Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Heading into the U.S. Army

Moving into Corbett for the first time in 1992, Jacob Paul was just a baby. His parents rented the home across from the Corbett Community Church on Mershon Road and the Scenic Highway. Eventually purchasing the home located between the Springdale Tavern and the Springdale Bible Church, Jacob has many fond memories of growing up with the Schaaf and Tymoshuk boys, playing in the woods and down by the creek. He loved the fact everyone felt like "brothers." Jacob's family moved from the community for job demands, but his family eventually came back, knowing Corbett was indeed "home" for Jacob and his younger brother and sister. Jacob played soccer for many, many years and his dad was the coach at Corbett High during his sophomore, junior and senior years. Jacob also worked at Big Bear's Market for a time as a cashier. He is currently working  at Crestview Manor Conference Center off the Scenic Highway as a "lead." Jacob oversees and helps with set-up, clean-up and guest services. Soon employment will be changing for him- Jacob will begin his five year career with the U.S. Army beginning on August 29, 2011. Jacob will be headed to Fort Jackson, South Carolina. He sees this as an incredible opportunity to serve his country as well as get the college education he so yearns for. Having a strong passion for math, Jacob says Mr. Larry Swanson, his high school math teacher put a fire under his feet to love and appreciate every aspect of mathematics. This is just what Jacob is hoping to get his degree in in the future. One day, his dream is to return to the Corbett area, purchasing a home for himself and a future family of his own!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Friends Help Friends Move into Corbett.....

"Real" friends will help tell their friends about PARADISE, I mean Corbett. This 3,184 sq. ft. home is 3 levels and has 3 bed/2.5 baths. It is located on 10.15 acres with incredible views from all three back decks. There is a 36X48 outbuilding with a carport, apple and cherry trees, blueberries, pasture, trails, creek, ooodles of privacy, possible marketable timber, and SOOOO much more! $399K buys it ALL!


The year George's mother came to teach at Corbett High, the school burned down. It was 1922 and the high school had to move to the Grange Hall for a year. George's father worked at Menucha as the manager/caretaker/gardener of the estate. George and Joy Perry marrried Dec. 25, 1925 after meeting at Corbett Christian Church. George was their first born son and the sixth George in line, with another brother to follow three years later. George's brother was handicapped and passed at age 10. George was practically raised at Menucha, the retreat and conference center located on the Scenic Hwy. Julius Meier purchased the land in 1914 and built a spectacular log home on the site. By the mid 1920's the place had been invaded with carpenter ants and had to be destrayed. The current estate was then built. George's family was then living in what is now the building where the offices are located. Julius had a "strong" Jewish mother who named the estate Menucha. When she passed, both daughters of Julius renamed the summer home for the family "Men-u-shay" as it was known for decades until the family sold in 1950. George remembers growing up with "a foot in two different worlds" as he spent time with Julius Meier, governor of Oregon from 1930-1934 and all his guests, including President Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover. George's parents eventually purchased a home on Chamberlain Road where he and wife Virginia raised their six children and still live today, living in a newer home on the land while his son, George the seventh and family live in the original home. George graduated from Corbett High in 1946, graduated from Univ. of Oregon in 1950, and then went on to get his master's degree at UO as well. George was a teacher, like his mother. He taught at Gresham High from 1952-1983, teaching math and science. Today George and Virginia have six grandchildren and love living on the southern most point of the Columbia River, seeing all the way from the 205 Bridge to Multnomah Falls! On occassion, George is asked to come to the Vista House to speak to folks from literally all over the world about the Corbett area giving history facts as well. Retired from teaching, but only at the school.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fiddlehead Farmers Grow Chemical & Pesticide Free in Corbett

Both growing up in California and attending Humboldt State University together, Katie Coppoletta and Rowan Steele are soon to be getting married. Dating six years, they waited for just for the "right" place to marry. This October they will join their lives forever on their new family farm in Corbett. Katie and Rowan met in Mexico while doing a summer study with Humboldt. Both attended the school, but had never met prior. They have been together ever since. Both having graduated, they traveled all over the world for a year. They even backpacked in Patagonia for two months, staying in the southern most city in the world! Rowan went on to get his master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning at PSU. He is now working in Portland, teaching classes about healthy watersheds, employed by both PSU and the City of Portland. Katie and Rowan live with Katie's parents who recently moved up from CA. themselves to purchase a home and acreage to share with Katie and Rowan. Katie works full-time in the fields while Rowan steps in as much as possible when he is not working in the city. Together they sell their produce each Sunday at the Fiddlehead Farm stand at the Montavilla Produce Market on 76th and Stark from 10-2 pm. The season lasts 22 weeks, and next year two friends will join in the efforts to share equipment, tools and other resources. Both feel strongly about small scale agriculture and food production, believing both are a basis for so much. They say farming is not an occupation, as much as it is a way of life- connecting to the earth we are so blessed to live on.

