Saturday, January 28, 2017

Everyone Has a Story

Maddy Bunnell's life began in Eugene, OR. She is the oldest of three girls born to her parents. Her father was attending school at the Univ. of Oregon when she was born, working on attaining a degree in Political Science. Upon completion of the degree, they moved to Spokane, WA. When Maddy was three, the family moved to Portland for her dad's work. Both parents were from Portland and anxious to "get back home". As a child, Maddy admits to being shy and athletic. She played basketball from 5th-8th grade and volleyball from 6th-12th grade. Graduating from Central Catholic High School in Portland, Maddy then traveled to China on a select volleyball team to play tournaments with several Chinese teams. That fall she attended Oregon State Univ. After her freshman year, she transferred to Concordia University to complete her degree in Elementary Education. Maddy began working as an office manager for a company that helped schools with fundraising efforts. At this time she also began attending night classes at a dental assistant school. Busy with work and school, she found the time to go on a blind date that her friends had set up. After dinner at Edgefield's, she knew she had met the man of her dreams. After dating two years, Mark and Maddy married in 1997. After four years as an office manager and after completing her dental program, she began working as a dental assistant for the Multnomah County jails, helping inmates with their teeth and dental hygiene. This is where Maddy realized "everyone has a story". She loved listening to the inmates talk about their lives. She appreciated their ability to share freely and openly. Maddy's daughter was born in 2000 and she then chose not to go back to work. Mark is a corrections deputy and supported her decision. Maddy's father ended up offering her a job just two days a week at his office while family watched Emily. Two years later, Mark and Maddy were expecting another baby. She continued to work for her father in accounts payable at his office. Maddy's father sold his company in 2013, and she needed another job. Both their kids began attending the Corbett Schools after being at Open Door Academy in Troutdale. Maddy began to volunteer at Corbett as a parent, helping out in the classrooms. Eventually she was asked to work full-time at Corbett as a Paraeducator. She is now in her second year, and loves it! She said that the kids also have their own stories, and she loves listening to and working with all the kids in both the grade and middle schools. She says there is "never a dull moment" and she loves that! When at home with her husband and kids, she loves to bake, especially chocolate chip cookies. They have one dog and two guinea pigs at their Gresham home. The family also loves to travel- each summer they head down to Southern CA to visit Mark's grandparents. Last summer they went to Europe and loved every moment! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

From Illinois to Corbett

Born in a rural farming community of Illinois, Susan Hoffman has an older sister and a younger brother. Her folks divorced when she was two and both parents remarried. She grew up in both homes and was an active and outgoing child. Susan was involved in Brownies, Pom Pom in middle school and then track, drama, magical group and choir in high school. Susan graduated from Princeton High School and then headed to community college for 1.5 years. Matthew was her high school sweetheart and they decided to marry in 1995. They moved to Arizona for his schooling. They lived in Arizona for 1.5 years before moving back to Illinois. It was at this time their first daughter was born. Ashton arrived in 1997. Soon after, they moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan for Matthew's work. Daughter Haley was born in 2002. Susan chose to be a stay-at-home mom with their daughters and loved it. In 2007, Matthew was offered a job in Portland and the family moved. Their first home was in Gresham and then later, Troutdale. Susan has always loved both children and education. She served as a PTC president for two years at Ashton's school, volunteered in classrooms and was on the Northview Education Board. Susan also taught at Mt. Hood Christian Pre-School. While teaching pre-school, Susan met Wendy Hatton, who connected her to subbing at Corbett Grade School.  Susan is now in her third year as a full-time Paraeducator at Corbett Middle School. Her oldest daughter is attending Mt. Hood Community College and her youngest is at Corbett. In her free time, Susan enjoys reading, crafting, gardening and hanging out with her family. They have two dogs, several cats and three bunnies. Delialah is the school bunny who actually sleeps at the Hoffman house. Susan says the bunny is a comfort to all the students and staff, as she loves to be held and petted. It is a win-win for all!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Author, Musician, Gardener, Athlete and Corbett Teacher!

Born in Bend and raised in Madras, Oregon, Lucas Houck is the third of four children born to his parents. Lucas loved his childhood. He was raised in a small town of 3,000 with just one school district. His parents are still living in the childhood home he was raised in! They are in the midst of retiring and are planning a move to the Portland area. As a child, Lucas remembers visiting family in Corbett and loving the fact his relatives lived in a real log home! When Lucas was growing up, he tried everything from sports to music to Scouts to academics. Originally starting a band with his brother, he was in a band all thoughout his teens and 20's, playing the drums. After his high school graduation, Lucas headed to Eugene to attend U of O. He lived in Eugene for five years, but was in school three years and eventually came to Portland to complete his degree at Portland State Univ. While in Portland, he met the love of his life while working in a coffee shop. Meeting in 2007, both he and Star shared many passions. Lucas did a great deal of writing while in Portland, mostly poetry. After getting a degree in Liberal Arts, he then attended Concordia University to earn his Master's degree in Teaching. Lucas is currently in his eighth year of being a middle school teacher at Corbett. Star and Lucas married in 2010 at the Umpqua River, making it a four day "camping wedding" with close family and friends! Lucas has continued to write, completing his first novel and now is working on a second. He read the completed novel to his class of middle schoolers and they loved it!  In Sept. 2015, son Milo was born. As a family, they enjoy fishing, camping, cooking, reading and gardening. The three live in Portland and have an abundant garden, growing peppers, squash, tomatoes and beans. Lucas has another passion- shooting pool. After his son was born, he bought a pool table for their house so that he was able to be at home while enjoying his hobby! In addition to teaching, Lucas also coaches middle school soccer and track. He and Star hope to one day purchase a home in the Corbett community.