Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bonneville Fish Hatchery has a total of eleven homes on the grounds. Angel Williams and her family live in one of them. Moving to the home in 1993, Angel said it is a 25 minute (or less!) commute into Corbett for all the many activities she has been involved with over the years. Angel's husband David is the Maintenance Manager at the hatchery and when he retires in 9 years, they are hoping to purchase in Corbett. For now, Angel loves the fact their home backs to Tanner Creek and is absolutely beautiful. She gets to see both salmon and bear in their natural habitat. In 1998 Angel saw a flier for "A Mid Summer's Night Dream" tryouts and encouraged her daughter to try out. Angel stepped on board to help out, and a year later was directing plays for CCT herself! Angel continues to sit in the director's chair and is currently using The Chapel in the old Lamb's Troutdale Thriftway building as well as the Corbett School's MPB to practice. The old Thriftway itself is allowing them space for storage, and plans are just now underway to find grant money to use the building as a future theatre. In addition to CCT, Angel has also given of herself to the Boosters and CHAMPS. Being a fabulous barista, Angel uses her skills to keep everyone happily caffeinated at all the sporting and social events! A fun memeory for Angel is when she was making espresso's at a football game and was called out in a panic by her husband David. Angel rushed to the field fearing a possible injury to her son, only to have announcer Tim Sommerville lead everyone in a round of singing "Happy Birthday!" Only in Corbett!

Paul or Junior?

Paul Gregory Renner, Jr. is quite the farm hand. With muscles as large as his full name, he is one of the most polite young men in Corbett. Everyone calls him "JR" and he tells me this is because his mom never wanted to yell out "Paul" and have TWO come running! For his entire life, JR has lived in Corbett with his family. Before he was born, his family "swapped" land with Raymond Smith for the piece they are on now. JR was in 4-H for numerous years, raising his cows for beef. Now he is raising calves for good breeding stock. Recently he has been in Central Oregon helping out his grandfather on his farm. Because of health issues, JR stepped in to lend a hand. Although he assures me the farm chores kept him quite busy, he did have a bit of time to spend with a new friend he met at a local fair. ;) Recently back for a short break, he is living in Corbett once again and will be helping "give back" by assisting Aaron Long in coaching the HS wrestling team. One of JR's favorite memories was winning 4th place in State as a Corbett wrestler when he had a torn rotator cuff! JR says he has loved growing up in this community because he feels so connected to everyone and appreciates how helpful and hardworking everyone seems to be. Seems to me he has come to fit in perfectly!

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Strong Supporter

Not quite two years old, Marion Kirkham moved to Corbett with his family in 1923. Marion attended Corbett schools all the way through high school. After graduation, he attended OIT for a year to study mechanics. Marion had the opportunity to work at an auto parts store on Burnside, but soon there was a chance to work in Sitka, Alaska. Driving a dump truck to earn a wage with some friends he had gone up there with, he eventually came home to register for the draft. Before entering the Army Air Corp., Marion had the opportunity to attend Lewis and Clark College in Lewiston, Idaho. It was there he learned how to fly. He recalls flying in planes that had no cockpit covers in temperatures of 5 degrees below! Marion's brother had also entered the Army Air Corp., and eventually lost his young life while serving his country. His death had a huge impact on Marion. Getting married in 1948 to Ethel, together they raised three children in Corbett and were married a total of 60 years! Ethel passed in 2008. When Marion's mother passed, he did not realize that his parents did not actually own the family home, so he gave his dad money he had saved from working in his earlier years to purchase the home and land in Corbett. His father paid him back, but oddly enough, things have come full circle. Marion and his new wife Vivian live on the land he grew up on! The original home is still on the large acreage, but Vivian (a past employee!) and Marion are living in a newer home they both love for the incredible views they are able to have from their many windows. Vivian has seven grown children, and all were able to help the couple celebrate their recent December 26, 2010 wedding, as well as two of Marion's children. Ahh! love is in the air!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting Corbett Kids to College

