Friday, December 23, 2016

Yes, the road IS named after his family!

Jeff Mershon has lived most of his years in the Corbett community. He is one of the few that can say, "Yes, that road IS named after my family!" Jeff's home is on land that was purchased by his grandfather from the founder of the community, Mr. Corbett himself! His grandfather, George Mershon, built the home himself. Jeff's mom and dad had four children in less than four years and raised their family in the home. Jeff has three sisters and is the youngest of the siblings. As a youth, Jeff was expected to work hard both on the property as well as in the family hardware store. Jeff's father had arthritis and traveled a great deal for his job. Purchasing the hardware store was an opportunity for change. Jeff graduated from Corbett High and went on to Mt. Hood Community College to earn an Assoc. degree in Automotive Technology. He then went on to get a job at Ger-Brock in Portland. Jeff married in 1984. He and Marcia lived in the Mt. Tabor area of Portland and had both a son and daughter together. They later divorced. Jeff's parents were getting older and wanted to have Jeff come live with them. Jeff moved back to the Corbett family home and continued to help with the hardware store as well as work for DHL, an overnight air freight company. The store was eventually sold to a local resident and both his parents passed on in 2014. Jeff began working at Mt. Hood Meadows in the vehicle shop after leaving DHL. He met and fell in love with a ski instructor. He and Cynthia "Rock" married in 2000 and are raising daughter Sydney in the Corbett home Jeff was raised in. For the past six years, Jeff has been driving a school bus for the Corbett School District. Although struggling with a bad back, Jeff remains friendly and optimistic, engaging with all those that cross his path. Have a history question about the community? Jeff just might be the one to ask!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Kasey is our HERO!

Kasey Denson was born in Portland, Oregon. His mom and dad adopted him at the age of two and brought him home to three brothers and four sisters. Kasey was the youngest child in the family. Kasey attended Corbett Schools from K-12, loving that he had several friends and knew all of his classmates since class size was so small. Kasey played the trumpet in the grade school band and also played baseball and basketball in grade school. Family vacations were always a highlight for Kasey and his favorite was a trip to Mt. Rushmore. After graduation from Corbett, Kasey tried to enroll in the Army but it did not work out, so he began writing a letter to war veterans to thank them for their service. Many wrote back and he still keeps in touch with many of them. Kasey got a job at the Portland Airport, working for Smart Cart, but it was not something that he enjoyed. He applied to the Corbett School District as a custodian. It started as part-time and then became full-time work for him last year. It seems to be a great fit! Last month Kasey was in the gym cleaning as the volunteer Corbett Fire Dept. guys were playing hoops. They left and a short time later, Kasey smelled smoke. He ran to get another custodian and he called 911. There was a fire in Mark Wilson's office. The Fire Dept. came back with their gear and because of Kasey, was able to save a possible loss of the office and more! The walkie talkie battery had overheated and caught some paper files on fire.
Kasey has discovered his birth father as a result of some internet research and recently also found a half sister. Kasey enjoys playing video games and also enjoys walking all over Corbett. He is living withing his folks in his childhood home and loves being able to work in the school he enjoyed for so many years.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

An Athletic Scholar

Before Zachary Goude was born, three generations of Goude men were in the logging business. Zach was born six years after his sister and decided to take a different path for himself. Born and then raised in Coos Bay, he was an outgoing child who loved everything there was about the great outdoors. For a short time, his family moved to San Diego, CA., but it was "not a good fit" for them. They came back to Coos Bay. Zach joined Cub Scouts and stayed on course to become an Eagle Scout. He started playing football at an early age and stayed the course to become an All-State offensive lineman, playing center. He was also involved in student government, and was the student body president his senior year. After graduation, he went to a local community college for a year. He then married his high school sweetheart, Rachelle. Together they headed to Eastern Oregon Univ. in La Grande. Both were determined to become teachers. Rachelle realized her strengths in business and switched gears to major in Business and Economics. Zach stayed the course to graduate with a degree in Physics. After college graduation, they both moved to Portland. He then went on to get his master's degree in Physics at Portland State Univ. while Rachelle went to work for Wells Fargo Bank. They have two sons, Isaiah 8 and Gabriel,4. Once Zach got his master's degree, he worked for the Public Health Dept. doing radiation regulation. He was not expecting to take this side course, but said it was great to learn what he did. After three years, he went to Concordia Univ. to get his teaching license. In 2010 he was a student teacher for Phil Pearson at Corbett High School. He was later hired on full-time as a high school teacher at Corbett. He now teaches AP Physics I, AP Physics C, Robotics, AP Computer Science Principles and he helps students with an independent study of AP Chemistry. Currently, Zach and Rachelle live in Portland with their sons and dog Riley. They love to travel and be outdoors whenever possible. Amateur bicycling is a passion for Zach, as he enters numerous local road races each year. He also loves to create and build things with his 3D printer.