He is a Dumballer

When Tim Foertsch moved to Corbett six years ago, it was his desire to be near extended family and also give his daughters the best education he could. Tim and wife Cary have enjoyed the small town atmosphere so much that they recently moved from one home to another within Corbett! A favorite detail Tim enjoys about the new home/property is the fact his girls Trinity, age 8 and Chassidy, age 7 now have plenty of space to run and play on their acreage. In fact, they have so much land, they are now getting some baby goats to start helping them with all the mowing! Being an artist when not at his day job, Tim recently turned a donated minivan into a "dogmobile" for "Dumball," a rolling scavenger hunt that will take him to Las Vegas this year. The event is to raise money for charities and this is his 4th year to be involved with about 30 others. The dogmobile will be auctioned off and sold. Tim screwed brown carpet to the entire exterior and even created "legs" that are screwed to the sides! Tim met up with neighbor Chris Tymoschuk a few years back and was inspired to explore his art a bit further. He is now involved with the yearly "Cracked Pots" show at the Edgefield with Cary's brother, creating art from recycled goods. Tim also stays busy volunteering for the Corbett Citizen's Patrol. Deputy Joe Graziano and others in our area monitor vandalism in the tourist areas of the Gorge. Having been busy with the recent move, Tim is looking forward to getting back to family karate lessons in Corbett with Mr. Russell. He appreciates the fact it is something they can all do and enjoy together. See a furry van driving around Corbett in the next few weeks that looks like a dog? No alarm, it is just Tim.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Generational Corbett Home

Just recently, Lisa Faught and her family moved into her grandparent's Corbett home that she well remembers from her childhood. This is the same home her father Kenneth and Uncle Larry were raised in. Husband Lee and son Emerson made the move with Lisa in April 2011 and are still getting settled into the home filled with her grandparent's precious memories. Being a stay at home mom, Lisa is really appreciating the fresh smells and beauty of the natural setting they are in, loving the sound of the birds. One thing she didn't get too excited over was the little bear she spotted on the property! She said she is no longer keeping a compost pile outside! Lisa loves to cook and try new recipes. She says it has been a joy to find her grandmother's recipes in the home. Lisa lived all over the world as a child since her father was a geologist, working on soils in all kinds of locations! Visiting her grandparents was always a treat for her. She loves the fact one of very favorite trees to sit under as a child is still on the property. Her grandfather Lewis was a woodworker, making dulcimer instruments as well as doing remodeling around the home. When Lisa's father was growing up in the home, there was a time they only had an outhouse to use! Many remnants of his work are still seen in the home and are also stored in the basement. Having met her husband while in college at Univ. of Calif. Santa Cruz in CA, she is happy to be supporting his career as an instructor at the Art Institute of Portland, and raising the next generation in Corbett!

Remodeled Home Available in the Corbett School District!

This 1938 home has been completely remodeled and boasts new vinyl windows, roof, carpet, flooring and kitchen. Nearly 1,000 sq. ft., it sits on 1.25 acres and is located on the Scenic Hwy. just across from Dabney Park. A concrete foundation outbuilding with loft is located on the property as well as a possible carport in back of the home. This is a MUST SEE at $159,900! Beautiful and private setting, clean and move-in ready. #971-221-9655.

July 10, 2011 Fire to Corbett's View Point Inn

The View Point Inn is a fine dining restaurant and boutique hotel that is on the National Register of Historic Places. The original property was owned by Lorens Lund, a Danish immigrant who came to the U.S. in the 1870's. He and his wife Mari gave the name "Thor's Heights" to their 120 acres overlooking Crown Point. The land was later purchased by the Grace H. Palmer Corporation and the current structure was built for $47K. It was named the "Palmer House" and opened June 1925 for business.  Bankruptcy was filed in 1927 and a chef from Portland bought the place with his wife. New owner, William Moessner renamed the property "The View Point Inn" and ran the Inn for more than 50 years, entertaining many famous Hollywood actors, Presidents and European royals. The Inn was successfully ran and operated until William's death in 1979. In 1982 the Inn was purchased by Doug and Karen Watson who were able to get the Inn on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. The Inn's current owners are Geoff Thompson and Angeleo Simione. Recently Corbett High's Prom was held on the property.

Staying Challenged!

