Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Teal" from Outdoor School

They both attended Whitman College, they both worked at Outdoor School, they both went on to graduate school, but never met until they both worked at Outdoor School for a SECOND time. After getting their advanced degrees, Dan and Jennifer Prince were destined to be together! Dan grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska and loved the close feel of community. On Thanksgiving, the village would gather at the school for a huge feast, all wearing their best seal skin parkas. The delicious meal would include musk ox jerky and "Eskimo ice-cream." The ice-cream was made of fermented salmon eggs, Crisco, seal fat and berries. Dan and Jennifer originally moved to Aims in 2003, and later moved closer into Corbett in 2006. Their home is nestled in a canyon and truly is remote and private although just a short drive to I-84. Dan says he loves the quiet seclusion and natural beauty that surrounds them. Their home is very warm, inviting and spacious with lots of windows to show off the setting as well as lots of wood on the interior to blend into their woodsy surroundings. Having two sons aged eight and 11, Dan has been involved with their lives from the beginning. Being the Director of the Outdoor School for all of Multnomah County, Dan recently took his 20 years of experience and education to the Corbett Grade School to help with their three year Gorge Study. Dan networked with ECO, to help teach kids about the natural history of the Corbett area. They removed invasive plants on campus and planted native plants in their place. Dan is thrilled that Corbett recently fund raised the needed monies to send the 6th grade students to a FULL week of Outdoor School in the spring of 2012. High school students volunteer their time and serve as counselors, learning leadership, team building and communication skills. The 6th graders get "hands on science" for the entire week, and all ages get to each choose an Outdoor School name for the week! Dan "Teal" Prince says he appreciates Corbett community's dedication to making education such a high priority!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Well Balanced Life

When Matthew O'Connell's folks moved to Corbett, he was a mere 8 months old. His parents had purchased acreage from the Kerslake family and built their dream home, modeled after a 1988 Street of Dreams model home they once admired. Today Matthew is 23 years old and is the oldest of three boys. Christian is 20 and Lucas is 17. Growing up in Corbett, Matthew was an avid soccer player from kindergarten until graduating in 2006. After finishing school, he coached Corbett JV boy's soccer for a year and also Corbett Middle School coed soccer for a year as well. Matthew is not only passionate about soccer, but is a musician as well, playing piano, saxophone, and guitar. In band at Corbett from 5th grade on, his entire family is musical, both singing and playing various instruments. Combining his music with his faith, he led worship for the high school youth group and was also a youth pastor for the middle school kids at Corbett Community Church. Graduating from Mt. Hood Community College with an associates degree, he is now majoring in business at Eastern Oregon University. They have a satellite campus at Mt. Hood Community College. Matthew's father Nick passed away on December 15, 2009 after a very short battle with cancer. Matthew says that the entire ordeal has given him a new appreciation for the GIFT of life and he now takes very little for granted. A smile comes to his face as he talks about drinking his daily cup of morning coffee while getting to look out the window at his family's tranquil acreage.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Corbett Girl to be Married Soon!

It was all about shortening the commute. Catherine Jones moved with her family to Corbett when she was four years old because her mom's commute to work would be greatly reduced with the new location. Her mom Carla is now retired from both the US Navy and the US Forest Service. Catherine grew up with sister Jeanette in Corbett and attended Corbett schools from kindergarten until graduating in 2010. Always an athlete, Catherine was involved with basketball, volleyball, and softball for as long as she can remember. When her mom took over the Corbett Booster's concessions Catherine's freshman year of high school, Catherine also became involved, volunteering for the Boosters in a variety of ways. Growing up in Corbett was a positive experience for Catherine and she has very fond memories of working both inside and outside her family's home and property with her grandparents. A favorite spot is the family kitchen which is similar to a commercial kitchen with it's appliances and size. The home previously was a group home that housed 15 boys! Living with her grandparents since birth, both passed when she was 11. Recently she has learned of additional family. Catherine has always known she was adopted at birth, but did not know anything of her biological parents. Discovering a clue, she traced them through Facebook! She has since discovered she has three half brothers and one half sister! Her birth parents never married one another, but married others and had children with them. Catherine says she is blessed to have met everyone in person. She is still in awe of the strong physical resemblance she and her father share. Her adopted father lives in Dayton, and oddly enough, her birth father lives near by him! After graduating, Catherine attended Mt. Hood Community College. Her major has changed and she is now focused on elementary education. Recently she has become engaged and will marry her high school sweetheart, Matthew Raczykowski on Dec. 20, 2011 on the family's Corbett property. Matthew is currently in the US Army and will be moving with Catherine to either Texas or North Carolina once married. They are both anxiously awaiting to hear, but are more excited to just be together once again, this time as husband and wife.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NOT from the BBQ Family

