Wednesday, December 23, 2015

FOUR College Degrees?!!

New AP Literature teacher for the high school, Bryan Estes was born in Spokane, Washington. Bryan lived with his parents and brother who is 11 months younger, for five years in Spokane. When Bryan was five, his folks divorced and he moved with his dad and brother to Rathdrum, Idaho. His dad remarried when Bryan was eight. At age 12 his family moved to a remote log home in Rathdrum. He spent his childhood hunting, making art and tree forts. He was very creative, always thinking up new ways to explore his surroundings and create whatever was important to him at the time. Bryan says he was not a "strong student" and just got by with good enough grades. He felt his teachers were "sleepy" and did not make learning very exciting. Summers and holidays were spent with his mother and he graduated from high school in Rathdrum. He then went off to junior college to start a degree in mechanical engineering. Bryan took a philosophy class along the way and everything changed! He also got married and had a daughter, Paige. She is currently a student at the Univ. of Idaho. The marriage was short lived. After junior college, he joined the army for two years. After his military service, he went to the Univ. of Hawaii at Hilo to get his bachelor's degree in Philosophy. While Bryan was in Hawaii, he did a student exchange to Texas and stayed one year after graduating. It was during this time that Bryan drove an 18 wheeler! He said the experience gave him plenty of time to ponder what he had learned in school. After a year, he relocated to Bellingham, Wash. to get another Bachelor's degree from Western Washington Univ. His degree was in Literature. It was at this time that he became an avid rock climber and stayed in Bellingham three years. An opportunity in Japan opened up for Bryan to teach both middle and high schoolers at local Fuqui schools. After this experience, he went to Southern Illinois Univ. to get an MFA degree (Master of Fine Arts). He taught classes while he was a graduate student for three years. It was at this time that Bryan realized that he wanted to be a teacher. He found teaching to be a very happy and creative process. Bryan moved to France and lived there seven months. He met his current girlfriend on a Greyhound Bus and they have now been together nine years! Bryan eventually moved to Portland and went to Portland State Univ. to get another Master's degree. This time it was a Master's in Education. Rachel, Bryan's girlfriend, is currently attending Lewis and Clark Univ. studying Pyschology. In the Spring of 2015, Bryan interviewed at Corbett and fell in love. He says he felt comfortable right from the beginning. He currently is living in Portland with Rachel and their cat, Mau-Mau. He is an avid reader and usually turns to non-fiction.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

From the Oregon Coast to Corbett

Amanda Dudley was born in Coos Bay, Or. but actually grew up in North Bend, Oregon. Being raised with a younger brother, Amanda was very active in sports while growing up and played volleyball, softball and basketball. Family vacations centered around attending her tournaments. She also spent years singing in choirs at the schools she attended. It was as early as first grade that she remembers wanting to become a teacher. Amanda has always loved learning and done well academically. After high school, she attended Concordia University on a volleyball scholarship. She earned her degree in Secondary Education with an endorsement in Advanced Math. While at Concordia, she was very driven academically and was focused on playing volleyball for the school and signing in their choir. She was able to tour Europe for two weeks with the choir. From Concordia, she went directly on to graduate school at Portland State Univ. In two year's time she earned her MST- Master of Science in Teaching Mathmantics. This was a degree specifically geared towards teachers. Amanda became a teaching assistant while going to grad school as well as becoming an assistant volleyball coach at Concordia. Amanda graduated from PSU in 2007 and became an adjunct teacher at both PSU and Concordia. In 2008 she started teaching at Oregon City High School. It was here she taught math for four years. In 2012 Larry Swanson contacted her about a teaching opportunity at Corbett. Amanda had student taught at Corbett her senior year at Concordia. Corbett hired Amanda right away and gave her the opportunity to teach Algebra I, Algebra II and AP Statistics. She says that she is thrilled to have the opportunities given her at Corbett and loves the small community school atmosphere. In 2014 Amanda and her two single girlfriends ventured onto an online dating site. This is where she met her husband, Benjamin. They married on 12-13-14 and she is now a stepmother to his four children! They recently purchased a home and acreage in Sandy and share it with two puppies and two cats. At Corbett, Amanda has coached middle school volleyball and most recently coached JV Volleyball at the high school. She continues to stay in great physical condition and is looking forward to having all four of their kids fly in for the holiday season!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

At Home in the Corbett Middle School

Helping students in the Corbett Middle School as a Paraeducator, offering support as needed, is what Cami has been doing the last nine years. Cami Paul grew up in in Helena, Montana. She is the third of four kids in her family. The family camped a lot and enjoyed being together. Cami's parents are still living in the same house after 47 years! This was their first house and will most likely be their last. As a child, Cami was not a rule follower, being very independent and willful. She loved playing volleyball and also worked at Baskin Robbins during her high school years for 2.5 years. After graduating from high school in Helena, Cami went to Rick's College in Rexford, Idaho. She studied Pre-Med and met her husband her second year of school. After getting her Associates degree, she married David in 1990. Cami went to work to then help support Rick while he went on to the Univ. of Idaho to finish his engineering degree. In 1993 Cami and David moved to Alaska for 6 months to work in a gold mining camp. Best thing was that they saved and bought a house once David graduated in 1994. They moved to Woodburn, Oregon. Babies started coming in 1996. Clancy was born in 1996 and Clayton in 1999. In 2004 they moved to Corbett and have been here ever since. One day in 2006 her kid's bus driver, Lynnette Waldo shouted out the bus doors that "You should apply at the Corbett Schools!" She did. She has been a Paraeducator ever since. Cami continues to go to numerous workshops and conferences, taught by specialists to enhance her learning. Cami loves to hike with her family in her down time and also spends time as a 4-H Livestock leader. Her family has goats, chickens and pigs at home. Cami also has a loom and enjoys spinning, knitting and weaving. "Family is most important" is what Cami stated as we wrapped up the interview.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Second Generation Employee

For all who enter, Erin's beautiful smile greets them as they walk into the Corbett Middle School and Administrative Building. Erin was born in Portland and moved to Corbett at the tender age of 3, moving into a home on NE 365th. Currently a Corbett Grade School teacher lives in her childhood home. Erin attended Corbett Schools from K-12 along with her one sibling, an older sister. Graduating in 1990, Erin went on to Mt. Hood Community College. She also worked at Jean Machine, but then left both school and the clothing store to work full time at US Bank for seven years. Meeting her husband Jeff at age 17, they married in 1996. Goofing around as teenagers, he jumped into her car and introduced himself. The rest is history! When Erin gave birth to their one daughter Courtney, age 16, she stayed home full-time. It was not until Courtney was in the 4th grade that she began to work again outside of the home. It all began as being a substitute, working in the office, on the playground and in the school kitchen. In 2013, Erin was hired as the secretary of the Corbett Middle and High School. She is kept plenty busy with answering phones, registration, record keeping, mailing out progress reports, preparing for substitute teachers, working on student files, ordering graduation items for seniors, delivering notes, passing out ice and band-aids and also building relationships with students. Erin's mother Jan worked at the school for many years, also working in the front office. Corbett is now a closed campus, and Erin tries her best to keep track of all the comings and goings of students. She laughingly says that she and her family sleep in Gresham, but she lives in Corbett! :) Her goal is to one day move back to the community that she has always loved and appreciated so much. When she is not managing 700 plus students, she focuses on supporting her daughter Courtney's many activities which include horses and volleyball. On the rare occassion of having nothing on the calendar, she says she loves to snuggle on the couch with a good book!