Monday, June 18, 2018

From Corbett to England's Oxford University

Born in Portland and raised in Corbett since birth, Kendal Hocking attended Corbett schools K-12. She is the middle of three daughters born to Corbett High sweethearts, James and Sharon Hocking. Considering herself to be very quiet and shy as a child, Kendal said she had a speech impediment that led to four years of speech therapy. Interested in art and music, she also played volleyball and soccer for many years of her childhood. Kendal played the clarinet in the school band from 5th to 11th grade. She began playing the piano at age five and still plays today. Kendal loved art classes in school, but also did a great deal of drawing on her own at home. The family did a lot of camping every summer and were close with other neighbor families, spending a great deal of time with them. Kendal graduated in 2011 from Corbett High and then attended Capernwray Hall in England for a year. This was her first time away from home and she grew a lot, saying that she learned just how much she did not know! This was a time of great spiritual growth for her as she went alone, not knowing anyone. When Kendal returned to Corbett after a year, she worked as a nanny and also at Multnomah Falls Lodge to save for college. Kendal began classes at Seattle Pacific University in 2013 and graduated in 2017 with a major in General Music. She originally went to get her degree in Music Therapy, and that was why she originally chose SPU. Her time in Seattle was life-changing for her as she left with a strong sense of community. She says being with like-minded peers had a profound impact on her and she made lifelong friends. Seattle is now considered her second home. Corbett will always be her first love! After graduation, Kendal came home to work once again to save for college. She has worked in the food industry, working as many hours as possible to save for a master's degree program at Oxford University in England! She was accepted into their Musicology Master's Program that begins in October. There is no aide or scholarships available, so she is thankful for her neighbors that she grew up with. Chris Spanjer is hosting a dinner at the Corbett Grange for all who want to attend and support Kendal. Sunday, July 15th from 6:00-8:00 pm will be an evening of English Fare. Tickets are $50 and will include a British feast, live music, Oxford readings and trivia. Call 971-678-7663 or email All proceeds will go to Kendal's 2018 Oxford expenses. Kendal's desire is to come back and teach locally at a high school level. Maybe even at a university someday! She is clearly passionate about learning and passing education on through teaching.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Coming Soon! Sugarpine Drive-In

Corbett residents Ryan and Emily Domingo first met at a July 4th BBQ in Brooklyn, NY despite both having Oregon roots. Together they share a passion for food, hospitality and connecting with people. Emily's mom was an avid gardener and Emily grew up being exposed to numerous vegetables and home grown meats. She worked in several restaurants as a teen, and later attended culinary school in Portland. She continued working in a variety of restaurants after school and was even on the Iron Chef! Ryan has a college background in Marketing and Advertising. He transitioned to a career in restaurants in 2006, managing numerous restaurants in several different states including Ned Ludd in Portland. Both Emily and Ryan have a deep love for nature and the outdoors, so having their first brick and mortar building located just off the Scenic Highway is a dream come true! Next month they are bringing their delicious comfort foods with a seasonal spin to the banks of the Sandy River. The Sugarpine Drive-In will be the new commercial kitchen for their upscale Larch Provisions catering business. Located at milepost 0 on the Scenic Highway, they are located in the snack shack that is over 100 years old and rich with history. Their plan is to offer high quality organic soft serve ice cream, sandwiches, refreshing beverages, soups, salads and more. One can drive through or walk up to the window to order. Multiple picnic benches will be available on their spacious deck to sit and enjoy either a snack or meal. They will be open year round, as they will still offer catering services as well. Hours at the Drive-In will be 11 am to 6 pm Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday and 11 am to 9 pm Friday and Saturday. They will be closed on Monday and Tuesday. More information can be found at Currently Ryan and Emily are looking to raise needed funds to get started and you can be a part of that by making a donation via their website or at

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Living Life to the Fullest!

