Sunday, February 23, 2014

Corbett Yoga with Emily Aronowitz

Emily Aronowitz, Certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Emily feels grateful to be a practitioner of such an ancient, holy lineage as yoga, and her classes are not merely physical asanas, but a path to mental clarity and spiritual development. Emily is a FindBalance certified Vinyasa yoga instructor, who includes the yoga of devotion (Bhakti) and intellect (Raja) in her classes, allowing for a deeper experience Yoga first found Emily at the age of six, while accompanying her parents to Breitenbush Hotsprings Retreat Center. Her childhood included living in ashrams in India and Oregon, experiences that influenced her personal lifestyle and spirituality. Emily found an adult connection to yoga ten years ago, and began practicing regularly. Emily was first attracted to the physicality of yoga. She believes that Western people tend to have a difficult time getting out of our heads, and getting into our bodies allows us to find mental peace. Emily has studied with teachers from various schools of yoga, including with the Omega Institute, and continues her study with gifted Vinyasa teachers, such as Lisa Mae Osborn and Uma Hulet of the Bhaktishop (Portland, OR) and Suniti Dernovsek of People’s Yoga (Portland, OR). She has taught in South America, Southern Oregon, and is currently teaching in Corbett. Last year she organized and led a successful yoga retreat outside Portland. She teaches a dynamic, flowing class, which focuses on the alignment of breath and movement to increase mental clarity, strength, and flexibility. Her focus on alignment and presentation of adjustments and variations for individual bodies ensures safety and challenge for all levels of yogis. She has also been influenced by the nurturing practices of Yin and Prenatal Yoga. Emily believes that through conscious and joyful physical movement, one can find a greater connection to spirit. Emily will be holding yoga classes in Corbett on Wednesdays 8:30am-9:45am and Sundays at 5-6:15 pm. Emily can be reached at:

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Community Square Dancing- Multi-Generational FUN~!!

Caroline Oakley

It all began with a desire. A desire to blend her talent and love of playing music with dancing. At the Kennedy Center in Portland, Caroline was first exposed to an atmosphere of electricity and joy as she witnessed a multi-generational crowd enjoying square dancing without the demands of knowing and following complicated dance figures. Meeting her mentor, Bill Martin helped to shape her current career. Although Bill has since passed, he poured years of his own knowledge and experience into an eager to learn, Caroline. Fast forward 11 years- Caroline and husband Peter Leone are raising three active boys in the Corbett community. Their oldest, Simon played fiddle last night as she and Pete joined a fellow Corbett teacher to put on a Corbett Square Dance at the Grange. Over 100 folks of all ages turned out to enjoy the fun, no-cost event which included desserts and beverages for all!
Being a strong advocate of building community, Caroline applied for and received grant money to teach children the art of square dance. Next month she will begin instruction at the CAPS school in Springdale. The grant money will also cover the expense of three more community dances at both CAPS and the Grange. Dances will be held March 13, April 18 and May 8th. For more information, please visit Caroline's website at:

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Take Shape For Life

You may remember Chemae from her time in the grade school library about seven years ago. It was eight years ago Chemae regained her health by losing 32 pounds. She is married to Eric and their two kids have both graduated from Corbett. Son Matt is a senior at the University of Oregon and their daughter Madison is a freshman at the University of San Diego, both of them doing very well.  You will still see Chemae and Eric around the school, but they may be even busier with their kids off to college.

When Chemae left the library, she had a big dream in mind. She wanted to help change the health of America.  She had personally transformed her own health and had found a way that she could help others do the same.  Today she is helping people all across the country transform their lives and create vibrant health.  She has learned that almost everyone is looking for better health.  The problem is, they just aren't quite sure how to get there.  Helping people awaken their desire for health and guiding them towards their goals is the essence of what she does every day.  Getting healthy for some may mean more energy, better sleep, or losing
weight.  Health means many things to many people and helping them identify just what it is that they want is the key to what she does.  After folks are clear on what they want, laying out the path to get there becomes pretty easy.  If you are interested in what your Optimal Health might look like, you should have a cup of coffee with Chemae and find out.  Chemae has always had a heart for helping others and she is making a difference in the health of America every day.  If you would like more information on what Chemae does, her website is , e-mail is and cell is 503-703-0770.