Moving to Corbett in 1947 from Haiti, Roger Mackaness had an English father who was in management at a rubber plantation. His mother suffered with health issues and the temperate climate of Corbett seemed to be a good fit for her. Born in 1943, Roger attended grades 1-8 in Corbett (there was no kindergarten). His father wanted Roger to have a "Classical" education, so he attended Jesuit High School in Portland. After serving in the Navy for four years, Roger used the GI Bill to attend and graduate from PSU, where he met Sue, his wife. Raising their family in Corbett, both of their adult children are currently living in Corbett as well. Roger was the Chairman of the Vista House Project for three years when Portland "heavyweights" were trying to have the US Forest Service take over the operation of the Vista House from the State Parks Dept. back in the 1980's. Roger and many others felt strongly that the locals should be the overseers of the place, and worked hard to do just that. There was victory in the effort, and the Vista House was cleaned and remodeled. Locals sold crafts in the basement of the building. Currently his energy is being used to provide college scholarships for Corbett kids through the Corbett Education Foundation. Beginning in 1997, approximately three dozen $500 scholarships are awarded each year. Each student has an opportunity to earn as many scholarships as they qualify for, and each are renewable for up to a total of six times! Roger is a firm believer that it truly takes the efforts of a community to educate a child, and it is now more critical than ever we help each student we can. Bless you!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Need Any Siding Work Completed?

Dave Shaffer moved to Latourell Falls with his family when he was in 6th grade. Dave's dad and grandfather were business partners and built the home he and his family lived in for many years. One funny memory was when his sister brought her HORSE into her bedroom, UPSTAIRS. If that was not enough, because there was green shag carpet, the horse started to eat the carpet! Dave played football and baseball while at Corbett, graduating in 1981. After school Dave started as a partner with his dad in the siding business. In 2002 Dave married Cheryl, bringing twin boys into the marriage. Cheryl brought three sons with her, so they became a family of seven, with never a dull moment! The boys are now ages 19, 19, 19, 17 and 16. When they got married, Dave and Cheryl started their own siding business and have been going strong ever since.  Dave is licensed as a general contractor for both commercial and residential for Six Point Siding, Inc. Known for his strong work ethic, integrity and 30 years experience, he has stayed afloat during these tough economic times. In July 2007, he was a volunteer for Ty Pennington's show "Extreme Home Makeover" when they came to Corvallis. He donated an entire week of work to the project. Juggling work, and family has not always been easy, but Dave managed to coach his boy's middle school baseball team and support all the boy's school activities over the years. Even when that has meant driving to the coast to watch a game! Dave loves raising the boys in Corbett and appreciates all the many amenities that it offers.

Mrs. Booster

Want to see the (pretty) face behind the machine? Kristie Stafford is a power house. Moving here in 1994 with her husband, they had Danny Gwyn and Jeff Smith build their home after looking at over 100 pieces of land in the outlaying areas. With a "good deal" on the land and a beautiful view of the Gorge, Kristie feels content. Raising two daughters here, Kristie feels a strong sense of community and loves giving back. Daughter Makenna is 12, and Morgan is 7. Both girls are very active in sports and their mom is a strong advocate for the many benefits of having a vibrant sports program for all kids in Corbett. This fall alone, almost 200 kids grades 3-12 participated in a sport. Because of school cuts, the Booster Club supports a vast portion of the funding needing to pull off the programs that they do. Kristie looks for no credit, but continuously works to get parents involved in both Corbett Youth Sports and the Boosters on many and all levels. There is coaching, organizing, fundraising, concessions and several other opportunities to get involved. The largest fundraiser of the year is coming up on March 12th and tickets are $35 each for the dinner/auction being held in the HS gym. In the last five years, this event has generated as much as $40K for the night and this year the goal is $50K with more tables and donations of trips and items of value donated than ever before. The theme is Italian, and will be catered by hometown experts, Chris Spanjer and Becky Clayton. This is NOT a night to miss!

