Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Servant's Heart

Our Music and Intervention teacher at CAPS is also the teacher of middle school choir for the district school. Meet Linda Fast, a gal who was born in Portland, but moved to the Philippines at age one with her family. Linda's parents were missionary teachers with Faith Academy in Manila. Linda loved to both sing and travel with her family as a child as well as be outdoors and with people. Linda always wanted to "help" on some level. Her parents showed by example how to serve others through a variety of methods, such as cooking, sewing, or providing other levels of care. Linda's parents and two older brothers lived in a village on the outskirts of Manila where housing was varied, ranging from rough and basic shelter to much more elaborate. At age 16, Linda moved back to the states with her family and attended Portland Christian High School her senior year. Linda then went on to Multnomah Bible College in Portland to earn her Associates, Bachelor's and then Master's degrees. This educational journey spanned sixteen years, as Linda was also working in the business end of the medical field for 11 years. During this time, Linda also did NINETEEN service mission trips to different countries as well as the U.S. to serve others in need. During her trips of service, she sang, did drama, provided medical assistance, built homes and was involved with a great did of relief efforts. Linda taught in the Philippines for three years and then came to Portland to earn her MAT degree. She student taught at Corbett Grade in 2012 and was then offered a job at CAPS. Through friends at church, Linda met her husband and they married in Gresham in 2014. Together they love to be with friends and family. No animals or babies, but Linda continues with her love of travel, singing and being outdoors. Being at CAPS has been an ideal fit for her!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Dream Team!

Erika Pace started life in Corbett on NE 365th, located just off the Scenic Hwy. Her parents raised her with an older brother, and she spent the first 18 years of her life on the property.Being quite shy, Erika says she rareky spoke up, and loved to be outdoors with all her animals. The family raised cows, horses, ducks, pigs and chickens. Graduating from Corbett High in 1995, she went right back to the Corbett School District as an employee in January 1996 as a Kitchen Assistant. Erika went into the kitchen to work with four older ladies, helping make all lunches from scratch each school day. After graduation Erika not only started her career, she met her husband. Erika met Allen Pace, seven years her senior at the Springdale Bible Church in Corbett. Allen was also from Corbett. They married in 1997 and moved across the road from the Corbett Grade School on Cascade Utilities (Now Reliance Connects) property. Daughter Brittany was born in 1999 and son Christopher in 2001. It was in 2003 that they moved to a home on the end of Rohrbach Road in Corbett. They later moved to a home on Clara Smith Road, and just recently purchased a beautiful home in Gresham. The Culinary Arts Program started in Corbett in 2007. It was then Erika went to school to become a teacher, first earning her Bachelor's degree of Social Science and now she is just shy of graduating with her Master's of Education Degree. She will graduate July 2015! Erika has only taken 1.5 years off from work since she started in 1996. What has been the best part of her job thus far? Erika says that working with the children of kids she herself went to school with has been the best part. She says it is really special to get to know entire families and add value to their school experience. One of Erika's favorite changes that has taken place? "Coming back full circle to the HOMEMADE meals that were made when I first started in the kitchen in 1996." Husband Allen Pace was a bus driver and student aide three years ago at the Corbett Schools, but he has now moved into the kitchen! Prior Culinary Arts teacher, Jenny Radulusk has moved into the high school to teach, so Allen is stepping in to now work with Erika. Erika says this is ideal since Allen KNOWS the kitchen well and understands the process. Besides, Erika says they are best friends and work well together. At the school there are 6-700 meals prepared each school day and and everyone seems to love being in the kitchen as they learn and work together. Not only do they make breakfast and lunch for the students, they also make cookies for board meetings and staff dinners on conference evenings. Despite the hard work, everyone seems to be having FUN!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Magnificent Mark!

When Mark McIntire was born, his father was in the midst of working on his doctorate. They lived in Ann Arbor, MI and Mark had two older brothers help welcome him home from the hospital! The family moved to Florida when Mark was a year old and then to Vermont when he was five years old. Mark was an "outdoorsy" kid from the beginning- playing soccer, baseball, basketball, lacrosse and skiing. Mark's mom was a music teacher, so his life was rich with education, sports, outdoors and music. When Mark graduated from Burr and Burton Academy as a teen, he then moved to Argentina as an exchange student with the Rotary Club. Mark lived out of the country for a year and then came home and attended St. Lawrence Univ. in Upstate New York. Both of Mark's parents and both of his brothers attended school here as well. Mark played soccer all four years and also double majored in Spanish and Music. Currently, Mark sings and plays both the trumpet and guitar. After college, Mark moved to Burlington, Vermont to play music. It was here he met a guy who was on his way to Portland, Oregon to start a band. The year was 2005 and Mark followed along to be a part of the Indie Folk/Rock band. The band actually ended up traveling all over the U.S. to perform! While in Portland, Mark started working with Special Ed. Life changed, and Mark moved to O'ahu, Hawaii and enjoyed a wonderful experience with his girlfriend. Mark says that there was a change in plans when they realized they were going to be a family! They moved to Portland and Mark joined the Master's program at PSU to earn his MED (Master's of Education). Mark graduated and also was licensed in Special Education and as a Spanish teacher. Getting married in 2013, Rachel and Mark now have two boys- Quincy is three and Bodhi is 7 months old. Rachel is home full-time with the boys but also is a photographer that owns her own business. As a family, they enjoy hiking, museums and travel. They especially love going to the beach! It was the local job fair that brought Mark to the Corbett School District. He started as a Learning Specialist in 2013. Mark has started a middle school rock band since his arrival and loves working with both the kids and staff in the district. He also is the middle school girl's soccer coach. He and Rachel live in NE Portland and Mark plays bass in a local band when he has the time.