Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Giving the Pen a Rest for the Summer

After seven years of writing this Corbett Connector blog, I am once again taking a few months off to focus on my real estate career during the VERY busy months of May-October. I have LOVED talking with so many of you over the years and will look forward to being back once the school year begins in the fall. Please enjoy reading the interviews and share the site with others. If you are interested in LIVING in Corbett, you can reach me at 971-221-9655.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Touring the World as an Athlete

Chad Clark started life in St. Joesph, Missouri. He is the oldest of three boys born to his parents. After a few moves, the family ended up in Colorado where Chad spent most of his childhood. At age five, Chad began nordic ski jumping and playing soccer. Both proved to be good choices, as he excelled at both. Chad ended up trying out for the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. Although he did not end up making the team, he did go on several world tours as first a soccer player and then a coach. He traveled to both the South Pacific and Europe! While growing up, Chad's father was the general manager of a sausage company in Denver and his mom taught at both elementary and middle schools over the years. When Chad graduated from high school, he attended Quincy College in Illinois for 1.5 years, playing soccer for them. He later transferred to Colorado State Univ. in Fort Collins, leaving his soccer career behind. Chad graduated with a degree in Watershed Science and then decided to stay in Denver and work as an enviromental engineer for two years. He left and went on to hold a variety of other jobs including insurance and high tech. Eventually, Chad moved to Oregon and became a busser at a restaurant in the dot com bust era. It proved to be a blessing, as this is where he met his wife, Leia. Leaving the restaurant business, he started a remodeling company, doing this for nine years. Getting married in 2007 on Sauvie Island, he and Leia now have two children, Calvin (10) and Remy (7). They live in SW Portland. Doing his remodeling work, Chad injured his back. This seemed to be the perfect opportunity for him to consider pursuing his dream job of teaching. He went back to school at Concordia University to earn his Master's degree in the Art of Teaching. Completing his degree in 2011, he applied at the Corbett School District. After student teaching with Mrs. Wold, Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Dawkins, he started full-time teaching in 2012 at the Corbett Grade School. He now teaches grades 2-3 and thinks it is a perfect fit. He loves the relationships that he is able to develop with the students, helping them to grow and learn. Chad says he sees purpose in teaching- seeing the results of his efforts to inspire each of them. In his off time, Chad loves to garden, camp and travel with his family. He also loves to both hunt and fish. The family is currently awaiting the arrival of their new Golden Retriever puppy.

Monday, May 8, 2017


Just when we THINK we having our best listening ears on...... I was told today that John is NOT READY YET to retire. OOOOOOOOPS. My apologies, folks. "Welcome Back, John!"

Saturday, May 6, 2017

August 17, 1998- Closing in on Retirement

John Ghinga was hired on August 17, 1998 by the Corbett School District. This spring he will be retiring after 20 years as one of the best custodians Corbett has ever had. Born in Romania, John brought his wife and young son to the U.S. at the age of 33. John's sister had made the move first and encouraged her brother to come. He agreed- never believing it would or could happen! Grateful to leave a communist government, John took the opportunity awarded to him to move his family to New Jersey and got a job working for a bus company, doing maintenance for 4.5 years. When his sister moved to Oregon, he decided to follow after. She told him it was beautiful and looked a lot like their home country of Romania. John and his family moved to Oregon where he purchased a home and his wife turned it into an adult care facility. John and his wife added a daughter to their family and they loved Oregon! John got a job working at the Boring Saw Mill as a Backing Saw Operator, cutting logs to different dimensions.  There was going to be a layoff due to a lack of BIG logs no longer coming to the mill, so John started looking elsewhere for work. He applied at the Corbett School District and was hired! He has been at Corbett ever since and loves it! He has worked in all the buildings and says it has been a good job to have over the many years. His son Paul is now grown and also works at the Corbett School District as a custodian. His daughter works in a real estate office and both live locally. His wife passed away from cancer in 2013. They had been married for 35 years. John says that when he retires he will keep busy with his gardening, beekeeping and metal detecting. The best thing he ever found with his detector? A gold ring in Seaside, Oregon!