Basketball Genes

Kylie Rose Davis is one of many in her family to excel at basketball. Uncle Jeff is the current varsity coach for the boy's at Corbett, Grandpa Leroy was a known athlete in his days at Corbett, and cousin Jordan was one of the top players on the court in his day. Currently cousin Conner is making buckets for the varsity team as well. Kylie moved here in 4th grade with her family after her parents wanted to get back to their roots. Both Jay and Valerie were raised in Corbett themselves and wanted to raise Kylie and her brother here as well. Jay is a gifted builder and built the home they are currently living in. During the building process they stayed in the basement apartment of their family, Jeff and Cindy Smith. Kylie is currently working at LA Fitness athletic club in Gresham as a receptionist and is also attending Mt. Hood Community College. Graduating last year, Kylie misses her sports days at Corbett. She played not only basketball, but also volleyball and softball as well. It is her goal to finish her education and become a elementary education teacher. Kylie says she sees herself living in Corbett as an adult. She appreciates the fact she is a part of a large extended family that mostly all reside in the area. She also appreciates the relationships she has made along the way with both kids and adults in the community. Kylie tells me that Randy Lee, her former basketball coach has played a major role in mentoring her. "He is like a second dad to me."  One of her favorite memories was when she had just recovered from a bout of mono and was playing in a game against Knappa.  She scored a whopping 20 points! Kylie said she was taught to be a competitive leader, and not to be selfish. Those sound like great LIFE skills!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Here to Help!

Moving to Corbett with his family just a few months ago was a carefully thought out decision for Jeremy Towsey-French. He and wife Keri have two daughters that came with them in their move from Portland. Everett is 6 and Hazel is 4. Having grown up in Idaho, Jeremy was wanting to give his daughters a childhood that was similar to his. Loving the slower pace and greater ability to connect with nature when raised in a rural environment, Jeremy appreciates the fact there will now be PLENTY of room for the family's summer garden. Looking forward to moving past the windy, chilly winter months, Jeremy has plans of planting between 27-30 varieties of vegetables this spring! When asked what he enjoys most about his new property here in Corbett, he told me about the small grove of trees where he recently spotted a herd of elk. The previous owner knew they existed (droppings!) but had never SEEN them. Jeremy feels pretty pleased to have had the chance to lay eyes on them! Wanting to get involved and help out right from the beginning, Jeremy has chosen to use his skills as a writer and communicator to assist the schools in communicating with the community. Currently Jeremy writes for a website entitled "Families of Corbett Schools." He also contributed numerous hours in assisting the administration to plan for the Community Meeting that took place at the MPB just this week. With his sharp mind and giving spirit, we welcome Jeremy (and his family!) with open arms!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Patterson or Detherage?

Halley Patterson wanted to clear the air. Why does her folks and youngest sister Brooklyn have a different last name than her and sister Taylor? "We all have the same parents, but when my sister and I were born, my parents hadn't married yet and we used my mom's last name. We decided to leave it as is." Halley moved to Corbett when she was in kindergarten from Sandy because her folks wanted to be near her grandmother and liked the schools. Just last year Halley's family was able build a brand new house in Corbett. Halley just loves being so close to the school and the fact the new house has so much more space. Some favorite memories for Halley are playing basketball, volleyball and softball. Her dad, Chris Detherage is the President of the Corbett Boosters. Currently working hard towards a scholarship to play basketball at Grey's Harbour Community College in Aberdeen, Wash., Halley is willing to put in the work. She also is on the Leadership Team at Corbett High and is in the National Honor Society. Halley has been to Italy, New York and Wash. D.C. with the middle schoolers a few years back as part of an optional field trip. She was thrilled to see Derek Jeter play in person. One of her fondest things about growing up in Corbett has been the fact she feels so closely connected with friends and community members. Knowing that she wants to go away for college, Halley tells me that one day she indeed will return!

