Saturday, June 25, 2011

Need a Dentist.... in a Few Years?!

Kaitlyn Traynor and her family moved to the area from Hebo, Oregon in 2003. Kaitlyn started 6th grade in Corbett and graduated from the high school just last year. Being involved with ballet since at age 4, Kaitlyn wanted to try out team sports as she got older, so she added soccer and track in addition to her ballet lessons in Hood River. The schedule became too demanding and she decided to put her ballet slippers on the shelf at age 16. Being highly academic, she also was a part of the National Honor Society while in high school. Kaitlyn says she has several precious memories of her family home. Her father works at Eagle Creek Fish Hatchery and their home is located in Cascade Locks. Although the home is close to the highway and a bit noisy, she says it is also close enough to the river to go swimming. Being a part of the Corbett community has had a big impact on Kaitlyn. Many teachers have left their mark on her, including Mr. Hudson. It was he who encouraged her to look beyond being a dental hygienist and become a dentist! Currently, Kaitlyn is attending summer school at PSU, taking a physics class with boyfriend, Craig Schaaf. In the fall she will begin her sophomore year at Oregon State University, looking to one day become a dentist! She has been elected president of the Pre-Dental Club next year and is also looking forward to volunteering again at the Boy's/Girl's Club as a homework helper for 3rd-5th graders.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Voted "Most Involved"

As a young teen, Tiffany Winebarger and her family moved to Corbett to care for her aging grandparents. Having two homes on the property, her family lives in one home and her grandparents in the other. Tiffany began attending Corbett schools as a freshman in high school, graduating in 2007. While in school she was involved with choir, soccer, softball, yearbook staff, student council and the very first AP art class. Tiffany was voted "most involved" by her peers. After graduation Tiffany attended Oregon State University for her freshman year. Although the campus was great and people were friendly, Tiffany said the school was not a good fit for her. She felt the size a bit overwhelming after having been accustomed to small classes in Corbett. Coming home to Corbett, Tiffany is now attending school at Mt. Hood Community College, working on a degree as a respiratory therapy, looking to one day become a therapist. She also is waiting tables at the Red Lobster restaurant in Gresham. Being back home with her two brothers, parents and grandparents, Tiffany is also kept busy with her own photography business Tiffany says she really appreciates that people in Corbett care and look out for one another, being very community oriented. She also loves the fact you can lay outside in the evening and actually see all the stars in the sky since there is not anything to block the view!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Jeri Helps Feed Corbett Families

Her husband's job at Menucha Retreat and Conference Center is what initially brought Jeri Yoder to Corbett in 1980. Although raised in Troutdale, she and husband Ernie moved to Corbett from Portland. Both of the Yoder's children were raised and educated in Corbett. Daughter Rebekah currently lives in Alaska and is a sous chef, while son Dan is a student at the Univ. of Wash. in Seattle, looking to one day enter the ministry full time. Living in the house next to Menucha, Jeri just loves the gorgeous views they have. She says God's creation is not something to be improved upon! Jeri was a cook at Menucha for 16 years before she began her dream of ownership. At Springdale's "blue house," Jeri opened up "Sonshine Bakery" for nearly five years. She was known for her cinnamon rolls, breads, cookies and especially homemade soups and sandwiches. Working long hours at a job she loved, she was forced to step back for heath reasons. This was a time in her life she remembers fondly, as the Multnomah Co. Planning Dept. made her realize just what Corbett was all about. After months and months of planning and working out the details for her bakery, the county came to her with a $1,800 zoning fee that Jeri did not have or realize was ever needed. The community rallied behind her and went to the courthouse with her! When the county stood firm, it was the community that raised the entire amount for her to stay open! Now in better health, Jeri has become the assistant director for the "Helping Hands" food program at the Corbett Grange. She estimates that at least 600 local  families are served each week, as well as 5 churches that receive loaves of bread. Food is delivered daily to the grange and Jeri is a volunteer, working many days and hours per week to serve others here in our community. Having her master's degree in microbiology, who would have thought it was the Corbett food program that has been one of her favorite career choices?!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

On His Way to Maine

Nick Niswander is 19 years old and has lived his entire life in Corbett. He grew up right next door to the Corbett Post Office! He loves the fact his grandparents lived in the home before his family did and that he is so close to everything. He said it's fun to see everyone stopping by to get their mail. Growing up in the area, Nick has one younger brother and lots of great childhood memories. Now 6'3", Nick played sports all throughout his school years. Football, baseball, soccer and basketball. Currently he is employed by the new Jeld-Wen Field, cleaning up after each of the Portland Timbers soccer games. He loves the fact he gets to see all the games at no cost! He says they are an exciting team to watch. His mom also works at the field. Graduating in 2010 from Corbett High, Nick credits teachers Alicia Denney and Jenny Radulesk with being strong encouragers for him to focus on his academics and also helped encourage him through difficult times by being there with a listening ear. Having been involved with the youth group at Corbett Community Church for more than five years, Nick is now active in a Portland church. In his free time, he enjoys dirt bike racing, entering several races at Portland International Raceway. He is even the proud owner of several trophies! Come next month, Nick is heading east. He will be moving to Maine for work, helping out a friend's father with the installation of home security systems. Hopefully he will not forget where his roots are.  

