Sunday, December 29, 2013

Spaces by Design

For over 15 years, Spaces by Design has been creating customized interior spaces and outside facades for residential and commercial projects. Corbett resident, Catherine Dishion truly enjoys helping people but she especially loves to help them with their building and remodeling project.  She will always schedule a free consultation to determine what the customer is looking for.  She said that the majority of the time, clients have ideas but are not sure how to accomplish them.  After consulting with them, she can offer numerous options or zero in on exactly what the customer is looking for.  Whether it is a minor remodel, whole house remodel, or brand new construction, she can offer her expertise to make the job easier on the homeowner or business owner.  She loves houses of all shapes and sizes, old and new, from Contemporary to Tuscany.  No job is too small.  Because she is detailed orientated, she will make sure the remodeled area of the house will tie in with the remaining structure.  Her biggest concern is that the remodel appear as if it was originally part of the house.  She will also take care to make sure the interior remodel will not negatively affect the exterior of the property, such as the placement of a new window that does not tie in with the existing windows and doors.  She can provide interior floor plans, lighting specs, and color palates.  Catherine has extensive experience working with Contractors, Designers, Architects and municipalities for the permit process.  Therefore, she can contract to be the liaison with the Contractor, Designer or Architect and handle the necessary Building Permits.  She is happy to provide references upon request. Catherine can be reached at:

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Is Santa bringing YOU a puppy for Christmas??

By chance is Santa going to bring a puppy to your home for a Christmas gift for you and your family? If so, Dawn is READY to help you!!  "I live in Corbett, but travel to clients in Multnomah and Clackamas counties, east of the Willamette River."

Positive Solutions Dog Training works with pet owners to transform untrained animals into attentive, responsive pets and focused performance dogs.  Providing private, in-home training in the Portland Metro Area, owner Dawn Gilkison is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner and is committed to using force-free training methods. The benefits of positive reinforcement training include rapid and long-lasting learning and an enhanced relationship - based on trust and cooperation - with your dog.  Whether you are adding a new puppy to your family, or you need to teach your older dog to walk politely on leash, Dawn will work with you one-on-one with a training and management plan that will meet your needs.

Dawn Gilkison
Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner
Positive Solutions Dog Training, LLC
Portland Oregon Metro Area -  971-255-7466
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Landscapes in Living Color

My name is Elaine Hutson and I am a consultant who has lived in Corbett for 40 years. My 

business name is Landscapes in Living Color, which pretty much describes what I do. I first

consult with the client as to what their lifestyles actually are (busy and rarely home or

do you enjoy spending weekends in the yard?). I then sort out where the structures should go,

whether it is a shed, pathway or pergolas. Next I lay out the beds and paths and I help with

choice of plants. First choosing for hardiness, then scale, color and year round beauty.  I have

put in a landscape that covers 1 and 3/4 acres at my own Corbett residence, so have learned

from first hand knowledge and experience what works here in Corbett and.... what does not!! 

I also have done work as far as Newberg to Camas. I purchase the plants and then deliver and

place them where they are to be planted. I have men who will do a lot of the hard work of

roto-tilling, planting, hardscape and sprinklers, or the home owner wishing to save money can

do it themselves. I also come once a year if you wish, to show you how to prune and take

care of your investment. For further info. check out my web site at:

Friday, December 13, 2013

Bedhead Rustic Headboards - Our Story.

Ben and I recently embarked on a new journey together. He and I met just under three years ago, and have been inseparable ever since. We were married this past May in the Springdale Bible Chapel and celebrated at a fun and heartfelt reception with all our friends and family at the Historic Columbia Grange Hall. What a wonderful day!

From the start, Ben and I realized what a good team we made. We are active and always on the go, forever working on something new together. We have remodeled our home, refinished and revitalized many old and well-loved or rediscovered items along the way. We have designed and built flower trellises and arbors, outdoor log furniture (which is Ben’s background. He built and sold custom log furniture for over fifteen years). In the course of all our pursuits, we kept envisioning and building beautiful things, whether to keep or to sell, all the while hoping to springboard our vision into something we could nourish into a viable business venture together.

The catalyst. Space is at a premium in our Corbett home. Ben designed and built a custom platform captain’s bed equipped with lots and lots of storage. He also built custom closets and a dresser embellished with rustic birch and twig accents. We lived in our space for several months before deciding what it still needed. A beautiful headboard!