Logging in the Area

It was called "The Shepherd's House" and Chuck Rollins lived in the pioneer's home east of Latourell Falls as a teenager when his family moved to the area back in 1964. The home has since been removed, but Chuck is now living in his own home in Latourell Falls. Graduating in 1968 from Corbett High, Chuck served in the Marine Corp. for two years. Returning to the area, he tried his hand at several jobs and with the influence of several "old timer's," Chuck tried his hand at logging. Alan and Jim Baker, David Granberg and Raymond Smith are all men that taught Chuck just how to log the land. Chuck logged for over 20 years and loved the fact no day was ever the same. One day Chuck was nearly killed and it was such a close call that he walked out and never came back. Today Chuck has written a post card book about logging. The book is called ""The Loggers-how they saw it." The hard bound book sells for just $28 and is carried at the Corbett Market. Recently retiring from the Wood Village Public Works Dept., Chuck is enjoying retired life and is continuing to volunteer and give back. Chuck is in his 21st year as a tour guide. Each year, he takes local 3rd graders all over the Corbett area and teaches them the bits and pieces of history that make up the area.. He is the current president of the Crown Pt. Historical Society and past president of the Mult. Co. Pioneer Assoc. A favorite part of his property? "My 40 ton petrified rock pile." What?! "Yes, and it all started with a single donation from a friend."

The MIGHTY Sandy River!! Shot on 1-16-11

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Need to Rent a Toy Hauler?

Terri Clark is a very, very busy lady. With three children aged five and under and homeschooling the oldest two, she also has her own business! Red Dog Trailer Rentals happened by accident. Husband Tony is an engineer, and together they love to ride motorcycles and quads. A few years back they decided to take some of their "toys" on vacation with them and could not find a place to rent a trailer for them. Purchasing their first one, they got started! Now owning five toy hauling trailers ranging from 20-29 feet, they rent for $290-$375 for a full three day weekend. Delivery is free! Terri tells me that the economy has actually helped her business because folks that would have purchased a trailer a few years back are now much more inclined to rent. She is hoping to expand the business as she is able. Living in Corbett on acreage has been a huge blessing for Terri and her family. She has always been passionate about horses, and her husband just built her a new barn!  Already the passion has streamlined down to her daughter, but husband Tony prefers riding quads on their property. Moving to Corbett in July 2007, Terri says she just loves the privacy as well as her wonderful neighbors. She recalls a storm two winters ago that took their power for a week on two different occasions. The first time they stayed in their neighbor's basement, the second time, they decided to just leave town! As the kids get a bit older, Terri looks forward to becoming more involved in the community she has grown to love!

Portland Metro Area Stats for December 2010

Here is a link to the statistics from the Portland Regional MLS (RMLS) on real estate activity for the Portland Oregon Metro area for December 2010.

If you are looking for information on Corbett, Oregon or your neighborhood specifically, please contact me and I will run the numbers for you.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Settling In

Finding acreage to build on in Corbett can be tricky. Michael and Elaine Rossmiller got lucky a few years back. Building their new home on a 3 acre parcel that they purchased from Dick Wand, they moved in just two years ago with daughters Liz and Holly. Today, Liz is working on her Master's degree while teaching full time in Portland. Holly is working on a music career at age 20, with her first CD entitled "Holly Ann/Ravens" just released. Elaine says she is proud of both her daughters and is excited to see where music takes Holly. Singing locally at Cafe Delerium, she has also sang at many places out of state as well, including many churches. Elaine says that being in Corbett is so "QUIET" and she and Michael just love that! They also love riding around in their convertible in the summer on the Scenic Highway as well as other surrounding roads. Michael has been in the July 4th Corbett parade with his car and both he and Elaine look forward to getting involved in the community and meeting more local folks. Although busy working full time, being a woman of her word, Elaine was at the CCT production "Anne of Green Gables" just last night!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Corbett Home Builder

