Friday, October 30, 2015

WHO is Driving the Bus?!!

Born in Seward, Alaska, Lynette Waldo was born before it was actually a State! Born in 1957, Alaska was a Territory, becoming a State in 1959. The youngest of four children, Lynette played outdoors most of her childhood. She was very active and loved the fresh air. After completing high school, Lynette went to the Univ. of Alaska for two years to major in Biology. Wanting to visit another state, she transferred to Northland College in Wisconsin. Taking a break from academics, she applied at Timberline Ski Resort and was hired at the front desk. This is where she met the man of her dreams! Mike Waldo was working Ski Patrol on the mountain and Lynette said he immediately caught her eye. After dating for three years, they moved to Fairbanks to get married. They were both adventurous enough to purchase a log home with an outhouse and NO running water! In 1986 they moved to Oregon and decided to develop some property that Mike had previously owned on Trout Creek Road in Corbett. First they lived in a trailer as the building began and then moved into the garage. Ben was born in 1988 and when his brother Adam was born in 1990, they were able to move into the house that had been completed. It was in 1994 that they moved to Alaska to care for Lynette's aging mom. She had given birth to Lynette when she was 45 years old! In 1999 both of Lynette's parents had passed so they moved back to Corbett. Before coming back home, Lynette had trained and started driving a school bus for the local school district. When she came back to Corbett, she decided to apply as a bus driver and.... they were hiring! She has just started her 16th year! She not only drives, but after her second year in the Corbett District, she also began working as an Instructional Aide. When CAPS started, she began working as the shuttle driver, but no longer does that. Lynette drives a morning and afternoon route and then works at CAPS as an Aide. Ben married a Corbett sweetheart and now Jessica has made Lynette a grandmother! Jessica was working at the Corbett Schools and yet has taken a leave of absence due to the birth of Bode. Adam is living in Seattle as a photographer. Receiving a new knee in June, Lynette says she loves to hike, snow ski, quilt, and garden. The physical beauty of Corbett is amazing for her, but Lynette loves most the staff and kids that she gets to work with in Corbett. Her job is a joy and she even puts in extra hours on occasion. For this year's Hood to Coast Corbett Staff Team, she was the one chosen to drive their shuttle bus!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Once a Realtor

New to the Corbett School District this year, Kerry Dockter comes from Arizona, although she was born in Red Oak, Iowa. Kerry has one brother and one step brother and sister. Kerry's parents moved to Arizona when she was ten years old and then divorced shortly after the move. Kerry was a shy child who played the violin and read a great deal. After graduating from high school, Kerry went to community college with a plan to graduate with a major in journalism. She ended up going to work as a Realtor! After three years, she changed over to becoming an escrow officer. This ended up becoming a twelve year career. When the economy became unstable, she decided she wanted to go back to school and find something more "solid" so that she could have a steady income. Kerry first attended Mesa Community College and then transfered over to Arizona State University and earned her Bachelor's degree in Education. Kerry became dually certified in Special Education and General Education. Kerry graduated Summa Cum Laude while also working 40 hours per week in escrow! The first job Kerry landed after graduation was as a substitute teacher in East Valley Phoenix. She was then awarded a full-time position in a self contained Special Ed classroom. One day Kerry was having lunch with a co-worker and the gal suggested Kerry meet a speech pathologist that the other teacher had not seen in six years! Kerry agreed to go on a TRIPLE date with Travis to a local brewery. The rest is history. After dating for nearly three years, they moved to Fairview, Oregon and married this summer. They have two cats and one day hope to have a large family. Kerry works in Special Education for the Corbett School District and works hard to do her best for the kids that count on her. She says that the Corbett School system is amazing and she is blessed to be a part. She truly believes this is a "dream job" for her. In her limited free time, Kerry loves to sew costumes and clothes, and she also still enjoys reading as much as time allows. Another way she loves to spend her time is simply being in the great outdoors, exploring nature with her husband.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Our new Business Office Assistant

