Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Providing a Strong Layer of Support

Tracy McCoy is a Paraeducator at the Corbett Grade School. She was born in Kelso, WA. as the youngest of eight children born to her parents. Kelso was a logging town and her father worked for Weyerhauser and her mom stayed at home with the children. When Tracy was just six years old, her father died of a heart attack. At that time, her mom had "just" three kids still at home, as Tracy was born eight years after her next oldest sibling. There were four girls and four boys. Tracy was always a very strong student, reading college level books in the 5th grade. She focused on academics growing up and graduated from Kelso High School, finishing in the top 5% of her class. After high school, she went on to community college in Longview, where she had an academic scholarship. After two years, she transferred to the Univ. of Oregon, majoring in Sociology. It was here she met her first husband. At this time she was also working nearly full-time at a hospital, speaking with folks that were under great stress as they tried to pay their bills and deal with a prognosis. Tracy's oldest sister lived in Gresham, so she married in 1987 and lived in Gresham while working at the Parry Center in Portland. Married for six years, she and her husband had both a daughter and son together. When they divorced, she wanted to stay at home with her children. Tracy took in foster children and worked with them from a home base. Fifteen children came through her home over the years! Usually one at a time. One son she kept. He came at age seven and is now almost 18. All three of her children are very close to one another. She remarried in 2000 to Kelly. They re-met at their 20 year high school reunion after knowing each other since kindergarten! Together they live in Gresham. Their youngest son will graduate from high school next year, their daughter will be getting married, and their older son will be attending OSU. The entire family is big sports fans! Tracy began in 2014 in Corbett as a sub and was hired in October 2015 full-time. She said she loves the small community and the close knot relationships of the staff. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Here From the Very Beginning!

Caryn was born in the northern part of Minnesota in a place called Hallock. When she was two, her family moved to the southern part of the state. Her older brother, younger sister and herself were raised to work hard because they lived in a small rural community where their father and mother both owned and ran several local newspapers. When she was not swimming in one of the many lakes nearby, Caryn was working for her parents, helping to edit, publish and distribute the daily news. Being very shy as a young girl, Caryn was heavily involved in FHA- Future Homemakers of America. She became a very accomplished seamstress and was in several fashion shows. Caryn also spent time playing volleyball and was involved with theatre as well. After high school, Caryn got a job in a sewing factory. Her main focus was to sew children's jackets. After this, she moved around a bit and held various jobs, including a job as a nanny. An offer was made on the family newspaper business and her parents accepted and sold it all. They wanted to move to Bend, Oregon to be with her father's mom and sister. Caryn helped with the move and then stayed for awhile, working at another sewing factory. After a few more jobs and two years in college, Caryn had met a man she loved and ended up marrying him after nine months. Caryn and Guy ended up moving to Minnesota. Later they moved to Texas so Guy could earn his Master's degree. From Texas they moved to Idaho and then on to Cascade Locks, Or. In 1980 daughter Hallie was born. In 1984, daughter Iris was born. Caryn worked as an Instructional Assistant at the Bonneville Schools before they closed the doors. In 1996, a brand new Corbett Grade School opened and Caryn transferred over from Bonneville. Last year in 2015, Caryn retired, but not really! She still continues to be an active substitute! Guy and Caryn have divorced and both daughters are working and living in the Portland area. No grand babies yet, but Caryn keeps very busy with sewing, gardening, painting, drawing, and playing several musical instruments. Over the years, Caryn has waitressed, sewed for a living, been a CNA, and held a variety of other jobs. One of her favorite jobs? Being in the Corbett Schools where she says she learns from the children as much as she teaches them!