Born on April 9, 1955, Charlie O'Neil is one of nine children that Frieda O'Neil brought into this world. Growing up in Corbett with his many siblings, Charlie's dad Gene was from Dodson and his mom was from Corbett. As an active high school athlete in the Corbett community, Charlie played football, baseball and basketball. Falling in love with a beautiful Corbett cheerleader, Charlie and Kathy have now been married 38 years, raising two sons and two daughters in the community. After graduating from high school in 1973, Charlie headed to CA for basic training before serving over two years in the U.S. Army. After his service in the Army, Charlie was hired as a Portland Fireman and has since retired after working 30 years. Handy with a hammer, Charlie has built a total of four homes in Corbett. He built a house for his mom, two for his family and one for a friend on Crestview Lane. Giving back to his community has always been important for Charlie, and he has served endlessly with volunteer firefighting, coaching, and being on the Corbett School Board. Serving 12 years total on the Board off and on, he is currently on again. Not one to slow down, he is also the Asst. Boy's Varsity Basketball Coach once again this year. He says one of his best memories ever is when he was Roy Altman's Asst. Coach for Boy's Basketball in 1995 and 1996 and they won back to back state championships. As he pointed out the huge championship board on the gym wall, I could tell his passion for both the game and our community had not diminished one bit over the years.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mrs. Education

A Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, Master's degree in Curriculum Instruction, an Administrative License, and nearly a Master's degree in Spanish. Corbett teacher Lori Luna has been in school herself nine of the last 15 years, off and on. I believe her students are able to get a clear sense on just how much she values a good education! When Lori was a young child growing up in the Park Rose area of Portland, her parents purchased a small acreage in Corbett, building just a barn on the land. Lori remembers coming out on the weekends and in the summers to ride her horses and play while her dad pulled blackberries, mowed, split wood and just "puttered." After Lori got married and started her family with Joe, they decided to build on the acreage Lori loved as a child. Her father, uncles and Joe all pitched in to craft a wonderful two story home in 1995, where they still reside today. Lori and Joe raised three children, two of them twin boys, who are now 6'4" men of 21 years! Daughter Antonia is 22 years old, and all three graduated from Corbett High. When Lori started her teaching career at Corbett, it was in the middle school as a 7th grade teacher. It was in her second year that the grades became blended. Looking back, Lori says it was one of the best things to happen for the kids on many levels, eliminating the "divide" that was felt. Many changes have occurred over the years, and Lori has been there to be a part of it all, now acting as a middle/high school assistant principal. Teaching six periods of high school Spanish per day, she also has a full period devoted to her administrative role. When asked if she still rides horses on her property, she laughed and simply said "No time, no more horses!"

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bear Hunting

When Chad and sister Stacey were young, they lived on Rohrbach Road in Corbett. Not having many "large" toys (trampoline, motorcycle, basketball hoop, etc.) around to play with, they went bear hunting. Into the woods near their home they would carry sticks and hunt for bears. Even when Grandma Pulliam, who lived next door would call them in, they would often say "not yet, we haven't caught our bear yet!" It is no wonder with this great sense of imagination that Stacey became deeply involved with the Corbett Children's Theater. Stacey has enjoyed many roles in various productions over the years. Currently the CCT group is without a real "home" to practice. The Springdale Community Center is no longer an option, so they are earnestly seeking space so that they can continue the group that has meant so much to so many in the community. Chad has chosen different passions. Chad has played soccer since age 5 and is gifted with his skills. A real asset on the field for the Corbett Boy's Varsity team! Also playing the bass guitar, Sherry and Dave Grey encouraged him to play up front for the church he attends, helping to lead worship. Recently Chad and Stacey's mom purchased a home in Corbett that both kids just love. Stacey says that all of the wood paneling, stairs and trim make the home feel extra cozy and homey, while Chad loves the huge open backyard. Both have said that at some point they can imagine coming back to Corbett after they finish high school and leave to pursue their goals. Each say it is the friendships they have developed over the years that will draw them back. Friends, and maybe another possible bear to hunt!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Green, Black, White and Gray

