Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Harley Rider

Moving from Troutdale to the Corbett area in May 1994 was a decision that worked well for Rick Ashford and his wife Mary. Together they had two daughters who attended the Corbett Schools. Both girls are now grown and married. Bonnie and her husband reside in Ohio and Sarah and her husband are in Colorado. There is one grandchild and another on the way! Mary currently is a nurse at Mt. Hood Medical Center and Rick has retired after being in the pipe fitting trade for 34 years. He was a steamfitter and welding was his specialty. Now that he has a bit more time on his hands, Rick is currently volunteering for Multnomah County Citizen's Patrol. What he and other Corbett residents do is control the trail heads and prevent car break-ins. Just after he started two years ago, Rick received recognition for his efforts to help get some shoplifters at the Multnomah Falls gift shop arrested. Each Wednesday the Corbett Market cooks up breakfast and has coffee ready for the "Rusty Zipper Club." Rick enjoys coming to shoot the breeze with other retirees in the community. In fact, Rick helped to weld and create the handrails leading up the stairs into the market a few years back. For eight years he also helped bbq over 300 chicken and rib dinners each year for the Corbett Market's yearly anniversary when Susan Leigh was still the owner. Rick is a hunter and a shooter, loving the great outdoors. One thing he loves is the rides/trips he and Mary take on each of their Harley Davidson motorcycles. They are able to breathe in the fresh air and ride to just about any location that is of interest to them. Have you voted yet? Rick is currently volunteering as a phone caller to help encourage everyone to take the time to vote. Don't be surprised if in the next few days you do not personally receive a phone call from this local neighbor of yours! Rick served in the US Navy for six years and takes great pride in our country.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ready, Aim, Shoot!!

When Karen Hawley was in the 8th grade, she and her family moved from Santa Rosa, CA. to Corbett. Being the youngest of four girls, Karen's father was transferred here by the U.S. Forest Service to work on Mt. Hood. Being a bit nervous to start school, she got a reprieve. One of the biggest storms ever hit the Corbett area in Dec. 1977 when they made the move. School was canceled for 10 days due to snow! Once Karen did get started, she was "not happy" with the lack of fashion, small classes and poor academics. (What a change we've seen in the academic arena!) Eventually she "grew into" her new surroundings and learned to love and appreciate the new lifestyle. In high school, Karen found herself involved in several things, including yearbook editior, but the biggest passion of all was photography. At age 15 she worked all summer at a nursery tying trees so that she could afford to buy her first "nice" camera, a Nikon. After graduating, Karen headed back down to CA. for college, where she met her husband, Rick. Together they moved up to Portland after graduation. After five years of "city life" Karen longed to be back in Corbett to raise their family. Currently the home she shares with Rick and their three daughters aged 15, 12 and 7 has majestic views of the Sandy River. Karen loves to see the beautiful seasonal changes on the river, and also appreciates the "agricultural view" of next door's land. Currently they are viewing a beautiful pumpkin patch! In the midst of raising the girls and being heavily involved as both a volunteer for ten years and now a board member with Corbett Children's Theatre, Karen has gone back to her childhood love of photography. Last fall Karen asked a local gal if she could photograph her family on their farm. When the gal saw the photos of her family, she wept because they were so special and meaningful. One thing lead to another and now Karen has her own business, specializing in seniors, family portraits and weddings. She can be reached via her website: Karen has traveled to Japan, Europe three times, South Africa and also to China to pick up their youngest daughter Kate when she was adopted. Of all her travels, what is a favorite spot? Home! "Corbett is beautiful, quirky, smart, convenient to Portland and community-driven."

Sunday, October 14, 2012

From the East Coast to the Gorge

In March 2012, Matt Conti and wife Marnie moved their family of five to the Corbett community. They wanted to enjoy great schools, have room to roam, and be living in an area that afforded them the opportunity to have an active lifestyle. Matt spent his childhood years living on the east coast. At age three he began "ice skating" on double runner blades in the living room! (The blades were dull). The youngest of seven children, all three of Matt's older brothers also played hockey, so he grew into it naturally. Today Matt coaches both a "house" and travel team for his son Kai and is also on the board. In addition to this, Matt currently is also on a men's team himself! Matt's sisters are very artistic and musical, and daughters Piper and Eden are as well. Currently, all three children are enrolled in the Springdale "CAPS" School and are thriving. Matt and  Marnie find the teaching philosophy very appealing as their 11, 9 and 7 year old children each love to be creative and explore "different" styles of learning. Currently they are taking violin and piano lessons as well. One of Matt's adjustments to living in Corbett is the new mindset of  "always having a project!!" Putting on a tie for his finance job in downtown Portland, he looks forward to taking it off once he heads home to Corbett. Purchasing an older home with Gorge views, they recently had the windows replaced. The views are one of the highlights of the new home for Matt. That and the new "shooting station" for hockey that he has set up in their outbuilding! Both Matt and Marnie are starting to meet several community members and are thankful for this new chapter of their lives.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Grateful for Aims Community Church

Over and over again Judi Meacher mentions how thankful she is for the love and support she has experienced over the years from Aims Community Church. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Judi eventually moved to Oregon for a "better life" in 1966. Living in Fairview, she moved to Corbett in 1975 when she left her abusive first husband. She brought with her three children and married Phil Meacher who also had three children. Phil and Judi pieced together two manufactured homes and loved the opportunity to live in the country and raise their children together. Five years ago Phil passed away after 16 years of being ill. A stroke had left him paralyzed, yet Judi cared for him at home until he fell and broke his hip. Spending five months in a nursing home, he suffered a massive heart attack and asked to come home to die. Six days after coming back to Corbett, Phil passed peacefully at the home he loved. Judi has always enjoyed flower gardening and has created pretty beds all over the property through the years. Two years ago Judi was able to purchase a new manufactured home and now is continuing to enjoy her country lifestyle as well as a new home! Something that brings great joy to her life is her 12 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Over the years Judi has cared for her husband and raised children,  as well as helped raise some of her grandchildren. Not always an easy task, Aims Community Church has been a huge part of her life, supportive on every level. Judi has volunteered extensively at the church with the nursery and making snacks for both the Awanas and Vacation Bible School. Judi also visits the Corbett Grange once a week for the senior lunch and time of grocery shopping. She often stays after to help stock shelves. Judi just turned 70 years old and is thrilled to be a part of the "sub community" of Aims as well as the larger community of Corbett.