Thursday, May 26, 2011

OWN an Original part of Corbett!

Watch the July 4th parade from your own front porch! This 1920 Farmhouse is zoned Rural Center, and is therefore both residential and/or business. With over 2K sq. ft. of living/working space, it boasts a complete remodel on the interior. Located on .36 acres, enjoy territorial views out back, a shop w/220 power and water, one car garage, covered RV parking, chicken coop, raised garden beds, fruit trees and bushes, wrap around porch, two decks, fenced yard, vinyl windows, bamboo floors, original hardwoods, built-ins, AC, marble, tile, newer hot water heater, storage galore, EPA certified woodstove, concrete septic tank, and sooooo much more. Home boasts 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. Oh, and did I mention the Corbett public schools?! Available now for $267,500. Call me @#971-221-9655.

Living in the Most Unique Home in Corbett?

Retiring from her career as an occupational therapist at OHSU, Jean Motley and her husband Frank are completing their "unique" home. Married back in 1965, Jean and Frank purchased raw land in the Gorge. Living in Minnesota for four years, they then moved to Olympia, Wash. and began coming down on weekends to start the process of putting in septic, electricity and a road for their Corbett property. After two years in Olympia, they moved into Corbett, living with their future neighbors for 5 years! When the home was still not completed, they moved into Portland so that their only child could attend Wilson High School. A Quonset hut that was originally an oyster processing plant was put into the ground on a concrete pad. This is their underground shop, while their home is built on seven concrete piers, with columns of fir trees on top of the piers to create a foundation for the home. A spiral staircase in the home leads into a steel tunnel underground so that one can have access to the shop from the house! Many workers, mostly college students and senior folks in the Corbett area have worked on the home. Asked if Frank was an engineer or architect, the truth is, he was a librarian and a college professor before retiring! His genius mind created and designed the entire home while his hands built the entire home except for the finish work. There are 100 tons of steel in the home with not one piece of sheetrock! All finish work is hardwooods. Jean loves living in the unusual home with her dog nearby. She said all her chickens are now long gone. She volunteers up at the Grange on Mondays dish washing for the senior's lunch on Monday's. She says she has always been a country girl, growing up on wildlife refugees in the western U.S. with her family. She is a grandmother and also takes regular care of her dad- who is now 101 years old!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Serving with Scissors

Moving to Corbett in 3rd grade, Kaitlen Aho graduated from Corbett High School in 2000. Heading off to OSU with a full ride scholarship for softball, Kaitlin continued her pitching career. After attending Oregon State Univ. for 3.5 years, she switched over to Careers for Cosmotology school for a year. With a first date at a coffee shop in Troutdale in 2005, Kaitlin and husband Brian married in 2006. Going to work at Salon Ambiance in Gresham from 2007-2009, Kaitlin decided after son Greyson was born in 2008 to "come home." Daughter Paisley was born in 2010 and she is now more busy than ever. Having a real heart for service and people, she says that her ministry is hair. She loves to serve folks by washing, cutting and styling their hair to make them feel better overall. She has served women in shelters as well as other charitable organizations, donating her time and talent, giving them a whole new outlook on life. Currently Kaitlen is reading the book "Kitchen Table Counseling" because she often listens to people share on a deep level and wants to be an encouragement for them. She is quick to point out that what a client shares with her never leaves the room. She also says with a smile that she has traded eggs, beef, and even house cleaning services for haircuts. When Brian and Kaitlin married, they lived in the original 600 sq. ft. home on the property. Realizing they wanted a bit more space for a family, they literally bulldozed the older home into a pile and burned it. Now they are living in a 2880 sq. ft. home that Brian and Kaitlin dreamed about and designed  themselves. Brian has been a contractor for many years and built the home! Kaitlin says she loves the fact their home is a reflection of her husband's hard work and abilities. Since both Kaitlin and Brian were raised in Corbett, they have plans to do the same for their kids. She says it is the people that make this such an ideal community to raise a family.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Wealth of Historic Knowledge!