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Making it All Come Together on a FULL Ride!

His folks wanted to raise him and his older sister in the country, so when Andy Svesko was in the second grade, he moved from Troutdale to a more rural Corbett. Andy loves the wide open spaces that Corbett has provided for his growing up years. Being very fitness minded, he has always kept busy with sports, playing baseball, soccer, basketball and football. Outside of Corbett, he worked hard to earn his 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo, starting at age 5 and finishing at age 16. He has the equivalent of two black belts! He has also participated in fourteen Corbett Children's Theatre plays over the years. When in high school, he went on a church missions trip to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Doing physical labor for an entire week while sleeping in a very hot and muggy school building, Andy was given a great opportunity to serve others. After graduating from Corbett High, he earned a full ride scholarship to Oregon State University! He was accepted at other schools, but the full ride was too good to pass up! He is currently double majoring in math and physics with plans to eventually go on for his doctorate in physics. His dream is to one day become a university professor. Andy credits Corbett teacher Mr. Larry Swanson with giving him the additional passion for education/math and also says that the McCoy family of Corbett played a big part in his growing up years.

Monday, June 13, 2011

An Eagle Scout and Doctor?!

Although his father is a scientist, Craig Schaaf's dad designed the family home in Corbett. Moving to Corbett at age two, his parents went on to have three boys, with Craig being the oldest. As a child, Craig vividly recalls many hours playing outdoors. When he was six years old, his mother hauled their only TV set to the road with a huge "FREE" sign on it. Within ten minutes, it was gone! Craig laughs as he recalls a childhood spent in his huge back yard, playing soccer and frisbee, as well as helping his mom out with garden chores. Attending the very last year of Springdale School as a kindergartner, Craig spent grades 1-12 at the Corbett schools. In his youth, Craig played on the basketball, soccer and track teams. He was also kept busy with Cub and Boy Scouts, as his dad Mark was the leader for both troops. Becoming an Eagle Scout was quite the accomplishment for him as less than 4% of Scouts who begin the program ever make it to the Eagle level. After finishing Corbett High, Craig went on to Oregon State University and will be starting his senior year this fall, looking to one day become a medical doctor. He is currently the V.P. of the Oregon State Pre-Physician's Assistant's Club. One of Craig's passions is performance cars. He personally owns and drives a Nissan 350Z which he loves. Craig said his brother Alan is a very gifted mechanic and helps him out a great deal with knowing how to work on it. Favorite thing about Corbett? "Easy. The annual July 4th Parade."

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Member of the Mask and Wig Club

Living in Corbett since birth, Jacy Clare has many happy memories of growing up in Corbett. Graduating in 2010 from Corbett High, Jacy was involved over the years with baseball, Boy Scouts, Corbett Children's Theatre, Robotics Club, Academic Decathlon and band. Having many great experiences, Jacy had the opportunity to travel and compete with the Robotics Club, Academic Decathlon Team and the Corbett Band. Earning many scholarships, including the Superintendent's Scholarship, Jacy chose to attend the University of Pennsylvania for his freshman year of college. Founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1740, it is an Ivy League school located in Philadelphia. Bringing his bicycle to school, he thought he would have a lot more time to ride than he did. Having ridden in several races in Oregon over the years, he imagined riding around campus as well. Instead, other opportunities called out to him. Jacy auditioned and earned a spot in the school's Mask and Wig Club. This is the oldest all male collegiate comedy troupe in America. There are four sections to the club, and Jacy is in the band, playing his alto saxophone, as he did for Mr. Killgore's band at Corbett! Playing nearly 30 shows a year, it is a large commitment, but Jacy says it has been a great experience that he plans on sticking with throughout his years at the school. Majoring in Computer Engineering, Jacy says going back to Corbett is a wonderful place to relax. In fact, he plans on watching the July 4th fireworks from atop his roof this year!

Friday, June 10, 2011

On His Way to Graduate School

When Jared Green was in middle school, his mom and two brothers moved up to Corbett from San Diego. Jared's mom, Sara had family here and was also an alumni of Corbett High. Jared is the oldest of his siblings and led the way for his brothers to get involved in many activities at the school. Playing football, golf, wrestling and baseball, he also was involved with Corbett Children's Theatre and band, playing the tuba. Jared said the Corbett Schools were like a second family for him as he appreciated having teachers and coaches that "really cared" about who he was. "Mr. Swanson, Pearson and Robertson taught well and were excellent role models for me" states Jared. Graduating in 2007, Jared went on to play football his freshman year at Willamette University. Realizing that college sports were highly demanding, he chose to put the sport aside and focus on his academics the following years. Recently having graduated from Willamette University with his Corbett friend and roommate of three years, Alex Grey, he has even bigger plans. This month Jared will head to the University of Oregon to begin work on his master's degree in physics, with a focus on industrial engineering. He hopes to one day even earn his doctorate! So what does he do in his free time? He has taught himself how to play the banjo and is having fun with that, as well as hanging out with his family and friends while back home in Corbett. He loves the beauty of  the natural setting of his family's property and home in the country.