Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Keeping Everything Clean and Looking GOOOOOD!

Who do we thank for keeping the Corbett school buildings looking so clean? Aaron Sprinkle is one of the guilty. Aaron started the Corbett custodial position in 2013 and ended up dropping over 60 pounds with all the deep cleaning he has done! Aaron is not only a husband, father of two and a custodian, he is also adding to his bachelor's degree with further schooling. Aaron is attending school part-time to become a biomedical engineering tech, trouble shooting and fixing hospital equipment. Aaron was born in Iowa City, Iowa. His parents moved his younger sister and him to San Diego after tiring of the cold weather of Iowa! Aaron's mom made SURE they purchased a home near a public library. She was a voracious reader and wanted her kids to be also. Aaron loved fiction, but also became fascinated with comic books and Super Heros. At age 13, Aaron started writing short stories. He worked hard on developing that skill. Aaron's father was an engineer and his mom ran a nearby college tutoring department.  His father was also a musician and taught Aaron to play the guitar at age 10. He is currently teaching himself how to play the piano! Aaron has played in numerous bands over the years and still is very passionate about music. Aaron also loves to draw. When growing up, it was mostly pencil drawing and mostly action figures, collaborating often with his friends. Aaron earned his Bachelor's degree in Modern Literature from the Univ. of CA at Santa Cruz. Soon after, he met his wife and Corbett teacher, Cassie Duprey at a job interview. At the time, Cassie was also working on her Doctorate degree. They ended up working together at Kaplan, where they had both applied, for 1.5 years. They then moved to Oakland for Cassie's teaching opportunity. Aaron found work at a warehouse that put together medical kits for orthopedic surgery. They became engaged and married in 2010. First son, Quill came along the same year. They then moved up to Portland, finding a home to rent. Cassie went back to school to get her Oregon teaching credentials and Aaron was a stay-at-home dad. Second son, Malcolm was born in 2013. In 2015, they purchased a home in Troutdale. Both their sons are currently attending the Corbett Grade School, and they are happy to ALL be a part of the Corbett School District!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Great Addition!

Adam Crouse says he was raised as a "military brat" that moved all over the United States. Born in Riverside, CA., he is one of five children born to his parents. He was the fourth child, one of three boys and two girls. His father was a military man, and Adam followed in his footsteps. While living in Wyoming, his parents divorced when he was a child. He then moved to Portland with his mom and siblings. Following his older brother James, he joined the Sea Scouts, the nautical division of the Boy Scouts. Adam liked the structure of the group and learning leadership skills. He loved boating nearly every weekend and especially liked the strong family atmosphere that the group provided. Adam was also involved in the choir at Gresham High before graduating. Meeting his wife at summer school at Mt. Hood Community College, they married in 1993. Together they have two children, Kaylynn 17 and Zachary 14. In 1996, Adam joined the Coast Guard. After going to boot camp, he was transferred to Maine, attending a specialty school to become a mechanic. After this, he was transferred to Astoria, OR. in 1999. Adam then chose to leave the military. At this time he and his wife moved to Perrydale, OR. where he found warehouse work. Adam soon went back into the Coast Guard, moving to New Jersey, California, then Michigan. One more time he left the military and went back to school to get his Associates degree at ITT Tech in Computer Networking Systems. He eventually found work with MESD, working as a substitute at Corbett. He was eventually hired as a full-time Paraeducator at Corbett. He is now currently working on his Bachelor's degree at Warner Pacific, focused on a degree in Business Administration. Adam enjoys staying in good physical condition as he runs regularly and enters half marathons on a regular basis. He is currently looking forward to a family vacation to the Grand Canyon over Spring Break. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Corbett District Senior Teacher