When I asked Hannah Hawley to describe a favorite room in her family's home, she said that was easy...stripes, polka dots, colors of green, black, white and gray. The oldest of three girls, Hannah is in the 8th grade at Corbett Middle School. Her mom Karen helped her decorate her spectacular bedroom that Hannah loves so much. Together Hannah and her mom watch HGTV where she gets all kinds of creative ideas. Moving to Corbett with her mom and dad in 1999, she has spent most all of here childhood here. In the earlier years, Hannah played volleyball, softball and soccer. Now she has more of a main focus outside of her family life. Corbett Children's Theater has given her a passion for not just acting, but also technical work which she gets to do backstage. Hannah told me that she has tried out for several parts in different productions and has had small roles. When she works backstage, she is given a great deal of responsibility, and she likes that! For the upcoming production "Anne of Green Gables," she is the Asst. Stage Manager! Dr. Katherine Zieman and Angel Williams are great mentors for Hannah, and she said the CCT group is like a second family for her. It is the close friendships Hannah cherishes most about growing up in Corbett. Her best friend Taylor is someone she speaks fondly of, and Hannah told me living in a small town is not like going to a big middle school where you can get lost. People know and care for each other, even in small ways. Once when she had a great deal of confetti to sweep up after a play, mentor Katherine surprised her with chocolate for a job well done. Sometimes it is indeed the "small things" that matter most.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is it Jean E. or Jeanie?

Jean Elizabeth Driver is called Jeanie by her friends. Her and husband Frank (90 years old this month!) were married in 1948 and shortly after came from their Portland apartment with Frank's mom to look at some Corbett land. Finding beautiful acreage on a sunny day, Frank and Jeanie had yet to learn about the east winds. Purchasing the land, they both set out to build their home, building it in stages as they were able. Frank's mom was given the acre next to them, and Frank eventually built her a home as well. Jeanie tells me her mother-in-law was her very best friend and was known by her three children as "Grandma on the Hill."  At age 18, Jeanie had started her nursing career at Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland. For more than 26 years she worked steady as a part-time nurse while raising her family in Corbett. Recently Jeanie was featured on the front cover of Clarence Mershon's Book about local women of WWII. Frank was one of the very first volunteer firefighters and both were involved with the VFW, doing many community service projects over the years. Frank and Jeanie grew daffodils on their property. How did this all get started? A friend, Murray Evans who was a pioneer hybridizer suggested to Jeanie she could grow them and get a $1 per bulb. It was his intent to keep Jeanie busy so Frank could come fishing with him more often. The income sounded great to her, but she included Frank on the project! Together they raised the flowers for 19 years, calling it quits in 2000. Murray Evans is the one who named the business for them, giving it the name "Bonnie Brae." This was a "good Scotch name" after Jeanie's heritage. Enjoying a cup of hot tea, I enjoyed hearing tales of days gone by with someone who helped make Corbett what we enjoy today!

Corbett's Production of "Anne of Green Gables"

A Solid Rock

In the spring of 2011, Robin Lindeen-Blakeley will watch her youngest and last child graduate from Corbett High. Having birthed Jason at their Corbett home, Robin and husband Steve have enjoyed raising their three children in Corbett and seeing them go through the school system. Robin has had a front row seat to see just what the Corbett schools are all about. Seven years after moving to Corbett in 1991 with Steve, Robin decided she wanted to work closer to home. She was employed with Standard Insurance Co. in downtown Portland and longed to have a shorter commute for employment. That commute is now less than a mile! Robin applied and was hired for the position of Administrative Secretary back in June 1998, replacing the retiring Iris Venable. Robin has now worked for four Corbett School Superintendents, seeing numerous changes along the way. In July 2005 Robin became the Deputy Clerk and has worn numerous additional hats, doing everything possible to continue the success of educating the community's children. "In our smallness, we grow close to the kids we are here to serve."  Robin speaks with a smile as she describes her frustration at the lack of state funding for education, and yet her love for the challenging and very busy job she has. In May there are three Board positions opening up at the school and Robin says she enjoys having folks want to step up with a heart to serve and continue to improve the school system despite severe cuts. Robin herself volunteers at the Grange every Saturday with the Helping Hands food program, cleaning, stocking shelves and helping in any way needed. Robin says she appreciates all the positive efforts people are putting into our community on every level. As she soon becomes an "empty nester," Robin wants to continue her love of gardening with both her vegetables and flowers. With her strong work ethic and kind spirit, we hope she continues with her love of employment as well!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Real Estate in Corbett and Beyond

