Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mr. Springdale Himself

If you live in Springdale, chances are pretty strong that you either know or have heard of Gary Law. Gary grew up in Corbett, graduating from the high school and then going on to Portland State University. With his degree, Gary began teaching and then decided to go on and get his master's degree from the Univ. of Oregon. Getting married and raising three children, Gary lived in Eugene for 17 years. With a heart tug to go back to his roots, Gary moved to Corbett in 1983 and restarted his dad's cabinet business. This lasted 25 years! During this time, Gary took two summer trips in a van by himself in 1996 and 1997 to discover his family roots from waaaay back. He ended up traveling all over the western half of the U.S. and completely organized his family's geneology and two large family reunions. Gary says this was life changing. Volunteering at the Vista House in 2000, he met current wife, Bev. Together they built a new home on family property in Springdale. Gary now rents out his childhood home in Springdale and he states that it was one of the very first homes built, back in the 1880's. Gary has spent untold hours volunteering in the community with the Vista House, Springdale School, Pioneer Association, Bridal Veil Church, and the Corbett Grange. He has left his mark with his carpentry skills ALL over the community, both in public places and private homes. When he is not volunteering, he loves to landscape, planting and tending to various plants and flowers. Gary says he has loved being back home in the Corbett community because everyone is so friendly and kind.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Who Will Join Our Corbett Community Next?

Could this be the next home for your family? It is located on Smith Road in Corbett and offers 2.59 acres with a lofted barn and a beautiful pond. Just a short distance to the schools and freeway access. The home has a remodeled kitched with stainless steel applicances and granite counters. There are four bedrooms and two full baths, with both a living and family room. 2,272 sq. ft. Call today to make your appointment to view.  Listed at $359,000. #971-221-9655.

Never a Dull Moment!

Ruby Alcantra moved to Corbett in 1968 with her husband Paul and two children. Coming from Portland, she was wanting a small school setting for both her son and daughter. Many years later, both her "kids" are still living in Corbett, raising their own children! Recently, builder Scott Clayton from Corbett built Ruby and Paul the home of their dreams, replacing the manufactured home they previously had. Ruby now has 26 ft. high ceilings, and she has given her previous home to her son who placed the home on his property! Ruby said she tried to have almost everyone that worked on building her home be local, in order to support our community. Ruby worked at Tad's Chicken 'n Dumplins from 1970-1989, both bartending and waiting tables. She says she has plenty of interesting stories from serving the local folks for nearly 20 years! Today she is the head cook at the Corbett Grange for the senior's lunch held every Monday. She absolutely loves using her talents and abilities to help others. She also drives the bus for all the senior's "road trips" to local areas of interest. Most recently she began serving on an oversight committee for the elderly and disablesd in East Multnomah County that is run by Trimet. One of her favorite Corbett memories is when she entered a "float" in one of the very first July 4th parades. She drove an OLD red pickup truck with hay and a goat named "Huck" in the back. She laughs as she recalls the fun her kids had riding in the back also, tossing out candy to the crowds. She also recalls positive memories as a business owner with her friend Gloria. Together they ran a shop called "UNtique," selling crafts and antiques from 1970-1973. They were located in what is now a house across from the Corbett schools. Ruby has many positive memories of years spent in Corbett, and with her lovely new home finished, she has no plans of leaving anytime soon!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Could YOU be the Next Corbett Resident to Join Us??

WHO will be the next Corbett resident to move in and have me interview them?? This 1997 custom built home on Chamberlain Road boasts ONE level living at it's very finest. The home is immaculate both in and out with 3,025 sq. ft. of living space on 7.51 acres. The VIEWS are amazing and there are two private decks to enjoy and entertain. Tile roof, 3 car garage, granite, slate, real hardwoods, 4 bedrooms plus living and family room, 3 fireplaces, garden area, 2 creeks, alarm system, and an incredible location that is QUIET yet less than a mile to school and I-84 access. Call me now if you have a friend or family member you want to join our fabulous community. $519K list price. #971-221-9655.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Ballroom Dancer from NYC

It was back in 2001 that Debbie and Joe Schneider got tired of the "rat race" they found themselves to be living in. Debbie had graduated from The School of Visual Arts in NYC with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts with a major in graphic design. She was working at McGraw Hill Publishing and met her sculptor husband while out ballroom dancing. The frantic New York City lifestyle had taken it's toll on them. Joe had family in the Northwest, and they both had a desire for a different pace of life. Moving to Portland to begin with, they were introduced to Realtor John Leamy from Corbett. John tried to sell them on the idea of living peacefully in Corbett, but they were initially not interested in such a "rural" lifestyle! Things happen, and John ended up selling them a home close to the Corbett Schools, where Debbie is now working in both the MS/HS office as well as the district office when needed. Husband Joe is a Corbett bus driver by day and a sculptor by night! For the July 4th Parade, Joe created (sculpted) the huge "Statue of Liberty" float that many locals helped him assemble in his barn. Both Debbie and Joe volunteer up at the grange, assisting with the "Helping Hands" food program. They also both volunteer their time to help out with the grange's monthly dances. They offer cost free instruction as well as assist with the music and set up. One thing Debbie loves is the ample physical space that Corbett living offers. She said she can sit on her deck and enjoy the same peaceful views she did 10 years ago, the only change being one new barn. Debbie also said she just loves being around the Corbett students, who "make my job easy to enjoy" as they are all so kind and polite. Sounds like she has no immediate plans to head back to the Big Apple.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Shufflin' Missy