Ben said, “You design it, and I’ll build it.” And we did just that. We came up with a wall-mounted, “shabby chic” headboard, adorned with three upholstered panels to coordinate with our d├ęcor. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. We looked at each other and just knew. We had found our niche. So was borne Bedhead Rustic Headboards.

A headboard is the “crowning jewel” to a bedroom. It defines and sets the tone for that space. We have come up with three classic, elegant designs: Frontier (a western original), Thomas (classic wood, three-panel) and the Carolina (upholstered three-panel). They are at once rustic, charming and stylish. For each design, we have three beautiful wood stains to choose from, Ebony, Early American and Shabby Chic. With literally dozens of fabrics to choose from ~ from Burlap to faux Leather and everything in between ~ the sky is the limit! Modify a single design feature (or two), and we can take your headboard in any direction. We also have several children’s designs from basic to frilly, yet always timeless.

Why a wall-mounted headboard? A bed with a headboard, foot board and side rails can be extremely cost-prohibitive. And more often than not, the foot board and side-rails go unseen. Our wall-mounted headboards are an affordable way to get the look and feel of a high-end bed, but without the price tag. Compare our designs and see! Affordably transform and beautify the look of any room in seconds. Our wall-mounted headboards are sturdy yet lightweight. All mounting hardware is included. Prices start at only $59.99 and go up to $149.99.

Bedhead Rustic Headboards are perfect for children’s rooms, young adults, college students, guest rooms, master suites, as well as second homes or hunting lodges. There is a design to suit every taste. We also have an “Edgy” collection, which is more modern and industrial, geared for young adults and the urban crowd - embellished with cool metal and rough worn leather elements. Finally, for “Man’s Best Friend” we also build dog beds (by Bonehead). Available in 3 standard sizes, or we will build to suit.

Support your local small business! We design and hand-build all of our headboards right from our own woodshop here in scenic Corbett, Oregon. How can you get one? Call us today! Please visit our website Select your size, wood finish and fabric, and leave the rest to us! Have an idea? We also happily do special orders. You can order online or call or text Ben or Rena at 503.867.4715, 503.810.9032 or email Most orders are available for pick up or delivery within 2 days. We accept cash, Visa and MasterCard.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

BRRRRRRR........ HOW can I stay warm this winter in Corbett??!

Staying Warm This Winter:

Corbettites keep their wood stove going 24/7-

but one can also consider.....

  • Changing your furnace filter can save between 5-15%
  • Use a draft stopper at the bottom of doors leading outside
  • Keep curtains open during the day and closed at night for extra insulation
  • Seal windows that leak with plastic sheeting
  • Close off little-used rooms
  • Seal foundation cracks, door and window frame gaps, attic entrances, and places where pipes and utilities
  • Replace worn weather stripping
  • Eliminate drafts around electrical baskets with foam gaskets.  They can be purchased for just over a $1
  • Install a programmable thermostat and set it according to the times that you will be home
  • Buy a portable heater and turn down the furnace

Corbett Residents- Do you want me to feature YOUR NO charge??


Over a year ago I started a blog about Corbett. Since then, I have interviewed over 200 residents, both young and old and have also done several blogs on the history as well as current information on our little community. At this time, I am going to write a paragraph about some of the 175 PLUS businesses that are represented by residents of this area. If you are interested in me writing about YOUR business, please send me an email at: So far, I have received over 50 THOUSAND "hits" on my blog site.
Michelle Smith

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

WHY do people choose to live in Corbett???

1. Here one can have not only cats and dogs as pets, but also pigs, sheep, goats, cows, alpacas or anything else that can be fenced.
2. In Corbett you can take the same exact school bus ride for thirteen years, as kids can get their entire education on ONE campus.
3. Most every Corbett kid fully understands what it means to have/do "real" chores, not just taking some garbage can to the curb once a week.
4. "Going into town" means Troutdale/Gresham, going into the CITY of course, means Portland.
5. Nobody cares if you are Yale educated and make $250K a year. The REAL question is- Do you have a road named after your family??
6. Everyone loves everyone and is nice- until there is any type of an election.
7. Grocery shopping at the Grange or picking up your mail at the post office is a social outing.
8. No matter how frustrated you may get with your neighbor, if they need help on any level, you are the FIRST to respond.
9. July 4th is the BIGGEST holiday celebration of the year.
10. Chances are, when you meet someone, their cousin lives here too.