Clair Klock was born in Portland, OR. His sister Carol was born one year and 10 days after Clair. When just seven years old, his mom passed. When Clair was twelve, his father passed. At this point, Clair and his sister went to live with their father's brother and his wife. Orval and Dorothy Klock had already raised their children and were grandparents, yet they welcomed Clair and Carol into their Corbett home. Both kids experienced a huge change in lifestyle, going from the city to the country. They each enrolled in the Corbett schools and Clair became involved with 4-H gardening and forestry and the Service Club. Clair also played football, baseball and  basketball all through high school. In the summers, Clair worked for a Corbett couple who had a major impact on his life. Elmer and Donna Larson owned Larson Blueberry Farm in Corbett and Clair worked summers for them as a field hand, doing everything needed around the farm. This is where Clair began to understand and love farming. Clair attended Mt. Hood Community College for two years just after high school, studying biology. He finished at Oregon State, earning his degree in in General Science and Biology. All during college, Clair continued working at the Larson Farm on Christenson Road in Corbett, whenever time and school allowed.  After college graduation, Clair got a job with MESD-Multnomah Education Service District, working for their Outdoor School programs. Clair worked as a counselor and field instructor. He did this for nearly six years. During the summers, he worked for MESD Youth Conservation Corp. as a residential work camp counselor. He did projects in the Umatilla National Forest in NE Oregon. During this time at Outdoor School, Clair met his future wife, Beverly. She was his supervisor! In 1976 they married at a 4-H camp near Salem. In 1979, they leased the Larson Blueberry Farm and then operated that for 10 years, turning it into a large u-pick operation. They sold 250K lbs. of blueberries each year! During this time in 1982, they had the opportunity to purchase a home and acreage on Salzman Road in Corbett. They turned two acres of hay field into a blueberry field that still operates today as a u-pick farm. At the end of their 10 years at the Larson Farm, they only focused on the Salzman Road farm. During this time, Clair worked a variety of wildlife and GIS mapping jobs. In 1998, Clair got a job at Clackamas Soil and and Water Conservation  District as a small farms and urban conservation specialist. He currently still works there and it has been 20 years! Clair and Beverly have two children that are now grown and they live locally. They have six grandchildren and one great grandchild. Three years ago, Clair and Beverly retired from farming, having their Salzman Road farm run by a family member. They still operate as a u-pick and sell delicious blueberries each year from mid-July to mid- Sept. Both he and Beverly are life-long conservationists, supporting conservation education, as seen through the goals of their farm. 1. Produce a good product 2. Give urban people a farm experience 3. Provide jobs for local kids 4. Teach conservation farming. Both Clair and Beverly love traveling. Clair worked 20 years during his "free time" for Linblad Expeditions in Baja, Alaska and the Columbia River. He has traveled the world!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Bringing Cheer to the Classroom

Bekah Tucker was a cheerleader for all four years at Barlow High School. She absolutely loved the experience and has continued to be a cheerleader in her Corbett classroom. She is passionate about teaching her students. Bekah was born in Portland and grew up in Gresham, OR. She is the second of four daughters born to her parents. Her folks are still married and continue to live in the same home Bekah grew up in. Bekah was quiet as a child and says she always wanted to be a teacher, like Laura Ingalls Wilder. Bekah was a compliant child at school and yet a bit more rambunctious at home. She attended Good Shepard School for K-8 and her family attended church at Good Shepard. Bekah played volleyball and basketball both in middle school and high school. All of Bekah's sisters attended Barlow, and all were cheerleaders at the school, just like her! Bekah also sang in the school choir all four years, traveling out-of-state for numerous competitions. During her high school years, Bekah worked at Izzy's Pizza, across the street from Gresham High School. After graduation, she attended Warner Pacific College in Portland and graduated with a degree in Human Development. She minored in Christian Education. During her senior year, she studied at the University of Oxford in England for a semester. She absolutely loved the experience. During her college years, she dated a man and yet the relationship ended after graduation. She worked at her church after graduation as an administrative assistant for five years. She had thought it would only be a one year position! After her five years, she decided to move to Prague, The Czech Republic to teach in a pre-school for one year. While there, Bekah traveled all over the area on weekends and holidays. She said she made a lot of friends and created many wonderful memories. When she came home to Oregon, she had a renewed passion for teaching. She met for coffee with Desiree Chiu and got a job at Troutdale Elementary as a Special Education Asst. for three years. She was attending Concordia University in the evenings to to earn her Master of Arts in Teaching. Bekah did her student teaching at Corbett with Susan Handy and Dee Dee Hanes. The following year after graduation, she covered three different maternity leaves for Corbett teachers! Then, the following year a full-time position opened up for K-2 teaching. She has been at Corbett Grade School ever since. Bekah now teaches K-1 and really appreciates the encouraging and supportive staff that she is able to work with. She says the kids benefit from the collaboration that goes on between the teachers and aides that work so well together. Bekah lives in SE Portland and enjoys being able to walk to nearby restaurants and shops. She enjoys exploring the City of Portland, trying out the best spots for food, beer and coffee. She also loves to explore the world and is always planning her next trip!