Monday, April 25, 2016

The Youngest of Seven Children

Teri LaLonde was born in Portland, Oregon as the youngest of seven children born to her parents. Both parents have passed, but all the adult siblings are alive and well, with three living in Alaska and four in Oregon. Teri was very active growing up and loved more than anything to be in the great outdoors. During her school years she was involved as a cheerleader and also ran hurdles and relay dashes for the track team. Portland's Benson High School was where she attended and became very skilled at both sheet metal and anything electrical. After high school Teri worked as a receptionist at Cutler Hammer. She also attended both PSU and Mt. Hood Community College for a few classes. Teri ended up marrying her high school sweetheart, and they have just celebrated their 36th anniversary! Their daughter was born in 1981 and a son was born in 1984. Currently Teri lives in Gresham and she and her husband have two dogs, Shorty and Ramsey. Teri had been an aide for MESD since 2000. Dee Dee Hanes called her in 2015 and asked if she was interested in a position at CAPS in Springdale. Teri said yes, and has been there ever since, loving her position as a Paraeducator. She said there is a strong team feeling at the Springdale school and she appreciates the smallness of the K-8 school. As for free time, Teri most loves spending time with her family and going for walks.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

New to CAPS

Born in SE Portland, Lindsey Hensen and her younger sister were raised by both parents. Painfully shy until the age of 12, Lindsey walked down a model's runway, and her world changed, with her coming out of her shell. Lindsey played sofball for seven years as a youth and also played both the bass guitar and drums for her middle school jazz band. Lindsey graduated from David Douglas High School, and her parents still live in her childhood home. Her sister is now married and has her first child on the way. Lindsey attended Mt. Hood Community College after finishing up at David Douglas. She then transferred to Univ. of Oregon in Eugene and earned her Bachelor's degree in Psychology. From there, she went on to Concordia Univ. to earn her Master of Arts degree in Teaching (MAT) in 2010. Along the way, she became more curious about education and just how the brain works in relation to how we each learn. Lindsey went on to the Univ. of Portland to earn her endorsement in Special Education. Opportunity to teach in Lincoln County opened up and she moved to Seal Rock, Oregon. The first year, Lindsey taught a 3rd grade classroom, the following year a 4th grade classroom, and then she worked in Toledo with Special Education her third year. Looking for a different experience, she applied for a Learning Specialist position in Corbett at the Springdale CAPS School. After speaking with Desiree Chiu, she was able to start her position at CAPS in Sept. 2015. Lindsey is delighted to have found a school, community and position that she is crazy about. She thinks it is an amazing environment both to teach and learn. She is currently living back in Portland, next door to her parents! She crossed paths with a friend from high school, and her and Carl have been dating 6.5 years. Both are avid readers, with Lindsey loving anything Fantasy. Another love is ballroom dancing! She is currently dancing 3x a week and is focused on the Cha Cha style of dance. Carl does not dance, but would rather go fishing! Lindsey says no matter, it works. :) They have a turtle and two dogs.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Farm Girl at Heart

Jean King was born in Minnesota and lived on a 500 acre farm with her family. One of five children born to her parents, Jean was born fourth in line. When she was in the sixth grade, her parents divorced, and she moved into town with her mom and siblings. Her dad stayed on the farm and is still there today. They raised cattle, pigs and numerous crops. When Jean was a youngster, she played outdoors almost all the time, biking everywhere. She is very drawn to the water and grew up swimming, waterskiing and ice fishing! Jean was also an active softball player as a girl and has numerous fond memories of that. Just before her senior year in high school, her mom decided to move to Oregon to be near her older sister who would be attending OSU. Jean spent her final year of high school at Aloha High and graduated from there. After high school, Jean worked in a restaurant where she met and married a man whom she spent seven years with. They had no children. Later, Jean went to work for First Interstate Bank. She started as a processor and later became a loan officer. At the age of 30, Jean met and married a local man. Together they had a daughter, and then 21 months later, a son. Jean was a stay at home mom for several years, loving every moment of it. Her kids began school at the Phonics Factory in Gresham while they were living as a family in Sandy on a farm. In 2007, both kids moved over to the Corbett Schools. Her daughter Alexia was in 3rd grade and son Bradley was in 1st grade. Jean began volunteering extensively at the school, beginning as a MESD employee, working only at the Corbett Schools. Jean is now a Corbett Schools employee, working full-time at the high school in the SPED department. Recently divorced, Jean continues to live on their Sandy farm with the kids. She loves to work at the high school because it brings her joy to work with kids that appreciate working hard and then seeing the results of their efforts. She believes in them and they know it. When not with her own kids at their many sporting activities, she herself loves to play the piano, work on the Sandy farm, play softball or most any water sport, camp or snow ski. Jean is not one to sit still for any length of time!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Who is Driving our Corbett bus?

Tobi Ervin was born in Vancouver, WA. but moved around a great deal before settling in the Corbett area of Bridal Veil when she was in the 4th grade. Her parents divorced when she was in the 6th grade, but she continued to live in Bridal Veil with her three brothers and two sisters. Tobi was the oldest girl in the family. Her parents both remarried and she ended up with a total of eight brothers and seven sisters. Nine of the children were raised together. As a child, Tobi said says she was extremely shy and kept to herself most of the time. She often would go to a quiet place to read. Still to this day, she is an avid reader. Tobi says she was always a hard worker at home, and learned how to work on cars from an early age. A highlight of her youth was attending a church camp in high school at Vancouver Island. After graduating from Corbett High School, Tobi married Fred Ervin and was expecting their first son, Calvin. They went on to have another son, Antonio. The boys are both grown now and Tobi has four grandchildren. Fred and Tobi raised the boys in Latourell, and Fred passed after 12 years of marriage. Tobi decided to apply at the Corbett Schools 39 years ago as a bus driver. She thought it would be a great job, and she was right. Today she is driving the Donald Duck bus and continues to love driving the kids in the morning and afternoon as well as take kids to different schools and places for sporting events and also help out with field trips. On occassion she also does some filing in the MS/HS office to help out. She enjoys being a part of the staff and is willing to help out where and when needed. Currently Tobi is living in Springdale with her brother. When she has time off, she loves to fish! Her most amazing time on the water was when she and her neice caught a total of 27 trout! She taught herself how to fish and loves to always take a good book for when the fish are not biting! In the summer, she lives in Boardman and helps care for her mom. Tobi loves both children and Corbett, so is quite content with being able to spend most of the year in Corbett near both her adult kids, grandkids and her Corbett kids!