For the Year 2010, The National Association of Realtors reported:


*50% of  home buyers were first-time buyers.

*The typical first-time buyer was 30 years old. The repeat buyer was 49 years old.

* 2009 median household income of buyers was $72,200. First-time buyers median income was $59,900 and $87,500 for repeat buyers.

*New home purchases were at the lowest level in nine years, just 15% of all homes sold.

*They typical home purchased was 1,780 sq. ft. with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Built in 1990.

* When purchasing a home, commuting costs were considered very or somewhat important by 76% of buyers.

*Nine in ten home buyers used the internet first to search for homes.

* 83%  of buyers used a Realtor to purchase a home.

* Four percent of buyers purchased a foreclosed home and six percent purchased a short sale.

* 48% of buyers found their Realtor through a referral from a friend or family member.

* 91% of home buyers financed their recent home purchase. (First -time buyers 96% while repeat buyers were 86%.)

* 46% of all buyers said they had to sacrifice in areas of other areas of spending (entertainment, clothing, luxury items) to purchase their home.

* 26% of first-time home buyers reported the mortgage application and approval process was somewhat more difficult than expected, while 14% stated it was much more difficult than expected.

* The typical seller lived in their home eight years before selling.

* 88% of sellers used a Realtor to list and sell their home.

* 47% of sellers offered incentives to sell their home such as a home warranty or assistance with closing costs.

* 57% of sellers reported that they reduced the selling price of their home at least once.

* 86% of sellers were satisfied with their selling experience.

So, just what is for sale in CORBETT?  There are currently 11 "Active" listings and things will definitely change in the upcoming spring when several have already told me that they will be listing their home. I read the RMLS daily and am very tuned into Corbett's real estate market. Please call me at any time if you should have questions. #971-221-9655.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Once Corbett's Youth Pastor

As the father of five children aged 7-14 with wife Teresa Granberg, Spencer has always enjoyed kids. Moving to Corbett when he was in 8th grade, Spencer Rogers came from a family of four kids himself. After spending his youth on spacious property, he has chosen to do the same for his family. Spencer grew up in the youth group of Corbett Community Church. After graduating from Corbett High, he headed to bible college in Dallas, Texas for two years. Upon returning, he headed back to his family's church to be the youth pastor. In the midst of all this, Spencer married his childhood friend and sweetheart. After his role as Corbett youth pastor came to an end, he and Teresa did a mission with an organization called Mercy Ships. Now back in Corbett raising his family, they are attending Teresa's childhood church, Aims Community Church. Spencer is no longer in the ministry, but instead is in the property management business, with rentals in Corbett. Spencer is also heavily involved as a volunteer in Corbett's Boy Scout Troop 272 while Teresa stays home to raise the kids while also home schooling each of them. Looking for a place to rent in Corbett? Spencer has been at it for nearly 17 years and it looks like he may continue for many years to come!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting Ready for Broadway!

