Tuesday, September 27, 2016

An Artist Behind the Wheel!

Joe Schneider was born in Spokane, Wash. in 1960. His father taught at Gonzaga Univ., and his parents raised four daughters and two sons. Joe was the third oldest, and the oldest son. His folks have been married more than 60 years and all his siblings are all currently living in the Northwest. Joe's mother came from a logging family and so Joe was introduced to Indian art from her side of the family while his father was a German immigrant and Joe was able to visit the country and learn about art from his father's country of origin. When Joe was in the first grade, his teacher passed out paints to the kids in the classroom. Joe decided to paint sunflowers, not thinking much of it. When he eventually brought the painting home, his parents immediately realized he had a gift. All six Schneider children were required to take piano lessons. When Joe was in the fourth grade, his folks allowed him to substitute art lessons for piano lessons. They hired an art professor from Gonzaga to give him lessons. Robert Gilmore provided classical art training and Joe will be forever grateful for the instruction he received. In high school, Barbara Eddy was another art instructor that made a huge impact on his life. After high school graduation, Joe attended Gonzaga Univ. and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts. He the stayed on another year and earned his teaching certificate. Joe met his first wife while at Gonzaga and they were married for seven years. They were both artists and went to New York together to explore the art opportunities available. Joe worked at a museum as an art handler. In Williamsburg, NY the couple lived in a "bombed out and desolate" neighborhood. It was very stressful living and the marriage ended. Joe ended up in East Village Manhattan. He saw developers moving in and corporations taking over. Joe decided to stretch his wings and "try new things." He went to school and became a massage therapist. He also decided to take up ballroom dancing. He met his wife Debbie while on the elevator to class! Joe now knows how to dance and has a beautiful wife! Debbie and Joe married in 1993 in NY. The rents kept rising, so they decided to move and started looking ALL over the U.S.! After crossing paths with Realtor, John Leamy, they were introduced to Corbett....and fell in love!  They both loved nature and wanted to be a part of a great community. Joe started bus driving for the Gresham School District in addition to doing his art. He then made the switch to Corbett as soon as there was an opening, and has now been driving the bus for Corbett Schools for 13 years. He loves it!! Joe does not have children of his own, but says the Corbett kids are "his kids" and he truly enjoys the relationships that he has developed over the years with the many, many different students he has had ride the bus. Joe had adults encourage him as a youth and he wants to do the same for the kids on his bus route! He considers it a honor to be a driver and says his two most important bus rules are to 1. Be safe and 2. Be KIND.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

From Outdoor School to Corbett Schools

Benno Lyon was born in Summertown, TN. Benno has two older

brothers and a younger sister. At the age of six, Benno's parents

moved the family to the Northwest. Both his parents are

originally from the East Coast and yet were now raising their

children in the Pacific Northwest. After living in White Salmon,

WA. as a result of his father's job in Hood River, he moved at

age 11 to Portland with just his mom and siblings. Benno says he

was an outgoing kid, talkative and interested in camping, the

outdoors, backpacking, music (he plays guitar), arts and

literature. Benno graduated from Benson High School in

Portland and then took a "gap year" to travel. He first worked in

Alaska at a fishing lodge as a dishwasher. Then Benno toured

Europe for six months, visiting 14 countries with his backpack.

Beginning college at Evergreen State College, he then

transferred to the Univ. of Oregon where he earned his B.S.

degree in Environmental Studies. Throughout his growing up

years, Benno had worked at Outdoor School on Gordon Creek

Road as a leader. He had also worked at Olympic Park Institute

as a field instructor. Benno loves the outdoors and travel. He has

enjoyed being "a vagabond," touring around such places as

Mexico and Hawaii. In 2001, he headed to Pacific Univ. in Forest 

Grove to earn his MAT, Masters in Teaching. He has taught at

Hillsboro Public Schools for a year and taught at Oregon

Episcopal School (OES) for 14 years. In 2003 he was touring an

out of town friend through Portland and met his wife at a jazz

bar. They married in 2011 and now have two children. Son Lucca

is seven and daughter Elora is three. Remember he taught for

years at Outdoor School on Gordon Creek Road? Well, he is

now back. He just recently bought a home for his family on

Gordon Creek Road! Welcome, Mr. Lyon.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Both an Athlete and a Teacher!

Michaela McNairy was born in Bakersfield, CA. Her parents have been married nearly 30 years and have three daughters. Michaela is the middle child. Her oldest sister is just 13 months her senior, but her younger sister is five years her junior. Her father has worked for Costco for years, and has been transferred several times over the years. When Michaela was three years old, the family
moved to Boise, Idaho for five years. Then, Costco moved the family to Twin Falls, Idaho for five years. When Michaela was in 8th grade, the family transferred to Lake Oswego, OR. Michaela graduated from Lakeridge High School and then went to Humboldt State Univ. 
for a year. It was here she contracted the Swine Flu, along with numerous other students. She then spent 1.5 years living at 
home, attending Clackamas Community College. Her body needed this time to fully recover. Next came a year at the Univ. of Colorado in Boulder, then she finished up at Portland State University. Michaela majored in English with a minor in Writing. Michaela had been a three sport athlete all through high school and into college, running track at Humboldt and also at Clackamas, playing volleyball at Boulder. After earning her undergraduate degree, she went on to Portland State Univ. to earn her Master's degree in Education. This is currently Michaela's first year of teaching and she is teaching high school AP Language and Composition. Throughout her growing up years, Michaela has worked with kids. She has taught, coached and volunteered with youth in sports, camps and other capacities. She also spent several years working at Costco! Currently she lives in North Portland with her 3 cats and loves to read, hike, exercise and watch basketball. Her boyfriend works for the Blazers and plays in a rec league, so she enjoys watching his games. Her passion for sports has led her to be the Corbett Middle School Varsity Girl's Volleyball coach this year. Welcome, Michaela!