Monday, April 25, 2016

The Youngest of Seven Children

Teri LaLonde was born in Portland, Oregon as the youngest of seven children born to her parents. Both parents have passed, but all the adult siblings are alive and well, with three living in Alaska and four in Oregon. Teri was very active growing up and loved more than anything to be in the great outdoors. During her school years she was involved as a cheerleader and also ran hurdles and relay dashes for the track team. Portland's Benson High School was where she attended and became very skilled at both sheet metal and anything electrical. After high school Teri worked as a receptionist at Cutler Hammer. She also attended both PSU and Mt. Hood Community College for a few classes. Teri ended up marrying her high school sweetheart, and they have just celebrated their 36th anniversary! Their daughter was born in 1981 and a son was born in 1984. Currently Teri lives in Gresham and she and her husband have two dogs, Shorty and Ramsey. Teri had been an aide for MESD since 2000. Dee Dee Hanes called her in 2015 and asked if she was interested in a position at CAPS in Springdale. Teri said yes, and has been there ever since, loving her position as a Paraeducator. She said there is a strong team feeling at the Springdale school and she appreciates the smallness of the K-8 school. As for free time, Teri most loves spending time with her family and going for walks.