Now a freshman at Linfield College in McMinnville, OR., Jenny Layton has lived in Corbett since birth. Tom and Gina Layton built their home next door to the Corbett Fire Station a year before Jenny was born in 1992, later adding on in 2004. Tom has been a volunteer at the department for as long as Jenny can remember and the Fire Chief "seemingly forever" as well. Jenny is the oldest of four kids, and her cousin gave her the book "Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe" when she was 9 years old. Having loved the book, when encouraged by a friend to try out for CCT's version of the book, she was cast as a statue! Finding new friends in the cast and really having fun acting, Jenny continued to try out for parts in CCT productions. Cast as the mother in the "Fiddler on the Roof" production, Jenny feels was the "breakthrough."  Recently at Linfield, 29 girls auditioned for four roles and Jenny was one of the selected! Knowing that her incredible talents are a "gift," Jenny wants to share with others all that was poured into her over the years while in CCT. Wanting to go on to graduate school, Jenny says she would like to eventually come "back" to Corbett one day. Her favorite part of growing up in the community is feeling attached to others and knowing she "belongs." Having played softball for several years in her childhood, one of the favorite things about her family's home is the large backyard where she was able to play for hours. Hearing Jenny talk of her childhood, it is no wonder it is her desire to one day come back home.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Youngest of the Schaaf's

Chances are if you spot a soccer ball in Corbett, you may see Russell Schaaf near by. Playing since age 8, Russell is an outstanding player on the Corbett Boy's Varsity Soccer Team. Having lived in the same home in Corbett his entire life, Russell is a Junior this year. He told me he practices often in his extra large back yard. Not only has soccer been a huge part of his life, but Boy Scouts as well. Currently a Life Scout, Russell is on track for achieving  his Eagle rank this year. Fewer than 5% of Scouts who begin ever complete this high achievement. Mark, Russell's dad was the Scoutmaster for Corbett's Troop 272 for eight years before handing over the reins to Darrell Hendricks. Russell recalls one trip where he was hiking and broke his arm in a fall. His dad packed him out 4 miles in addition to carrying his own backpack. It was a nasty break and he had started going into shock. Through all the hiking, camping, and great adventures, Russell tells me that the great  friends he has made over the years have been the best part of his childhood in Corbett. He worked this past summer at Camp Crestview as a part of the kitchen crew. When he graduates from Corbett, it is his plan to attend OSU and get into their engineering program. As for now, he is looking forward to one more favorite Corbett event before he takes off for Corvallis... the annual lighting of the Corbett Christmas tree!

Mr. Red and Black

It took three years of house hunting, but in 2005, it finally happened. Eric and Chemae Stevens wanted to move their son and daughter to Corbett for the schools and yet for several years had to make the commute from Gresham because they were unable to find a home in Corbett that felt like a good fit. One day Cindy Smith approached them and mentioned she had Corbett friends who were going to build so would be selling their home. It was the perfect fit! When son Matt was in the 8th grade and on a field trip to New York and Wash. DC with the middle schoolers, Eric was a parent chaperon. Eric had a conversation about the Corbett sports programs with teacher/coach Mr. Jacques that changed the school's sports  future. Upon returning home from the east coast, JP Soulagnet nominated Eric as the new President of the previously defunct Corbett Booster Club. Matt had said that if sports went away at Corbett, he would be going to school at Barlow. Eric was not about to move his family to Corbett only to have his son transfer to Barlow for sports! After four years as President of the Corbett Booster Club, the reins have now been handed over to Chris Dethredge. In looking back, Eric feels a sense of peace reflecting on ALL the growth each of the sports programs has had over the years despite financial cuts. Also, parent involvement has risen tremendously as well. The Booster Club has it's 5th annual dinner/auction coming up this year in March and has become Eric's favorite Corbett tradition. Community members get a chance to dress up for an evening and raise money by bidding on donations of trips, services and gifts. Proceeds (has been as much as $40K!!) goes to the sports programs. Matt is now a freshman at UO, but daughter Maddie is a sophomore who is active with soccer, basketball and softball at Corbett. She does not have to look far when thanking someone for salvaging her opportunity to play the many sports she loves in the community and at the school she also loves as well.

Did you Know #5 EVERYONE in Corbett has a septic system!