Friday, May 20, 2016

From Japan to Corbett

Sam Wallace was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1976. Both sets of his grandparents were Baptist missionaries in the country. Sam's parents also had a daughter, Rhiana who is one and a half years younger than Sam.  When Sam was three, his parents divorced and he moved to McMinville, Oregon with his mom and sister. Sam's mom graduated from Linfield College and had a lot of support and connections in the area. She was a school teacher and remarried when Sam was 10. His father moved to the U.S. Virgin Islands, and summers were spent in St. Croix with his dad and sister. His father eventually remarried and he has a half brother 13 years younger than himself. When Sam was growing up, he loved to play outdoors with friends. He played baseball and basketball in his youth and then played tennis all through high school. He was a strong student and loved academics. While in high school, he worked part time at a video store. He became fascinated with film. He went to Emerson College in Boston, MA. to study film. After a year and a half, he changed plans and moved to Portland to attend PSU. Sam lived off campus in a house with friends. One day while playing basketball at a nearby school, he got an inkling to ask if he could be a volunteer there. A new world opened up to him from this very positive experience, so he graduated PSU and then went on to their graduate program for teachers, the GTEP program. Graduate Teacher Education Program. Once finished, Sam started subbing as a teacher and got frustrated. He was looking to build relationships with students and it was not a good fit by just subbing. Sam went to South Korea for a year to teach English to Korean students. He learned a great deal but was anxious to return back to the states. After an 8 month sub position at Gilbert Heights Elementary, he was offered a full time position as a 5th grade teacher at Lincoln Park Elementary in the David Douglas School District. During this time he met his future wife, Marleen. She eventually began working at the Corbett School District and Sam was fascinated by her work environment! They married in 2013 and Sam eventually decided to also apply at Corbett. He was hired and began teaching in August 2014 as an intermediate teacher for grades 3,4,5 at the Corbett Grade School. He says this is his DREAM job and looks forward to coming to school each day. Sam and Marleen have traveled extensively to places such as Greece, Italy, Belize, NYC and plan to go to Japan when their 8 month old daughter gets a bit older. They have three dogs and currently live in NE Portland.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Loving Internationally

 Stacey Rogers was born in Houston,Texas. As long as she can remember, she has had a genuine love for children and travel. Stacey was adopted at birth and was raised as an only child. She was told at age five that she was adopted and has never had a desire to "find" her biological parents. Stacy's father was a pastor and her mom stayed at home until Stacey was in high school. Stacey was well loved and cared for and had an outgoing personality that gave her many friendships.  She has traveled internationally and met children from all over the world. After graduating from high school in Texas, she went to Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma. Stacey earned her bachelor's degree in International Community Development. She then started work on her Master's degree. Changing her plans, she went to work for an organization called Teen Mania. Teen Mania is a Christian organization that takes teens all over the world to help where most needed to assist others in living better lives. This is where she met the love of her life, Vance Rogers. They dated 1.5 years and married in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  In Sept. 1995 they moved to Corbett so they could raise their family near Vance's family and enjoy the incredible beauty of the Gorge. Both Vance and Stacey have an enormous love for kids and traveling internationally. Their first daughter, MacKenna was born in 1998, and then they traveled to China in 2002 and picked up their daughter Emily. She was seven months old. Both are students at Corbett. Daughter Addi is from Ethiopia and was adopted in Nov. 2010 at the age of ten months. The Rogers family is now complete! Stacey has been a stay at home home from the beginning and just recently went from being a volunteer at the Corbett schools to being an employee of the district. In 2013 she applied as a sub and then became a full-time Paraeducator last year, working at the Corbett Middle School. Being a volunteer for so many years, she has come to love and appreciate the close knit community of the school staff and kids who attend. She finds it incredibally joyful to see students grow and learn in a safe and friendly environment. Stacey continues to have a passion for international travel and kids. During spring break she went with several folks from Corbett to Mexico to help assist local residents with better housing. She wants to pass on the legacy and love she has for this to her own children. Her oldest daughter will be traveling soon on her own missions trip to help others. As Stacey absorbs the vast and beautiful scenry of the Gorge from her front porch, she also knows and remembers that there is a huge and needy world waiting and needing to be cared for.  

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

One of Our Own!

Ryan Greathouse was born and raised in Corbett. His parents raised him and his older sister here and they both graduated from Corbett High School. When Ryan was growing up, he loved hanging out with his friends and played football for Corbett when he was in middle school. His father, Allan has been a Corbett School District employee for 30 years! He oversees all the transportation with the buses and makes sure things are always running smoothly with both the buses and the drivers! Ryan's mom works at Home Depot in Troutdale. After graduation, Ryan attending the LEAP program at Parkrose High School for two years to help him "broaden his horizons." Currently he is working at Corbett, assisting with bus parking, crossing guard duty at the grade school and keeping the MPB swept and clean. In his off time, Ryan says he loves to play video games, mostly NFL football, with the Seahawks being his favorite team. Ryan also loves to travel and went to Cabo, Mexico with his family last year. Although his older sister is married and living in Gresham, he is not an uncle....yet! Right now Ryan is focused on helping the school district to run smoothly and be a support wherever needed. He loves the beauty and solitude of living in the community and wants the schools to remain strong and a friendly place to be.