It was 44 years ago that Stephen Kenney landed in Springdale/Corbett. Married since 1968 to Patty, Steve has two daughters that still live locally. Each are married, but no grandchildren yet! Steve and Patty's home has quite the history- living next door to Big Bear's market, the home originally belonged to Frank Warren who died on the Titanic in April, 1912. The home was moved to Springdale in 1927 and the Troutdale mayor, Erick Enquist lived there. Steve paid $16K for his home in 1975 and is happy to say it is completely paid off. Steve spent 37 years as a roofer and says he has roofed homes ALL over the Portland area, and this is definitely the BEST place to live! History has always been a passion for Steve. He started collecting postcards nearly 44 years ago and has created nearly 1,000 of his own from historic photos he has collected over the years. His first postcard was from Government Camp, and the latest one is of the Bend Tavern on the Scenic Highway that was torn down on April 20, 2011. Heavily involved in historic aspects of our community, Steve interviewed numerous local folks in the 1970's on cassette tape. He spoke to many original homesteaders, including Toot Evans who shared about the largest fire that ever came to the area in 1902. The fire was so vast and destructive, the effects are still visible today. Steve's favorite memory was after spending an entire year helping the Vista House be restored (his historical photos were used for reconstruction purposes) he was given the original blueprints of the building! He got to spend an entire day in May 2006 with Governor Ted Kulongoski to help celebrate the 88th anniversary. Currently, Steve is selling his 2012 Timberline Lodge calendar that features numerous rare photos for a mere $14. It is beautiful!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Journey from Alaska

Ever since she was a young girl, Kemmie knew she wanted to be a teacher. Born and raised in Juneau, Alaska, she became involved while in high school with an organization that allowed her to become a "big sister" mentor. Kemmie Giard tumbled through high school feeling that not many of her teachers cared much about her as a person. Kemmie had a passion for kids of all ages and was determined to make her dream of teaching a reality so she could be different and make a difference. Working full-time after high school as well as attending the Univ. of Alaska SE, she felt she needed a change of scenery. Heading down to Oregon, Portland looked so large, Kemmie decided community college was best. Kemmie ended up finishing her bachelor's degree by way of an exchange program in Australia and heading back to Juneau. Working at Juneau Youth Services in 1996-98, Kemmie then went back to school to get her master's degree in teaching, with a focus in elementary education. Heading back to Oregon to reunite with friends and begin her teaching career, her father passed in 2004. After settling matters back in Juneau, she returned and met her husband, Robert Giard in Troutdale while out with a friend. Now married five years and living in Corbett, Kemmie and Robert are blessed with Anthony 3, and twins Noah and Callen, 6 months. It is Kemmie's dream to one day teach at the Corbett Grade School. Loving the community and the people in it, she is reminded of the town she grew up in where neighbors know and care for one another. She also appreciates the wonderful  sounds of Corbett....the roosters, cows, crickets, and at times, complete silence. It is a dream come true to have her sons one day get an education at one of the finest schools around while living in a place she loves to call home.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Full Circle

In 1980, Annette Hanson left California for Oregon. Both her son and daughter graduated from Barlow High School and in 1984 Annette and her husband Farrel saw an ad in the paper for some acreage in Corbett. Loving the land from the moment they laid eyes on it, they lived in the mobile home on the property for 10 years before building their dream home. Beginning in 1994, Annette and Farrel were the contractors and hired all the subs for their home. This was special for Annette as she was able to reflect back on her own childhood experience of having her parents do the exact same thing in Calif. when she was growing up. Working hard on laying tile and numerous other projects for their home, Annette and Farell also worked on cars in their spare time. Annette said they would purchase "fixer" autos and completely restore them to sell. Annette did some engine work, but mostly did body work by sanding, painting and pinstripping. Annette retired from Quest phone company after 35 years in 2004 when Farell passed. Loving her neighbors here in Corbett, she finds the folks in this community to be caring, hard working and "hearty." Annette has been involved with NERT for several years and is now officially trained to help neighbors should a natural disaster occur. She has also been involved in the Corbett Women's Tea which meets monthly at the Grange. Despite the beauty of the area and the opportunity to see elk on a regular basis in her yard, Annette's youngest grandaughter is pulling her heart strings. Annette is looking to move to Californina to live near her daughter's family, bringing Annette full circle back to her roots.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Very OWN Weather Guy!

Born in Hood River, Mark actually spent many years growing up in both Mt. Angel, Oregon and Chehalis, Washington. One thing that impressed Mark as a boy was traveling through the Gorge area. The intense wind and and cold left him fascinated with the weather conditions he observed. After high school, Mark Nelsen went to and graduated from the University of Washington and where he got what he describes as a "B.S. in weather!" After finishing his degree at the "only meteorology school nearby," Mark went to work at a private forecasting company in downtown Portland where he forecasted weather for windsurfers in the Gorge! Spending two years at this company, Mark applied for a job at KOIN 6 in the fall of 1993. Hired on, Mark worked at channel 6 for seven years. Currently, he is the chief meteorologist at FOX 12. When Mark was 23, he met his beautiful wife Sheila in the cookie line at church! Growing up as a preacher's kid, Mark's faith has always been of great importance to him. When Sheila saw Mark in the line, she laughed. "Aren't you the weather guy?" She had only seen him once on TV, and it was just the night before! The rest is history as they say. After three years of dating, Mark and Sheila married in 1997, buying their first house together in Corbett on Knieriem Road. Living there seven years, they moved to their current home in 2004 with their two kids, Andrew age 10 and Ariel, age 9. Loving the great outdoors, Mark likes to spend time in their yard. He recently got back into the poultry business... as a child he raised pigeons, ducks, doves and chickens. Now he has added finishing touches to his own chicken coop/kid's playhouse, placing a window between the two so his kid's can keep an eye on the action! The acreage his family has is nothing short of amazing with vegetables, plants and flowers everywhere! When I comment on this, he proudly says that Sheila makes the best pickles around! Volunteering at the schools once a week and also at the community work days each year, Mark loves Corbett. The only drawback? Maybe the drive home after a long night at work!

