Thursday, April 26, 2012

Horse Lover

Kelli Jung loves dirt. Literally. Growing up in Montana, Kelli grew up with five sisters and enjoyed riding horses, snow mobiling, snow skiing, ice skating, and catching gophers (to keep as pets!) When Kelli was 14, her family moved to Oregon. Kelli continued to keep up with a lot of outdoor activities, mostly horseback riding. In 1996, Kelli became friends with someone living in Corbett. She became familiar with the area and decided to "keep her eyes open." One day Kelli saw a home in Corbett and called Vera Gaughn, local Realtor at the time. No looking back! Kelli has been a Corbett resident ever since. She loves most being able to keep her horses at home with her and have plenty of "breathing room," both for her and her horses! After going to school to learn accounting, Kelli is now a Realtor herself! She has been at it for 17 years and says she loves working mostly in rural areas, as she is such an "outdoor" kind of gal. The only downside of living in Corbett would be the wind, but Kelli says the people here more than make up for that. "The community is so wonderful and the access to both Portland and Vancouver is really quick and easy." When Kelli was 17, she was the first runner up for Miss Oregon Universe. She says the experience was really great, but she chose not to continue on that path. Her main passion in life is her horses, and she has ridden bare back since the beginning. Kelli and all her sisters were taught to ride without a saddle because their mom had a friend die as a result of being drug by horse, her foot stuck in the stir up. On occassion Kelli will wear a helmet, but loves the freedom of riding even 5-6 hours up the steep side of a mountain without anything but the reins to guide her baby.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Family First

When Mike Fort was just 12 years old, his family made the move to Corbett from Rockwood. Prior to that, they had made the "big" move from Michigan when Mike was just two years old. Being the youngest of three kids, Mike says he was a bit rebellious as he grew up. His mom would drop him off for choir and youth group at church and he would walk in the front door, then walk right on out the back door! When attending Corbett High, Mike was an All-Star football player, playing in the Shriner Game as a linebacker. He dated and married his high school sweetheart, Michelle. She was also an athlete, going to State three times as a volleyball player. Growing up in Corbett, Mike says everyone was tight knit. All the kids and parents knew and cared about each other. Mike loves to be outdoors and working with his hands. He loves to hunt, fish and hike. After graduation, he pursued construction, working for Dick Wand and then Skyland Sheet Metal. In 1995, he teamed up with friend Matt Baker to start their own construction company. Currently Mike and wife Michelle live in a Corbett home that borders the home Mike grew up in. Together they have two children, Josie, 13 and Lane, 8. Community continues to be important to Mike, and he is actively involved. He helped with the construction of the Jeff Lucas Memorial Staium, helped with "Work Day" on the school grounds, coached his daughter's softball team, and is always nearby to help someone in need. Mike no longer sneaks out the back door of church, but says he and Michelle make it a priority for their family. Owning his own business, Mike says he appreciates how it allows him to be such a big part of his kid's lives as they are growing up. He says he also loves to travel with Michelle when he has the chance. His favorite spot so far? Either the Bahamas or the Cayman Islands.... for the sunshine!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Home Grown

Living in Corbett since birth, you could say that Eric Eaton is "home grown." Eric's folks moved to Corbett in the early 70's after his dad returned from Vietnam. A year later Eric was born and later, brother Mark and sister Katie. The Eaton's built their own home on Center Street in Corbett. Many are not even familiar with this road off of the Scenic Hwy.! They raised red worms, milk cows, goats, pigs and a pony. They even had an enormous wind tower with seven ft. long blades! Eric says his parents could be described as "hippies" and very "earth loving" at a time when Corbett was much more rural than it is today. Eric says growing up in Corbett was like having one big family, as everyone accepted and depended on one another for everything. Including sports at school- Eric excelled in football and played for the Oregon All-Stars in Great Britain. He represented Corbett High and even spoke personally with the Duke and Duchess of York! Eric attended class at Springdale School, Corbett Grade that burned down and the current Corbett Middle and High School. Eric's folks eventually split, and  Eric's mom died when was a Junior in high school. Eric went on to MHCC and got a degree in Entrepreneurship/Small Business Ownership. Eric had always had a passion for construction and was following in the path of his ancestors who were Mayflower carpenters, coming to America in 1620! Eric held several supervisory roles in commercial construction, being the main supervisor of the construction of the Gresham Winco at age 24. When the 9/11 tragedy hit, it was a blow to the construction industry. Eric then started his own business, Eaton Construction, and there has been no looking back. This year he will celebrate his 10 year anniversary with his company. He also has another anniversary to celebrate. Eric married April in 1998, having met her in first grade in Corbett. They now have two children and are actively involved with the community that they were both raised in.