Frank Weber says the spelling may be the same, but he is not related to anyone in the BBQ industry! Frank and Barb Weber moved out to Corbett in 1970 with their two sons. Still in the same home that they built themselves, the boys have grown and moved on. For years Frank was a research associate in surgery at OHSU on "Pill Hill" in Portland. Later he went through the paramedic program at OHSU and and became a nationally certified paramedic in 1972. Back in Corbett, Frank and Barb not only raised their sons, but also cattle, turkeys, pigs, sheep, chickens, goats and ducks. They even had a hatchery and made hay. Add to all that, a glass company named "Deer Garden Glass" that he still operates today on his property. Need a window of just about any size or sort? Call Frank! Whatever he does not have in stock, he can easily order for you. Frank loves the quiet peacefulness of Corbett as well as the people. He has been an active volunteer with the Corbett Fire Dept. since 1978 and just loves the camaraderie he shares with the crew. He also volunteers with our deputy Joe Graziano as a "Community Watch" member. Frank is on the board of IASTE, which is the International Assoc. of Stage Union Medic. He is employed to work as a paramedic on both TV and movie sets around the Portland area. Recently he has been on set for "Leverage," "Grimm Fairy Tales" and "Gone." When he is not working hard, he is playing hard. Franks loves ham radio as well as fishing. Given the lifestyle Corbett offers, he states that he is only leaving Corbett in a pine box!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Al Martinez is an easy name to pronounce. Al's birth name is Aledaido, but he doesn't use it much since most folks have trouble with it. Al was born and raised in Chimayo, New Mexico with one half sister and three half brothers. At age 19 he moved to Portland with one of his brothers to try something new. Having a hard time finding work, he picked beans until he found employment at Hollywood Fred Meyer. In 1959 Al met his current wife, Brawley on a blind date. Al's brother's girlfriend set them up to double date with them. Al's brother never married Josie, but Josie and Brawley are still good friends more than 50 years later! When Al's father passed away, he went home to New Mexico to be with his mother, and then joined the Army for two years. All this time, Brawley and Al stayed in touch via letters and phone calls. When Al finished his two year commitment with the Army, he landed in Fort Lewis, WA. and called Brawley. They married soon after and settled in Portland. Bringing three children into the marriage, Brawley and Al went on to have two more of their own.  In 1978, Brawley and Al decided to leave Portland for life in the country. Driving into the Gorge many times on the weekends, one time they noticed a "For Sale" sign and decided to give the Realtor a call. The next thing they knew, they were living in Corbett with their two youngest kids enrolled in the school system. Al says their views are spectacular, but so is the wind! One time he agreed to store a 13 foot camping trailer for a friend on his property. Al warned him of the wind- his friend said NO wind could EVER blow over his trailer because it was so heavy and durable. A few weeks after Thanksgiving, Al heard a huge "thud."  A huge wind had literally picked up the trailer and tossed it on it's side! Being an electrician for nearly 20 years, Brawley has retired from Union Local 48. He said when Brawley was feeling better, they loved to travel the country with their kids. A favorite spot? Mt. Rushmore. These days, Al stays close to home with Brawley and the nine year old great grand daughter they are raising. When he finds a free moment he heads up to the Grange to offer a helping hand.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A True Italian

Carol Rice's roots go all the way back to having her grandparents and mother born in Italy. Carol has now visited six times, always staying with natives to get their "non-touristy" tours of the country. During one visit, Carol went to the equivalent of our city hall and had large books pulled down from shelves via a pulley system to search family history. They gave her copies of all records found for her family, which she now cherishes. Her "roots" may be in Italy, but her heart and husband are currently in Corbett! Carol was married at age 19 and birthed six children. Her twins passed shortly after birth. Living in Texas, she worked at the U.S. Post Office 30 years. Carol started her early shift at 2:30 am, finishing at 10 am! Over the years she was able to move from her clerk position up to a supervisory placement. Single after 35 years of marriage, Carol met Hank long distance. They kept in touch and things "blossomed." Saying goodbye to her four children and 3 grand kids, Carol married Hank and moved to Corbett! The beautiful green trees and quiet peacefulness are appealing, as she loves to hike, but Carol says she misses the Texas sunshine. She has become involved in the Corbett Grange and is now co-secretary. Hank and Carol also try to attend as many of the no cost grange dances held once a month as possible. Her co-secretary at the grange is John Eckberg, and both will be found this weekend at the benefit Blue Grass Show up at the grange. Donations are accepted at the door on Saturday at 6:30 pm, and monies will go towards the Al Kimbley scholarship fund for all the Corbett High graduates.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Finally Here!!!

