Thursday, September 28, 2017

Bringing his Love of Music to Corbett

Born in Philadelphia, PA, Ken Hoffman was raised with one brother and two sisters. His parents moved out of the city when Ken was in second grade, heading to the suburbs. His father was an accountant for Univac and his mom stayed home full-time. He says his dad was an Arthur Murray dance instructor and a real jokester while his mom was a Holocaust survivor and was in ballet as a dancer for many years. Ken was a Cub and Boy Scout and played Little League. Music started for him in the third grade. Initially he wanted to play the trumpet, but switched to the french horn in middle school. He then added tuba and trombone. He did quite well and was a part of several honor bands. Ken loved music and felt playing instruments came easy for him. He joined the choir in middle school and began also playing bass to accompany them. In high school he was in several musicals and was Technical Director his senior year for a play. In the midst of all this activity, Ken's father died of a heart attack when he was just 16 years old. It was then his mother began working at the school in the cafeteria. After high school graduation, Ken headed to Univ. of Rochester as a Chemistry major. Simultaneously, he was accepted into the Eastman School of Music in Rochester. He was able to study privately with Milan Yancich on french horn. It turns out he was not a strong math student and failed calculus. He lost his scholarship and had to head home at the end of his sophomore year. During college he had gotten his EMT certification and now used it to be a volunteer paramedic. For income, he worked security at a nuclear power plant. Later, he moved to CA and became employed as a paramedic. This is where he met his wife Elizabeth, an ER nurse. They moved to San Francisco and had three daughters. In 1990 he finished his Bachelor's degree with a Music major at Sonoma State Univ. He began teaching 4-8th graders. In 1998, they moved to Ventura, CA where he taught high school band, choir and orchestra. This was followed by four years in El Camino, CA then Chaminade, CA for six years. With 26 years of experience, Ken moved his family to Oregon and is now a Strings teacher at Corbett Schools for grades 3-12. His desire is to eventually have a full orchestra. Currently he and his wife and youngest two daughters are living in Hillsboro with two dogs and a cat. They are  looking to purchase a home closer to Corbett. Ken says he is excited to be in the Pacific Northwest and cannot wait for all that lies ahead with his position at the Corbett Schools.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Living Life to the Fullest!

Becky Young was full of energy from the beginning! Born in Sangus, CA, she moved with her family to Oregon at age 1. Three sisters and one brother joined Becky in being raised in Gresham. Becky describes herself as being a "tomboy" from the beginning, always playing outside for hours on end.  She skateboarded, rode dirt bikes, climbed trees, got dirty and always kept up with the other boys. Attending Orient Schools, she graduated from Barlow High School. While in high school, she remained physically active by playing volleyball, basketball, softball, running track and snow skiing for Barlow. Becky went on the Mt. Hood Community College for two years to get her Associate's degree. She then went on to Portland State University to earn her Bachelor's degree in Social Science. Without missing a beat, she went on to earn her Master's degree in Education. During graduate school, she reconnected with a childhood friend and they began dating. He wanted to marry and she said "not until I finish school!" She was determined not to let anything take her attention away from finishing her Master's degree! Ty and Becky married in 1996. Becky's first job was at Orient Grade School in Gresham, teaching 5th grade. This was where SHE attended as a child. The following year she taught at Powell Valley Grade School and stayed for 17 years. After her first four years of teaching, Becky gave birth to their first daughter, Payton. Daughter Taylor was born soon after. Ty stayed at home with the girls while Becky taught. Now he manages a restaurant. When Payton was in the 4th grade, the girls began attending the Corbett Schools. Becky was so impressed that she decided to apply for a teaching job in Corbett. Thankfully she was hired and now says she absolutely loves working in the positive and uplifting environment at the Corbett Grade School as a 4th/5th grade teacher. Becky's daughters are as involved as she was as a student. They play water polo, softball, volleyball, are in Sea Cadets and do target shooting. Becky's family currently lives in Troutdale and they have a chocolate lab named Kona and a kitty named Cabella. Their python is named Pliskin.  The family loves to camp and have been to numerous places including Yellowstone and Crater Lake. They are going on their first cruise this December to Mexico. Ty's family (22 of them!) are going to travel together and they are excited!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Working Her Dream Job