A Traveling Gal

The oldest daughter of five children, Marilyn Dearixon's family moved to Corbett in 1942 when she was just five years old. Growing up in the Springdale area, Marilyn was a freshman at Corbett High when one of her brother's friends "noticed" her. Clarence H. Dearixon and Marilyn started dating when she was a junior and he had already graduated. Waiting a year after high school graduation, Marilyn then married Clarence and moved to California. Clarence was in the Air force and Marilyn worked for Sears. In 1965 son Phil was born and Clarence decided to leave the fighter squadron he was a part of to be more of a "family man." Moving back to Corbett in 1967, Clarence joined the Air Guard, working at the air base in Portland. When Phil was born, Marilyn had decided to stay home full time to be with and raise him. When Phil was in high school in 1981, Clarence passed and Marilyn went back to work. First at a chiropractor's office and then later at AAA in downtown Portland, Marilyn worked 20 years, then retired. Over the years, Marilyn continued to be very involved in the community she was raised in and also raised her son in. As a member of the Springdale Bible Chapel, Marilyn has taught sunday school for more years than she can remember, still teaching today! Marilyn also helps out at the Crown Point Vista House several times a month, volunteering upstairs and occassionally working in the gift shop as well. Continuing to live in her home all these years, Phil has now married and given Marliyn two beautiful granddaughters. Not wanting to pull Phil away from his family and busy career as a firefighter, Marilyn insists on mowing her own lawn! She also loves to travel, and has been literally all over the world with family and friends, stating that Nova Scotia is one of her favorite spots. Although travel is fun and exciting, Marilyn agrees with the saying that there is "no place like home!"

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Passion for 55 and Older

Daniela Ragalie has returned to her roots. Currently, Daniela is serving those she is passionate about with her business. Cameo Seniors Network is a free placement service for those needing any and all levels of service in their senior lives. Living in Corbett since 2006, Daniela is a wife to Rocky and the mother of Madeline, a first grader and Isaiah, age 3. Living in the home that she and Rocky built together, she just loves the peaceful property that offers incredible views. The kitchen is her favorite room because of all the detail that went into it. There is an espresso machine that is built in, and several other features that allow her to cook up her favorite pastas and pizza with ease. When she is able, Daniela loves to go on walks nearby with her kids and point out all the beautiful things in the scenery along the way. From 1998-2003, Daniela and Rocky began their work with seniors by living with and caring for folks, even purchasing their own care facility. She is now thrilled to be doing again what she loves. For a time she sold real estate, but says this is where her heart is at. Rocky currently is doing mechanical work on cars and serving in their church. He also does graphic design work and helps Daniela with all the marketing for her new business. Together, they feel very blessed to be able to tag team and be there for each other as well as others.

Blazer FANatic!

Her dad missed his first day of work at Cascade Utilities, now Reliance Connects, because Kayla Handley decided it was time to make her debut! Moving into Corbett at age two, her family has lived in a total of three homes, all located on the same road over the last 17 years. Kayla's mom has had a daycare in their home as long as Kayla can remember, so she was never at a loss for playmates, and got to see her friends plenty over the summer months! Graduating from Corbett High just last year, Kayla played soccer, volleyball, basketball and softball through her growing up years. Now attending Mt. Hood Community College with her only sibling, Justin, she is taking general education classes to get a foundation. Kayla is working at Multnomah Falls and recently moved from the gift shop to the snack bar and espresso area. A favorite thing about the acreage her family lives on is the opportunity for her to ride their quads in the summer and go intertubing in the winter. Kayla also loves to hang out at Big Bear's Market and chat with the locals! Recently Grandma Mona from Wa. came to live with them. Grandma raised 9 kids of her own plus several others along the way, so she just loves being a part of a loving home once again. As much as Kayla loves Corbett, she did mention that she is a HUGE fan of the Blazers as well! Brandon Roy is her favorite.