Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Giving Her Best

Angela Davis grew up in Gresham, Oregon. She lived her entire childhood in the same home with her parents and older brother. Her folks are still married, but have since moved to the Oregon Coast. Angela was very outgoing as a youth, involved in numerous activities. Angela played both basketball and volleyball, was in the marching band and played flute in the concert band at Centennial High School. She also was heavily involved in student government. School came easy and Angela was a strong student. She was awarded a full-ride volleyball scholarship to Boise State Univ. after graduation. Her junior year at BSU, Angela injured her knee in the volleyball season and went home to rehab. During her time at BSU, she had met a football player named Brian Davis. He was older and from Pocatello, Idaho. When Angela went back home to Gresham for rehab, Brian drove up to Gresham and proposed. They married in August, 1995. Angela began her career as a volleyball coach at Centennial High School and also worked at Cascade Athletic Club. Once the babies started coming, Angela "just" coached volleyball in addition to taking care of the children. Claire was born in 1998, Austin in 1999, Grace in 2004 and Zane in 2006. In 2000, Angela moved to Corbett High School as an assistant volleyball coach. In 2009, she became the head coach for the Corbett Varsity team. Always loving school and having a strong desire to both coach and teach, she went back to college to finish her degree. Angela graduated in May 2015 from Concordia Univ. with a B.A. in Education with an endorsement in Language Arts. In the Fall of 2015 she was hired by Corbett High School to teach Sophomore English. She is currently attending Concordia Univ. online to earn her Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Teaching, coaching and parenting are incredible opportunities for Angela. She does not take lightly the responsibility to instruct and encourage others. A favorite motto is "Hold the vision and respect the process." She is well aware that the process can be just as important as the success achieved. Angela and her family currently live in Corbett and have no plans of moving anytime soon!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Multi-Talented Maintenance Man

Mark Wilson is a man of MANY talents. Growing up in Florence, Oregon, many of his family members across the generations are/were commercial fishermen. Mark's father taught him a great deal about both fishing and hunting. His father is still living in Salem, but both his mom and sister have passed. Growing up, Mark enjoyed not only hunting and fishing but also music, art and history. Mark graduated high school from Myrtle Point. After graduation, Mark moved to Reedsport, OR. to work in the plywood industry. He married at age 21 and had two daughters. When his wife passed, his daughters were just seven and eight years old.  Mark took on full-time parenting and did everything he could to hold everything together. Mark married for a second time for a total of five years. No children. Mark played in several bands over the years. His specialty is bass guitar. When he was playing at the Tippy Canoe one night, he struck up a conversation with the bartender. The rest is history! Patti and Mark have now been married 28 years and have 11 grandchildren together. They currently live in Corbett after a brief five year move to Hawaii. Mark was originally hired in 1989 at the Corbett School District in the maintenance department. He worked under local resident, Clint Davis. Mark came back from Hawaii to be near the grand kids. He is now the head of the maintenance dept. at the Corbett School District. He makes sure that all buildings have systems in working order, oversees all the janitors and the groundskeeper. The State of Oregon also has a list of compliance requirements that Mark oversees for running all the buildings. He loves to be a part of the solution, trying always to improve upon any problems that come up. He says he enjoys keeping things in working order and seeing that the teachers and students have what they need to best thrive in the school environment. In his free time, Mark and Patti raise St. Barnard puppies and also have a mini Doxie of their own. Mark still loves to play his guitar, fish on the Columbia River in his boat and be with Patti.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Corbett Born and Raised

Although John Leamy was born in Vancouver, WA., his family moved to Corbett when he was one year, one month and one day old! John is the youngest of four sons born to his parents. John attended Corbett schools his entire childhood, graduating in 1970 from the high school. John said his childhood was pretty much just school and the farm. Owning 160 acres, the family raised their own food. They had fruit trees, a vegetable garden, beef and chickens. They also fished locally, grew their own hay and were on a spring for their water source. John's mom delivered four boys in five years, so he was never lonely or bored living on the big farm. They were regular attenders of Corbett Christian Church and knew many of the local families. He remembers needing to "walk out" one mile just to catch the Corbett school bus. He also remembers Corbett High School having a smoking room in the basement of the school for teachers and students to smoke in! John attended Multnomah Bible College for one year after graduation because he was interested in becoming a pastor. He changed his mind and transferred to Mt. Hood Comm. College to earn a degree in Business Administration. During this time he met his girlfriend's best friend. John ended up marrying Donna six years later! She was a student at Lewis and Clark College and wanted to wait for marriage until she had finished her degree. Once married, they moved to Sandy, then later, to Portland. They eventually moved back to Corbett in 1979. John began working at Menucha and was in charge of the food service there for eight years. Son Matt was born in 1980  and daughter Casey came along in 1982. Several other jobs came along after his time at Menucha. At one point, John sold real estate for 14 years. He currently is working at the family print shop in Troutdale with son Matt and is also a bus driver for Corbett. Matt's degree is in graphic design, so Leamy Printing and Design is something they do together. John started driving a bus for Corbett schools six years ago. He started as a sub and then grew into being a regular driver. He loves it! Now he also drives the bus for sporting events and on overnight trips with the students and teachers. John said he is continuously amazed at how friendly and polite the Corbett kids are. Although he and Donna have lived in Troutdale for many years, he will always consider Corbett his home.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Choosing To Help

Cory Baker was born in West Virginia and was adopted two weeks later by a family in Gresham, Oregon. Cory grew up in a family of three children with an older sister and a younger brother. Cory's birth name was Steven and his parents decided to name him Cory. He grew up loving sports and played soccer, baseball, basketball and ran track. He loved to be active and had great success in many sports that he participated in. After graduating from Gresham High School, he went on to attend both Ptld. Community College and Mt. Hood Community College, with a focus on General Studies. He also worked as a carpenter during this time, doing remodel work locally. He was living with a friend in an apartment and decided to travel. At age 25, Cory moved to Costa Rica. Cory worked at a lodge as a tour guide, hiking in the jungle, snorkeling and transporting folks to and from the airport. He also cooked, cleaned, and did whatever was needed around the lodge. He eventually moved back to Gresham and went to work for MESD. Cory's mom was a speech and language pathologist and suggested that he should apply in 1999. Cory was hired and has been employed ever since. Cory was working at the Corbett School District with MESD the last three years. He is now employed directly with the Corbett School District and works at the Springdale CAPS. When not working, Cory continues to stay active with his two main passions- sports and music. He loves to play soccer, snowboard, skateboard, etc. He also is a part of a band- Born Cosmic. He sings, plays the piano, trumpet, drums and guitar. He loves playing at local venues. When Cody was 22 he found out that his birth parents were just 16 and 17 when he was born and they both were very athletic and musically inclined! The parents that raised him currently live in Arizona but are making plans to move to Sequim, WA. Both his siblings are married and he loves being an uncle to his two nephews.