Sarah was born in Minnesota, moved to Massachusetts and then landed in California! Born as the middle of three children, Sarah's father is a neurosurgeon. He attended OHSU medical school and did his residency at the Mayo Clinic. Sarah's mom is from Lake Oswego and met her dad while earning her Master's of Psychology. When Sarah was living in Calif., she practically lived on the back of a horse. When she did not ride horses, she was showing them. She also played all kinds of sports- running, swimming and triathlons. Sarah went to American University in Paris for one year and then attended UC Santa Cruz and earned a Bachelor's degree in Plant Biology. It was at this time that she met her husband, Jeremy (Corbett's Technology Director). Sarah and Jeremy moved to Seattle where she worked at a plant nursery and then was a horse trainer for four years. Sarah and Jeremy married in May 2008, and then Sarah started graduate school at UC San Diego. It was here she earned her MBA- Master's of Business Administration. She also simultaneously did all required course work to earn her CPA license. Sarah went to went to work at a financial firm for five years in San Diego. She was a Sr. Accountant for a hedge fund firm. Daughter Emma was born in San Diego in 2012. The following year the family looked for horse property in CA, but came up empty handed. At the end of 2013, the family came to Oregon. It was Corbett where they eventually found the horse property that they had dreamed of. Sarah wanted to have a place to board horses. In April 2015, Sarah applied for her current position at the school. Sarah appreciates the culture of the school, being in an educational industry and likes to use her position to benefit a positive purpose of educating children. Currently, daughter Emma is in the pre-school here at Corbett. In her free time, Sarah loves nothing more than spending time with her family and riding her horses.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Forever Corbett

Did you know that the current Adidias building was once Kaiser Hospital? This is where Maureen "Sis" Childs started her life. Sis is a fifth generation Oregonian who grew up in the Alameda neighborhood of Portland for part of her childhood, and then moved to Portland's Laurelhurst neighborhood. Living across the street from Laurelhurst Park, Sis grew up in a family with five children. She was active, social, and family life centered around church. Graduating from Concordia Lutheran High School, Sis went to work for her father as an office manager at the family business, Burton Engineering. Being heavily involved in starting New Hope Church on I-84, Sis's family was close with Phil (Big Bear) and Judy Dufresne. At age 20, Sis married their nephew, Mark Haley. At age 22, she became pregnant with twin boys. Sis and Mark were living in Corbett and her parents had moved there as well, following their friends, the DuFresne's. Sis stayed home full-time with her sons until they went to first grade and had Mrs. Bonnie Lilly as a teacher. Sis then got a job with Cascade Earth Sciences, which is now the Dearixon's home! She worked with Steve and Linda Wilson for six years. She then went to work for an environmental consulting group for the next seven years. Sis was also on the Corbett School Board for seven years during this time period. In 2002, life changed. Sis quit her job and also went through a divorce. At this time she went back to school and got a degree in Early Childhood Education from Concordia University, the same campus where she had attended high school! Later she went on to get her teaching license for the state of Oregon. Sis married Stuart Childs on Sept. 3, 2005. For three years Sis was a teacher and co-principal at ARCO Spanish Immersion Charter School. She then went to the Montessori Charter School in Damascus for three years, doing a multitude of things, but not teaching full-time in a classroom as she so desired. In the spring of 2015 she quit her job, for the very first time ever not having another job lined up. Sis put in an application at Corbett, where she had now served a total of twelve years on the Corbett School Board. She is a huge proponet of multi-age education. Sis knows Corbett schools inside and out and wanted to teach at a place where she had a real passion. When Mrs. Neely stepped away to have her baby, Sis was hired as a K-2 teacher at Corbett! There are eight classes of K-2 students in Corbett, and Sis feels she has found her DREAM job! With 24 children in her classroom, she is excited to get up and go to work. Currently her twin sons have provided her with four grandchildren, so when not teaching, she LOVES to be with them. She also enjoys riding bikes with Stuart when she is able. She ran for over 20 years, and now her knees are ready for a rest. She recently went on a 45 mile ride to Jantzen Beach and back! Sis loves this area and plans to be in Corbett, forever.