Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Forever Corbett

Did you know that the current Adidias building was once Kaiser Hospital? This is where Maureen "Sis" Childs started her life. Sis is a fifth generation Oregonian who grew up in the Alameda neighborhood of Portland for part of her childhood, and then moved to Portland's Laurelhurst neighborhood. Living across the street from Laurelhurst Park, Sis grew up in a family with five children. She was active, social, and family life centered around church. Graduating from Concordia Lutheran High School, Sis went to work for her father as an office manager at the family business, Burton Engineering. Being heavily involved in starting New Hope Church on I-84, Sis's family was close with Phil (Big Bear) and Judy Dufresne. At age 20, Sis married their nephew, Mark Haley. At age 22, she became pregnant with twin boys. Sis and Mark were living in Corbett and her parents had moved there as well, following their friends, the DuFresne's. Sis stayed home full-time with her sons until they went to first grade and had Mrs. Bonnie Lilly as a teacher. Sis then got a job with Cascade Earth Sciences, which is now the Dearixon's home! She worked with Steve and Linda Wilson for six years. She then went to work for an environmental consulting group for the next seven years. Sis was also on the Corbett School Board for seven years during this time period. In 2002, life changed. Sis quit her job and also went through a divorce. At this time she went back to school and got a degree in Early Childhood Education from Concordia University, the same campus where she had attended high school! Later she went on to get her teaching license for the state of Oregon. Sis married Stuart Childs on Sept. 3, 2005. For three years Sis was a teacher and co-principal at ARCO Spanish Immersion Charter School. She then went to the Montessori Charter School in Damascus for three years, doing a multitude of things, but not teaching full-time in a classroom as she so desired. In the spring of 2015 she quit her job, for the very first time ever not having another job lined up. Sis put in an application at Corbett, where she had now served a total of twelve years on the Corbett School Board. She is a huge proponet of multi-age education. Sis knows Corbett schools inside and out and wanted to teach at a place where she had a real passion. When Mrs. Neely stepped away to have her baby, Sis was hired as a K-2 teacher at Corbett! There are eight classes of K-2 students in Corbett, and Sis feels she has found her DREAM job! With 24 children in her classroom, she is excited to get up and go to work. Currently her twin sons have provided her with four grandchildren, so when not teaching, she LOVES to be with them. She also enjoys riding bikes with Stuart when she is able. She ran for over 20 years, and now her knees are ready for a rest. She recently went on a 45 mile ride to Jantzen Beach and back! Sis loves this area and plans to be in Corbett, forever.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Here We Go Again!

WELCOME BACK! I am so happy and thankful to welcome the fall season. After a very hot and dry summer, it is refreshing to see rain and hear the excitement of the kids beginning a new school year in Corbett. There are several teachers I was unable to interview last year due to time and scheduling. This year I am hoping to reach ALLLLL of the remaining teachers and staff in the Corbett School District! It is a pretty immense goal with the time commitment, but I am determined and want to share with everyone the INCREDIBLE lives of all who make up the district. Stay tuned.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Time to Put Up the Pen!!

Once again, the season of spring has arrived, and I need to "put up my pen." Real estate has me working 12 hour days and I need to put my interviews on hold until fall, when I will once again get back to interviewing all the teachers that I didn't get the chance to interview this past year. THANK YOU for ALL of your support and encouragement with this blog. As most of of you already know, I LOVE, LOVE LOVE people and think Corbett is pretty amazing as well!! :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Servant's Heart

Our Music and Intervention teacher at CAPS is also the teacher of middle school choir for the district school. Meet Linda Fast, a gal who was born in Portland, but moved to the Philippines at age one with her family. Linda's parents were missionary teachers with Faith Academy in Manila. Linda loved to both sing and travel with her family as a child as well as be outdoors and with people. Linda always wanted to "help" on some level. Her parents showed by example how to serve others through a variety of methods, such as cooking, sewing, or providing other levels of care. Linda's parents and two older brothers lived in a village on the outskirts of Manila where housing was varied, ranging from rough and basic shelter to much more elaborate. At age 16, Linda moved back to the states with her family and attended Portland Christian High School her senior year. Linda then went on to Multnomah Bible College in Portland to earn her Associates, Bachelor's and then Master's degrees. This educational journey spanned sixteen years, as Linda was also working in the business end of the medical field for 11 years. During this time, Linda also did NINETEEN service mission trips to different countries as well as the U.S. to serve others in need. During her trips of service, she sang, did drama, provided medical assistance, built homes and was involved with a great did of relief efforts. Linda taught in the Philippines for three years and then came to Portland to earn her MAT degree. She student taught at Corbett Grade in 2012 and was then offered a job at CAPS. Through friends at church, Linda met her husband and they married in Gresham in 2014. Together they love to be with friends and family. No animals or babies, but Linda continues with her love of travel, singing and being outdoors. Being at CAPS has been an ideal fit for her!