Susan Hammel is Shufflin' Missy, or at least the lead singer of the country western group that gives her the opportunity to sing classic Patsy Cline and Tammy Wynette style songs. Previously a member of the "Woofers," Susan has an incredible voice and also plays a mean acoustic guitar. Who would ever guess this petite and loveable mother of two teenage boys had so many talents? Over the years, Susan has been on the Corbett School Board for five years, helped out extensively with the Cub and Boy Scouts of Corbett, delivered Meals on Wheels, and also been an active volunteer for the Corbett Children's Theatre. Married to Lloyd in 1987, they moved to Corbett two years later to raise a family in the country. Susan has always been fascinated with horses, and her mom said she needed to "marry a rancher!" Well, Lloyd is not a rancher, but he did buy a home in the Corbett country with her and has supported her love of horses and her riding! One of Susan's favorite memories of living in Corbett has been her years riding with Jim Dittemore. Before he passed, he used to take a group of Corbett women "all over the place" on horse to explore, camp and experience "true riding." They dubbed themselves the "Ridge Riders" and often rode in the Corbett July 4th Parade. One of Susan's favorite things about her family's 1898 home is the view they are able to enjoy of downtown Portland as a result of their neighbor's logging! They have remodeled several times and Susan appreciates the fact that the home is the original Salzman homestead, and also smiles that it used to be a successful potato farm!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

One of Eight

Alice and Ignatious (Ig) Wand had a total of eight children while living on Wand Road in Corbett. It was Ig's father, Frank who the Corbett road is named after. Dick Wand is now living in his childhood home with his wife Sharon. Dick is proud of his heritage and loves the "honeymoon cottage" that his father built in 1930. No longer a cottage, Dick's father added on each time a child was born into the family! After graduating from Corbett Middle School, Dick took a Greyhound bus to Idaho Falls, and worked on an 800 acre potato farm for the summer. Dick recalls this as being one of the happiest times in his life, returning every summer for four years. Dick graduated from high school and began serving with the National Guard. With eight months of active service, Dick continued with the Guard for a total of 6 years. Getting married at age 22 to Susan, they had two daughters and lived in the home across the road from his folks. Dick eventually started into the construction business after working for his dad at the family hardware store in Corbett (located across from the current middle school) for many years after school and on weekends. Dick is the owner of Dick Wand Construction and has built numerous Corbett homes, including a log home for Leo Zook using all the timber on Leo's large acreage. He has also built barns, various other outbuildings and recently removed the windows from the Bridal Veil Church so they could be preserved after the building was demolished. Both of Dick's parents lived to each be 90 years old, so he has no plans to slow down anytime soon!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Three Valedictorians

There is a woman in Corbett that has delivered us three of Corbett High School's valedictorians over the years. Growing up in upstate New York, Debbie Taylor met her husband Michael at a college in Oklahoma. It was always her desire to raise a family in a rural area that had a strong sense of community. Moving to Corbett in 1979 with Michael and their three children, she said she left biological family back on the east coast, but has created a community family here in Corbett. Home schooling all three of her children until the 6th grade, they each went on to Corbett's Middle and High School. Having a degree in education, she stayed home to raise her children, and was always very involved with their education, both at home and once they started at the Corbett schools. Debbie has been an incredible volunteer over the years at the schools, the local community church and also the garden club in Corbett. For many years she has also taught a women's bible study in the area for women of all ages. At their home in Corbett, Debbie has continued to garden in her yard, mostly vegetables. She says she loves the lodge type feel of their home and the unique style that it is. "It is definitely a place of comfort and relaxation for us!" A favorite community event for Debbie is the July 4th celebration, reconnecting with folks she has come to love as her own special "sisters", "moms", "grandmas" and "kids." Her own grown children are now a bit scattered in Newberg, San Diego and Phoenix, but they always seem to find a reason to come back "home" to Corbett for a visit!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Around the World

Joe Coppoletta's career has allowed him to see a great deal of this world. Recently moving to Corbett to settle into a more quiet and relaxed lifestyle, Joe says he is happy to leave behind the frenzied lifestyle of the Los Angeles area. Joe and wife Kathy are settling in on some spacious acreage to allow their daughter and her fiance to farm the land. Katie and Rowan have farmed on both Loudon Rd. and in Troutdale, and now will farm on Joe and Kathy's land, growing organic garlic and over 20 varieties of vegetables. The Coppoletta's have another daughter, Michelle who is married with children and is a botanist. As a young man, Joe started off with carpentry work. One day, his life took a complete turn as he was hit by a cement truck and disabled from his work as a carpenter. Going off to college, he studied and received a degree in journalism and broadcasting. Joe's first job out of school was with Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes in Jacksonville, Florida. It was at this time he also met his wife Kathy, while she was visiting Florida on her spring break! Joe has gone on to direct and produce TV shows, films and documentaries around the world, filming in 23 different countries. Joe worked on  such shows as Falcon Crest, Knot's Landing, and Walker, Texas Ranger. Now Joe is settling into Corbett, and getting involved. He is attending Grange lunches on Mondays and has stepped up to volunteer for the Citizen's Patrol. Kathy will permanently move to Corbett once she officially retires in June from her teaching career in the Watts area of Los Angeles. She can't wait to come up and settle in!