Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring has SPRUNG~!!!

Well, it is here once again....Spring has officially SPRUNG! That is why I am once again putting up my pen to focus on real estate. With the market having changed from a buyer's market to a SELLER's market, you cannot believe how many people now want me to list their home! When summer comes to a close, I will once again have time to pick up my pen to write about the many, many wonderful people who live, sleep and breathe in Corbett. I just recently finished reading Helen Wand's book, "Where Eagles Nest." It can be found and purchased at the Corbett Market. It is an AMAZING read on some of the very strong (mentally and physically) pioneer families of Corbett that have roads now named after their families. I am so overwhelmed that I get to actually meet and know clients from these homesteading families. I also count it an absolute privilege and JOY to help new families move into our community. Recently I did some work with a local title company to create a report on the accurate history of housing in Corbett as well as the recent demographics of just WHO does live here in our community. I must say, it is quite fascinating. Please feel free to contact me at and I will email you the report at no cost! :) I want to close by saying THANK YOU to ALL of you who continue to refer me to others, as this is how I am able to grow my business. I love and appreciate the kindness of all of you.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Corbett Contractor

AHO Custom Building and Remodel is owned and operated by Brian Aho, a Corbett native who married home town girl, Kaitlin (Wilson) Aho. Together they are now raising their children here in the Corbett community. Brian and Kaitlin decided to raise their family in a community where they both felt secure with plenty of friends and family nearby. They also chose to turn their 600 sq. ft. Corbett home into a 2800 sq. ft. "work of art." The home is a reflection of 15 years of construction experience combined with Brian's unique craftsmanship and creative style. Each day and each building opportunity becomes a new and creative opportunity. Besides the actual workmanship involved, Brian loves having his clients develop into friends. There is a strong appreciation for the history of Corbett and Brian wants to preserve it on any and every level that he can through his construction work. He recently partnered with a local roofing company and is now a roofing consultant, remodel expert and a builder of custom homes, decks, and out buildings. Many would describe him to be a reliable and trustworthy "stand up " guy. Recently Brian and Kaitlin ventured into Hood River to purchase a 1914 "fixer." Located in the downtown area, one can walk to restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques and the historic library. River sports, mountain biking areas and skiing/snowboarding are just a few miles away. The home has been completely renovated and is now available for rent. If you are interested in a free quote from AHO Custom Building and Remodel, please contact Brian at #503-313-3915 or If you have interest in renting the Downtown Hood River home, please call #971-409-4826 or go to