast Bending and Fab Inc. as an office assistant. She continued to do this while attending Mt. Hood. During her time in college, her employer offered her a desirable position as an office manager. She quit school and accepted the job. She continued with that job until she was 28 years old. At age 19, Christie had met Rob Dillard through a friend. They began dating and married when she was 24 years old. Their first daughter arrived when she was 28. Emma was born in 2003 and Paige was born in 2005.  When Emma was born, Christie's office job ended with the demise of the company. A year later, she began work at Twelve Mile Disposal, Corbett's local garbage company. Christie and Rob were now living in Corbett. They had bought land in Corbett in 1998 and then their house burned in 2002. They moved in with Christie's parents who lived on Lucas Road in Corbett. They re-built a home on their land and have been there ever since. Emma is now a freshman and Paige is a 7th grader at Corbett. In 2008, Christie and Rob bought the Springdale Tavern from her grandfather. Christie ran it full-time while Rob kept his job. The recession hit them hard, so in 2013, Christie went to work for Alliance Plumbing as their office manager and bookkeeper for two years. She then started her own bookkeeping business and still owns that today. In 2017 she began working for the Corbett School District as their Business Office Assistant. She enjoys the friendly work environment and learning a new system. She says there is a lot of support for one another in the office and she appreciates seeing the students as well. Her extended family is large and they spend a lot of time together. Christie and Rob also love to spend time with just their girls going boating, camping, and just being together in the outdoors. She is looking forward to a big family road trip to the Grand Canyon next summer!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Stepping In When Needed

Callie Uleners was born in Visalia, CA and one of six children in her family. Callie is the baby of the family and her only sister is the oldest. Her father has passed, but her parents were married 38 years! When Callie was born, her brother was dying of cancer. It was a very stressful and sad time for her loving family. When she was just four years old, her brother died at age 16. The sadness continued after Bryan's death, so Callie spent a great deal of time in the outdoors playing and being creative in her play. Callie was introverted and yet was very expressive in her painting, drawing and writing. At age six, she also began to sing. She sang all through grade, middle and high school. She was in a choir called Up With Kids as well as a chamber choir in high school and the California Girls Choir. Only 30 girls were chosen from the state of CA for this choir, and they traveled to Belgium when she was 15 years old. The host family that she stayed with had a son named Roel and they became friends. They later began writing letters to one another. The next six years, they never saw one another, but they kept writing to each other. After high school graduation, Callie attended College of the Sequoias in Visalia, CA. She also took classes at Fresno State University, simultaneously. In 2000, Callie was working on her Art degree and at her parent's house when a knock on the door happened. Standing there to both greet and surprise her was Roel from Belgium! They realized they were deeply in love and ended up getting married in Belgium. They came back to CA and their family began to grow. After the first two sons were born, they decided to move to Belgium to be near Roel's family. After three years, they moved back to the U.S., landing in Oregon for Roel's job opportunity. Roel is a design consultant, speaking three languages and he gets the opportunity to work with many world leaders. Their last son was born in Oregon in 2011 and they lived in Forest Park. After visiting a July 4th celebration in Corbett, they decided they wanted to live in a community where people knew their neighbors and took care of each other. They purchased a Corbett home in 2013 and fully embraced the Corbett lifestyle. Callie has been a copy editor and writer since 2004, doing freelance work. She recently wrote her first workbook, a grounding meditation workbook created for people who are victims of trauma or who are highly sensitive people. She also makes plant medicine, using native and medicinal plants. She grows many of her own plants. In 2016, Callie was hired as a Classified Substitute for MESD. She works for the Corbett District, wherever there is a need, working at all four Corbett Schools. Callie is grateful that her sons are able to attend the Corbett Schools and she enjoys doing whatever is needed in the office, classrooms, cafeteria or playground when called in to cover for a regular employee. Callie and her family have plans to live in Corbett for many years to come!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Bringing her Energy BACK to Corbett!

Maggie Young is BAAAACK! She was born in Portland, but grew up in Troutdale. She has a brother who is 12 years older and a sister that is ten years older. Since birth, her family lived in the Sweetbriar neighborhood of Troutdale. When Maggie was eight, they moved just eight homes down the street to a larger home in the same Sweetbriar neighborhood! As a child, Maggie describes herself as being very outgoing and energetic, always playing outdoors and playing make-believe. She says she has always had a very creative mind. When Maggie was five, she started playing softball and then began playing volleyball in second grade. Maggie's father was the Corbett High School softball coach, and really liked the school. He wanted Maggie to transfer to the Corbett School District. It was an easy transition because she was already friends with several Corbett girls through her involvement with them on the Mt. Hood Volleyball Club Team. Maggie played both volleyball and softball all through middle and high school. In softball, she won "Player of the Year" her Senior year as well as All-League and All-State both her Junior and Senior years! In volleyball, she won 2nd Team All-League her Sophomore year and Honorable Mention All-State her Junior year. After high school graduation, she attended Mt. Hood Community College for one year and also worked at Tad's Chicken and Dumplin's. She then moved to Eugene and worked at a restaurant for a year. Maggie decided to  move back to Portland and attend Portland State Univ. for a year and work at a Montessori Pre-School. This was followed by a year of being a nanny full-time in Portland. Maggie then moved to Casper, Wyoming to become a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA). After her time in Wyoming, she moved back to Troutdale and lived with her parents for a short time. She began work at a pediatric clinic in Gresham for 2 years. Maggie met her husband David when she was 14 years old through a friend. They began dating when she was 20 years old and when back from Wyoming, they eventually married. They currently have a five year old foster son. She loves exposing him to a variety of experiences. After getting married, Maggie began coaching volleyball at Corbett Middle School and also at Mt. Hood Volleyball Club. She then decided to to apply for a job at Corbett Schools in 2017 and was hired as a Paraeducator in Special Education. As a family, David and Maggie enjoy camping and doing things together outdoors. They are currently looking to purchase a home.