Tia Hunter-Gillies was born in Portland and has a younger brother and sister. Tia spent her entire childhood in the Park Rose area of Portland. Outgoing as a child, Tia began playing the flute in the middle school and played into high school. She also was a sprinter in high school. Tia's family moved out to Gresham her senior year of high school, so she graduated from Gresham High. Tia worked at Papa Murphy's Pizza and also at Christian Supply while in high school. At age 23, Tia gave birth to daughter Addyson. When Addyson was in preschool, Tia met Jaron, who also had a daughter, Amira, in preschool. They eventually began dating and together now have a son, Miles, age 3 and a half. Tia's children both attend Corbett Grade School where she is an Educational Assistant. Tia works with kids as an intervention assistant in both math and reading. She began as a sub and that turned into a full-time position. Tia loves being able to work at the Corbett Grade School and appreciates the fact her kids are there as well. As a family, both Jaron and Tia enjoy visiting new places. Some of their favorite places have been Crater Lake, the Oregon Vortex and the Winston Wildlife Safari. Two years ago they were able to visit Maui and explore the beaches and the Road to Hana. Currently living in Troutdale, their dream is to live in Corbett and have a pasture full of animals!

Monday, September 18, 2017

The Youngest of Seven

Marleen Carroll is the youngest of seven children, born to parents that have now been married over 50 years. Marleen grew up with two brothers and four sisters on a farm in Silverton, Oregon. Her father raised organic beef cow. Her mom worked as an auditor for the Federal Government in addition to raising the children and helping with the farm. The oldest and youngest siblings are 18 years apart. Marleen loved living on the farm and has fond memories of visiting Portland on weekends with her mom to go to the library. She says finances were often tight, but the love was always large. Marleen played basketball, volleyball and softball up until high school. Sports came to an end when one of her brothers died in a car accident. His death had an enormous impact on Marleen. Her focus on community service became a focal point of her life. After graduating from Silverton High School, she began studies at Willamette Univ. in Salem. Marleen loved her time there and and double majored in Religious Studies and Psychology as well as minoring in Art Studio. While there, Marleen also studied abroad one semester in Ecuador. She lived with a family that spoke only Spanish. Marleen only knew the language from course work, so it was a challenge! After college graduation, Marleen went to Europe alone to backpack. She ended up taking a class while in Greece for a month. Relying heavily on Planet Travel Guides, she was away for 3 months, traveling Western Europe. Arriving home, she began working at the East Portland Boy's and Girl's Club, running the afternoon program for the David Douglas Elementary School. It was here she met her husband, a teacher at the school. Sam Wallace was teaching 5th grade and they shared several kids who were in his class and her program. After dating just two months, Marleen decided to go to South Africa for three months to be a World Teach volunteer for 4th and 5th graders. The relationship with Sam endured and Marleen took on another position with the Boy's and Girl's Club after her arrival back. After three years at the Club, she decided to get her Master's degree in Teaching from the Univ. of Portland. She began her teaching career at Mill Park Elementary in Portland. She also began her ESOL endorsement with OSU at this time. In 2011 Marleen took a position at Corbett Charter School teaching 4th and 5th grade. After three years, she was offered a position at Corbett District School as an ELD Specialist. Sam and Marleen have a daughter who is two years old and another is on the way! The baby is due in April. Both Sam and Marleen's mom take turns watching their daughter while they teach during the week. The family lives in NE Portland and they have three dogs. They love visiting nearby parks and being in the great outdoors.

Friday, September 15, 2017

From Chicago to Corbett!

Mariah was born in Evanston, Illinois but lived in Chicago until age 8 with her parents and older brother. The family then made a move to Evanston where her father was a marketing manager for an electronics company and her mom was a Special Education teacher for the Chicago Public Schools. Mariah describes herself as being a very quiet child who always enjoyed listening to music and going to concerts and movies. As a teenager, she worked at both a library and at a movie theater. Mariah loved getting to see free movies and be with her friends. After HS graduation, Mariah attended Columbia College Chicago to study film video. She was involved with a few reality shows during college and said it was quite interesting! Her BA degree was in Film Video. Not wanting to move to LA to be in the hot spot for film, she got a job at Standard and Poor's as an analytical support, supporting a team of financial analysts. At this time, she met her husband Paul through friends. They married just before she decided to change career paths by attending graduate school. Mariah attended graduate school at Univ. of Illinois at Chicago. Her mom had a strong influence on her decision to do the two year program for Special Education. Graduating in 2015 with a Master's in Education, she did her student teaching in Chicago Public High Schools. Paul and Mariah decided to move to Portland because of family. Mariah soon got a job at Reynold's Middle School as a Learning Specialist. Hearing great things about Corbett, Mariah applied in 2017 and was hired! Mariah and husband Paul have two cats, Magoo and Glen. Together they enjoy music, movies, travel and living in beautiful Portland! Mariah, Learning Specialist, is looking forward this year to working with middle schoolers and building continual confidence in her students!