Her dad wanted both his daughters in a small school setting, so at age 3, Katy Kimes and her older sister Laura moved with their father into their grandmother's Corbett home. Coming from Troutdale, Katy's father raised both girls himself in Corbett since their grandmother was no longer living in the home. Katy has especially loved her bedroom all these years as it is located on the eastern side of the house and she gets to literally wake up with the sun! Graduating just last year from Corbett High, Katy was involved in Girl Scouts, soccer, softball, basketball and played the clarinet in the band from grades 4-12. Katy was also a part of the National Honor Society, Key Club, and Academic Decathlon. She has always wanted to challenge herself, and actually thinks it is fun to stay both busy and challenged. When it came time for college, her dad jokingly said "Apply in CA. so I can go golfing when I visit." So, Katy did! She applied to M.I.T., and Oregon State Univ. as well as California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA. She just finished her freshman year at Cal Poly and absolutely loves it! She is looking to get a B.S. in chemistry and will minor in math. Because she came from Corbett's small town community where she was especially fond of Mr. Swanson and his famous games of "spoons" in math class, she really appreciates the one on one time her college professors give her. Oh, and living so close to the beach now is a real nice plus as well! Katy loves to read and said her favorite book has to be "Grapes of Wrath." Home for the summer, she still enjoys Corbett's annual 4th of July gathering to stay connected with all her childhood friends.

Monday, July 11, 2011

It All Began with "True Grit."

When her father worked in Saudi Arabia in the oil fields, he saw the movie "True Grit" and liked it so much that he got on an airplane to L.A. and then rented a car to drive up and down the west coast to find a home in which to live and raise his family. Finding just the spot in Corbett, the Elliott family is still living in the same home today! Lauren Elliott has lived her entire life in Corbett, just recently finishing school as the valedictorian of her graduating class at Corbett High School this past spring. Lauren attended Portland Adventist School K-8, then transitioned over to Corbett High as a freshman. What she loves most about her classmates is what she found most challenging to begin with. "The kids are like a big family and everyone knows each other so well." Lauren played clarinet in the school band her freshman and sophomore year, then joined Leadership her junior year. She also was a member of the National Honor Society, graduating with a weighted GPA of 4.42! As long as she can remember, her family has had a huge summer garden. She absolutely loves the fresh veggies and the country living. She has one brother, Tyler, age 24. Lauren says she loves to travel and had the opportunity to visit both England and Paris last year for just over 3 weeks. She flew alone and met up with an aunt and uncle. This fall she will attend the Univ. of Oregon and hopes to major in biology. She is looking to one day be a physician's assistant, eventually going to school at OHSU after finishing at the U of O, where she is already a HUGE Duck's fan!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

In Charge at Trout Creek Bible Camp

A lot happened in March 1990. Joe Fahlman moved to Corbett, became the Camp Director at Trout Creek Bible Camp, and married his sweetheart Angela, bringing her to the camp with him!  Now, three children ages 17, 13, and 10 and twenty one years later, Joe and Angela are still working and living at the camp with their family. Joe says he loves being in the Corbett community and loves working with youth at the camp. Joe had worked on summer staff at the camp since 1980 and was a camper himself even before that! Joe appreciates the challenges that face both young and older kids and he takes seriously the opportunity to make a difference in their lives while they are at the camp. He tries to challenge them to each live the most fulfilling and productive lives possible. As for his own children, they have been raised in the Corbett schools and community with the same friends since birth. Joe believes this is a gift, as relationships are so important. He himself is a volunteer fireman at Corbett to not only help out, but he enjoys the great camaraderie there. Joe says that he has found if you move to Corbett and commit to become involved at any level, you will be readily accepted! Being a self described "weather geek," Joe loves checking on the status of our rain and wind in Corbett. He says he has been fascinated with weather and meteorology since he was in 5th grade. Sounds like he landed in a perfect place to check on all our different seasons!

Moving to L.A.

Andrew Hanes has moved twice in Corbett. Living here since birth, his family moved from Ellis Road to Wand Road when he was in the 6th grade. Now, he is making a permanent move to Los Angeles. Having graduated from Corbett High in 2007, Andrew attended college at the Univ. of Southern California (USC) for four years, graduating this spring with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Growing up in Corbett, his parents were both involved in the community, with his mom being a Corbett teacher as well as principal at the grade school. This involvement lead Andrew and his sister Krissy to do the same. Andrew played baseball, football, wrestling and basketball. He said that he bonded heavily with his classmates over the years and has always enjoyed reconnecting with them when he is home. Home will now be where the job leads him- he will be working in L.A. for a business consulting firm starting July 11, 11. There he will be consulting for technology solutions in the entertainment industry. Is this his dream job? He tells me his "dream" job would be like what Corbett classmate Joe Dawkins got to do and ski bum an entire winter in Tahoe, or spend an entire summer white water rafting in the Deschutes. Having grown up in the natural beauty of Corbett, Andrew says he has a huge appreciation for "playing" in the great outdoors! Sounds like he may need to visit often once living permanently in L.A.!