Sunday, June 26, 2016

Holding Down the Fort

Tim Cooper was born in Portland, Oregon and has a sister who is three years younger. When he was nine, his folks divorced and he gained three stepbrothers with a remarriage. One of Tim's favorite memories of growing up was attending summer camps and Outdoor School. Not only attending himself, Tim became a leader for Outdoor School as he got older. He liked the structure of it, script to work off of and the lack of down time. He also enjoyed being around like-minded leaders who enjoyed being mentors for youth. Tim graduated from Benson High School in Portland, taking many engineering and drafting classes. For his first year of college, Tim headed to Arizona. "Not a good fit" says Tim! He was there to study Astronomy, but he did not like his major or the culture of the college. For his second year, he headed to Eastern Oregon Univ. in La Grande, Oregon. Success! He loved it and graduated three years later with majors in both Elementary Education and Geography. Soon after graduation, he met his wife, Annie. Both were working at Camp Namanu in Sandy as Outdoor School Directors. They dated three years, were engaged for a year, then married in August 2001. Tim substitute taught all over Multnomah County and also worked at Outdoor School after college graduation. In the Spring of 2000, he applied for a full-time teaching position at Corbett. He was hired as a middle school teacher and taught a 7th/8th grade blend for three years. Tim then moved to a 9th grade teaching position and has been "holding down the fort" for 13 years in that position. Annie is a middle school teacher at Reynolds Middle School and together they had son Ben in 2009 and daughter Grace in 2011. Their kids are currently students at Corbett and are involved in soccer, T-ball and dance. They love spending time with extended family and their cat- Alice Cooper! Tim says that working at Corbett has been a really great place to teach because he gets to focus on teaching and not a bunch of "extra sideline stuff." The last six years he has been able to teach geography, one of his passions. It seems obvious that Tim is living his best life!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Saying Goodbye

Marian Berger was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and lived there from birth up to her college years! Born the youngest of three girls, her father passed when she was just 25 years old. Her father was an anesthesiologist and her mother volunteered 35 years at the Cincinnati Art Museum as a docent. Currently her mother and two older sisters are living in the San Francisco area. Growing up, Marian was focused on on performing arts. Ballet, modern jazz, choir and plays on stage were a big part of her life. Marian attended private schools and then applied at several colleges when the time arrived. Marian chose Harvard and said she really thrived at a school with so many like-minded students. She graduated with a major in English. After graduation, Marian stayed in Boston and worked for a year as an intern at a book publishing company. She then moved to New York and worked for a literary agency for 2.5 years. At the end of her time in NY, she began dating her boyfriend from college once again. She says he was very persistent! Rob was from Canada and worked in Chicago. Did Marian moved from NY to Chicago? No! She moved to China for a year and taught English. She loved the experience! Marian came back and then moved to Chicago to be near Rob. At this time, Marian went to Northwestern Univ. and earned her Master's of Science in Education and Social Policy. Rob then proposed and they married in Chicago and lived there until 2002. The two traveled and one of their trips was to Oregon. They both fell in love with the state. Harvard Alum Steve Tugwell was a teacher at Corbett and told Mariane about his experience of teaching there. Marian decided to apply! She met with Bob Dunton and was hired in Spring 2003 as a 9th grade teacher.  After four years, she added AP English to her teaching schedule. In 2006, son Grant was born and in 2009 Max was born. Both boys currently attend Portland Public Schools. It is because of her family that she is choosing to take a break from teaching. Her sons are growing quickly, and she wants to be home and involved. She has loved her teaching experience in Corbett and feels it offers an education just as fabulous as any private school. Will she be back in a few years once the boys are grown? Maybe! :)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

He is a Part of TWO Teams!

Anthony Young was born in Los Angeles, CA. He lived with his parents and older brother and sister in Malibu until the age of five. His parents are still happily married and currently live on the Oregon Coast. Anthony's father worked for the EPA as a Marine Biologist and his mother was a Montessori Teacher/Director. As a young boy, Anthony says he was quite rambunctious! The family moved to New York when he was five, and then to Maryland when he was six. At age seven, the family settled in Newport, Oregon. It was here he graduated high school and met the love of his life. Anthony was a competitive athlete in both track and cross country. This was how he first met his wife, Rhiannon. They started dating after graduation. For college, Anthony attended Lewis and Clark College in Portland. He graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Affairs. He minored in Art, with a focus on Painting. During his sophomore year of college, he did an exchange as a student, going to Sapporo, Japan for nearly four months. At the time, he had a strong grasp of the language, and had a fantastic experience there. He was able to get a greater understanding of himself and the American culture that he had been raised in. He especially loved the food in Japan! Throughout his time in college, he and Rhiannon continued to date and explore life together while she also attended school at a nearby college. Together they became best friends and felt that they were a team and were together to explore the great adventure of LIFE! On one of their trips, they both decided that being teachers would be an amazing experience. They then both attended the GTEP (Graduate Teaching Education Program) at Portland State University. Anthony and Rhiannon married in 2004. He subbed as a teacher his first year then was hired full-time in 2004 at Corbett High School. He taught Art and Modern US History. From Portland, they moved to Corbett in 2012. At the time they had two children, and since the move, have added two more! The TEAM has grown! Olivia is eight, Henri is six, Edwin is three and Amelie is just three months. After three years at Corbett, Anthony has since added AP Psychology and AP Art to his schedule of teaching at the high school. He feels that the TEAM of teachers and staff at Corbett are the BEST. They get along well and encourage one another to be at their peak as teachers. The goal for Anthony is for his students to have the confidence to see themselves as an artist and problem solve creatively as they express themselves artistically.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Part of the TEAM at Corbett Grade School!

Meg Morales is the only child of retired teachers who raised her in both CA and OR. Born in Humboldt, CA, her parents divorced when she was four. Her mom lived in CA. and her father moved to a small town near Coos Bay, OR. She shared her time between the two. Meg was born with a severe hearing loss, and yet because both her parents played an active role in her life, she was able to overcome huge obstacles. Today she wears hearing aids in both ears, and yet feels that she is capable of doing anything! Meg graduated from Arata High School and was active in both theater and music. After graduation, she attended Humboldt State Univ. for four years. Her bachelor's degree is in Social Sciences with an emphasis on Education. While attending college, she worked as a receptionist for a local doctor. It was while she was in college that she also began dating her husband, nearly eight years older. They married in 1999 before she actually finished her degree. In 2003, daughter Isabella was born. In 2005, son Julian was born. The family now lives in Gresham. Meg chose to be a stay at home mom until 2009, then worked part-time as a Special Ed. Asst. at Lynchwood Elementary. After working from 2009-2015 at Lynchwood, she applied at Corbett. Her kids had been attending for three years, and she thought it would be great to work in the positive environment. Currently, Meg is a Paraeducator at the Corbett Grade School and loves the fact she gets to be a part of a staff that has a strong work ethic and is there to give their best to the students. Husband Joe recently went back to school and graduated from OHSU as a radiation therapist for cancer treatment. Both kids are involved in school, sports and additional activities, so Meg is never one to be bored!