Meet the Corbett School District's Senior Classroom Teacher. The position was certainly not awarded based on age! Kristin Wold was born in the Gresham area and grew up in the same home her entire life. She has both a younger brother and sister. Her father passed away a few months ago and her mom is now living in the Puyallup, WA. area. Kristin attended the Gresham schools in the grade and middle school years, but asked her parents if she could go to a smaller high school. They agreed upon Portland Lutheran High School. Kristin says that although school came easy for her, she was not focused on academics. She says that she loved to read, play outside and be creative. Both middle and high school years were spent in choir as a lower alto and sometimes even a tenor! She also did stats for different sports teams just so she could be a part of the team since she wasn't much into athletics. After graduation, she got her first job at the local grocery store, Teals. It has since become a Safeway. She was hired to bag groceries and carry them to the car for folks. It was here she met her husband- 12 years her senior! Carl was a pharmacy clerk, and they began dating. It was at this time that Kristin also began teaching sunday school. It was here she fell in love with teaching! Her and Carl got married and Kristin decided to go to school and get her degree so she could become a teacher. It took six years, but she went to Portland State Univ. and got her Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. She begand scanning the newspaper to find a teaching position! She circled all the ones of interest. Corbett was her second interview. She was their #2 choice for the first grade position. Quite disappointed, she later received a phone call stating that the 5th grade teacher retired and now the position was available. Was she interested? She was a bit nervous to teach the "older" kids, but she accepted! Fellow teacher, Holly Dearixon helped get her through the first year of teaching at the school that has since burned down. Kristin says the building was so old, the boiler pipes clanked all throughout the day in her classroom! Kristin was moved to 4th grade the following year and then 3rd grade the year after that. In 1996 they moved to the brand new grade school where she got to choose her room. She chose the "view room" and has loved that space ever since. She is currently teaching a K-1st blend and could not be happier! In 2000 Kristin gave birth to daughter Juliana, who now is attending Corbett High School. The family of three live in Carl's grandmother's previous home in NE Portland. Kristin's family LOVES to travel and have visited Easter Island, Japan, East Africa, Pacific Islands and numerous other spots. Kristin enjoys studying geography and has a 50 year old pen pal in Japan that has helped her understand the culture. Kristin also has a private tutor that teaches her the Japanese language on a regular basis. What does Kristin love most about Corbett? "It has continued to evolve into a place where there is an abundance of happy energy. Teachers are grateful to be there and they collaborate regularly. The administration treats teachers as professionals and with respect." With such an upbeat attitude, no wonder colleagues appreciate having her in the position of Senior Classroom Teacher of the entire district!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Everyone Has a Story

Maddy Bunnell's life began in Eugene, OR. She is the oldest of three girls born to her parents. Her father was attending school at the Univ. of Oregon when she was born, working on attaining a degree in Political Science. Upon completion of the degree, they moved to Spokane, WA. When Maddy was three, the family moved to Portland for her dad's work. Both parents were from Portland and anxious to "get back home". As a child, Maddy admits to being shy and athletic. She played basketball from 5th-8th grade and volleyball from 6th-12th grade. Graduating from Central Catholic High School in Portland, Maddy then traveled to China on a select volleyball team to play tournaments with several Chinese teams. That fall she attended Oregon State Univ. After her freshman year, she transferred to Concordia University to complete her degree in Elementary Education. Maddy began working as an office manager for a company that helped schools with fundraising efforts. At this time she also began attending night classes at a dental assistant school. Busy with work and school, she found the time to go on a blind date that her friends had set up. After dinner at Edgefield's, she knew she had met the man of her dreams. After dating two years, Mark and Maddy married in 1997. After four years as an office manager and after completing her dental program, she began working as a dental assistant for the Multnomah County jails, helping inmates with their teeth and dental hygiene. This is where Maddy realized "everyone has a story". She loved listening to the inmates talk about their lives. She appreciated their ability to share freely and openly. Maddy's daughter was born in 2000 and she then chose not to go back to work. Mark is a corrections deputy and supported her decision. Maddy's father ended up offering her a job just two days a week at his office while family watched Emily. Two years later, Mark and Maddy were expecting another baby. She continued to work for her father in accounts payable at his office. Maddy's father sold his company in 2013, and she needed another job. Both their kids began attending the Corbett Schools after being at Open Door Academy in Troutdale. Maddy began to volunteer at Corbett as a parent, helping out in the classrooms. Eventually she was asked to work full-time at Corbett as a Paraeducator. She is now in her second year, and loves it! She said that the kids also have their own stories, and she loves listening to and working with all the kids in both the grade and middle schools. She says there is "never a dull moment" and she loves that! When at home with her husband and kids, she loves to bake, especially chocolate chip cookies. They have one dog and two guinea pigs at their Gresham home. The family also loves to travel- each summer they head down to Southern CA to visit Mark's grandparents. Last summer they went to Europe and loved every moment!