Monday, January 28, 2013

Loudon Road

When Curtis Johnson was born in January 1952, his folks Arthur and Thelma Johnson brought him home from Emanuel Hospital to Loudon Road in Corbett. His parents had lived in the home since they married in 1949 and many of Arthur's (he went by his middle name, Ross) relatives lived close by on Loudon Road. In Sept. 1953 brother Carl was born at Emanuel Hospital as well, and then in 1955 the entire family moved up Loudon Road just a bit further to the 60 acre farm that Curt's grandfather had built in 1922. Thelma's grandfather was Emanuel Anderson, and the hospital was named after him! Today both Curt's parents have passed and Carl lives in Portland. Neither Curt or Carl ever married or produced any children. Curt lives on the 60 acre farm and takes great pride in caring for the family home and property. Currently, nearby cousin Linda Hargens runs cattle on the acreage, but Curt says he will be taking over the cattle this year, as Linda is looking to cut back. Curt attended Corbett schools until he graduated in 1970. He then finished a degree in Journalism from Oregon State University. He worked on newspapers for about 10 years and then went into sales. Curt is the VP of the Crown Point Country Historical Society and has been an active member for several years. He also volunteers at the Grange with the Helping Hands Food Program. He is also a member of the Multnomah County Pioneer Assoc. Curt says that the diversity of people as well as the diversity of what one can get involved with make this a spectacular community. He also adds that "Most everyone is pretty darn friendly too!" The serenity and views of his family property give Curt a great sense of peace and joy. Nothing is better than looking at the Washington mountain ranges or even the coast range from the hay fields on the top of the property. A fun fact about Curt is that he knows more about music from the 1950's, 60's, and 70's than most anyone he has ever met. He collects albums, with his first one dating back to 1963- The Beach Boys "Little Deuce Coupe."

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nearly 70 Years Later!

Looking back, it all seems a bit interesting. David McFarland was born in Ohio in 1942. When he was three years old, his family moved to Portland so his father could attend bible college. As a youngster, David remembers driving through the Corbett community and even past the Corbett Grange on their way to Portland. Fast forward.... David marries his first wife after meeting in Florida. Together they move to Italy have a daughter. After seven years together, they divorce. David remarries and has two sons with his second wife, Lillian. When the boys are in high school, they move to the Corbett RV Park. The home across the road from the post office in Corbett becomes available for rent, so the family moves in and Ted Davenport becomes their landlord. Eventually David purchases the building the next door and turns the 100 plus year old American Legion Hall into the family home. Over the years he has created a very "unique and different" home. David's daughter married and had six children, landing in Florida. David's wife Lillian passed several years ago. On the same night of her passing, two of their Corbett neighbors on the same road in two separate homes also passed! One of David's sons lives in Corbett, the other near Portland. All together David has ten grandchildren, and loves to visit them or have them visit him! Some of his fondest memories are of traveling the globe with Lillian. As an electrician before retiring, David worked on the Trojan power plant and several different platforms out in the ocean. These days he attends local bible studies in Corbett and has lunch at the Grange on Mondays with the seniors. He says he appreciates that folks are friendly and willing to talk. He also appreciates that it is not a "transient" community. "Once folks move here- they never want to leave!" His favorite community effort? Re-wiring the Corbett Grange Hall that his family first drove past nearly 70 years ago!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Creating Opportunities for Success

When Maria Barker spent her first three years of life in Montana as a child, she did not realize at the time that she had begun her development as a country girl! Moving into Portland as a youngster, she continued to visit Montana each summer, and currently still owns land there. When she and her husband David had the opportunity to move into the country from their home in Portland, they jumped at the opportunity. Currently the two are living on Corbett property where their home is nestled between five old growth trees. While she loves the once in a lifetime experiences and adventure travel brings (she and David have visited Japan and Europe~ he even proposed on a gondola in Venice!), Maria appreciates becoming a part of a smaller community that celebrates a slower paced lifestyle. It is a dream for her and David to one day raise their own children in the country, here in Corbett! Maria attended college in Oregon for both her undergraduate and master's degree. She is currently teaching in the David Douglas School District, working with youth who benefit from additional behaviorial and academic suppor in the classroom setting. Maria says she loves nothing more than building student relationships and creating opportunities for success for EVERY child. Living in Corbett just seven months, she has already been exploring options for community involvement. She has attended a Corbett School Board meeting and plans to attend more, is planning to volunteer for the Red and Black Dinner/Auction, and has been reaching out to meet her neighbors. So far, she says it is truly a dream come true to be a part of such an incredible community!