Wanting a warm and supportive community for her family to settle in, Ann Chatterton has "finally" arrived in Corbett! Starting out life as one of seven children in Syracuse, New York, Ann has always been a hard worker. As a young adult, she earned two degrees with the help of scholarships and a strong work ethic.The first school she attended after high school was the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, graduating in 1986. Ann had the opportunity to work in the Empire State Building for a men's wholesale firm, then moved to Miami and worked for the Elizabeth Arden Salon, pampering the cast of "Miami Vice" on a regular basis. Next came a move to San Diego with work at a publishing company. After 10 months, Ann headed back to the east coast with a new plan....beginning work on a nursing degree! A move to New Mexico followed with a specialization in kidney transplant. Moving to Portland later gave her opportunity to become a clinical manager at OHSU. Not one to slow done for too long, she met and married her husband, Paul in 1997. After a few years of living in Portland, the kids came along. Zoe is now ten, and Zach is eight. July 1, 2011 the Chatterton's moved into Corbett. Having traveled all over the U.S. and abroad, Ann really appreciates all the diversity found in Corbett. She is fascinated with the people she has met so far. Her favorite part of their home/property is the barn. The family inherited two goats from the previous owners, and Ann says she easily loses track of time when she is with them. There is also an inherited barn cat, Mandy who is 16 years old. Now a stay at home mom, Ann cannot wait to start helping out with the Corbett 4H program that her kids have become involved with. Currently she volunteers at the school two hours a week with math, and would like to help in other areas as well. Maybe as a nurse on a field trip or using her medical background to help others through a different channel.... Her mind continues to stay open all the many possibilities!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Involvement is Key

One of four kids, Victoria "Tori" Purvine grew up wanting to be "involved." Wearing a back brace for three years in junior high and part of high school did not seem to slow her down much. Meeting her current husband in Lincoln City in 1997, she and her two sons moved with Gary Purvine to Corbett in 1999. Getting married in 2001, she has loved living in a very rural area of Corbett where she gets to see lots of snow in the winter months. Her and Gary own several rentals in the area and have become good friends with their renters/neighbors, gathering for food and fellowship as well as looking out for one another. Tori has 16 chickens, 2 rabbits, 2 dogs and 2 cats. She also quilts in her free time and is thinking about teaching a quilting class for women in our community this winter. Son Morgan graduated from Corbett High in 2010 and is applying for the Navy reserves. Max is currently a junior at Corbett, and is thinking about getting back on the wrestling team after breaking his knee during the season two years ago. Always one to be involved, both Tori and Gary earned a $1,000 stadium upkeep for the Jeff Lucas Memorial Stadium through the Case Community Challenge. They have also done a great deal of outdoor work at the school during the community work days, helped with National Night Out, chaperoned numerous field trips at the school, helped out with the wrestling team driving, and attend safety meetings for the community once a month at the fire hall. As if that were not enough, Tori recently ran for and won a spot on the school board. No surprise, she is wanting to spread her passion for involvement to others. She says she would love nothing more than to see the community get more and more involved at the schools in Corbett, continuing the strong success so many are currently a part of.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Traveling the U.S.A. in a Motor Home

Mary Eccleston met the current love of her life in 2001... online. She is not the least bit shy in saying that she and Bill Marble were sharing emails for a few weeks before meeting in person for dinner. In 2002 Mary moved to Corbett to be with Bill and has been here ever since! Growing up on a farm in Montana, she felt comfortable in Corbett right from the beginning. As a mother of four and a grandmother to seven, she has two adult children living locally, and two are out of state. Although Mary is retired from 20 years as a waitress and then 20 years as a drug and alcohol treatment counselor, she still helps Bill with his business. As an engineer, Bill makes the machines that put "buttons" on coffee bags that "de-gas" the coffee. Her and Bill have been in all 49 states in their motor home (they are planning to FLY to Hawaii!) to be a part of vendor shows. When back at home, they both enjoy old cars. They have eight currently in storage on their property, including a 1935 Plymouth and a 1988 Plymouth police car she received as a Valentine's gift from Bill! Mary also enjoys doing machine embroidery to create quilts and ornaments, as well as other gift items. Once a week she helps cook lunch for the seniors in our community with the Helping Hands program, and loves talking with  the community members over a hot cooked meal. Back at the house, a favorite is the large brick fireplace that heats the entire home from its angled position in the living room. A little embroidery and a cozy fire makes for a great evening in Corbett this winter!